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    Is this the last one of these piles from Nancy?

    And sorry - while I have all the agreement in the world with the basic idea of rooting out, confronting, and eliminating sexism - I will not follow a piss poor pied piper like Sarah Palin anywhere.

    Time to go Nancy, we've had enough of this crap.

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    Strangely enough, I think it would close to the same spread, just with different states.

    Drop CO, NC, IN, and maybe VA (though - I think VA is more blue than purple, so perhaps not).... but add AR, FL leaning more fully towards D, perhaps KY, WV.

    Different maps - replace the Atlantic coast and mountain west with Appalachia and more of the Mississippi valley.

  • Be nice - or I'll see to it that you end up rooming with Phyllis Schafly in the deprogramming camp.

  • We sure missed you...

    But now they're missing you over on flowbee's asylum, so just to be fair -- take it over there for a few years and share the love.

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    Nancy -

    how come you invited people to comment at your blog -- then deleted my comment?

    I simply noted the Sally Ride endorsement and provided a few clips about from it.

    Is Sally Ride the enemy?

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    We should support heroes like Sally Ride, the first American woman in space.

    We should not only support heroes like Ms. Ride - but we should heed what they tell us!

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    Just about over my friend, just about over.

    get your teeth gnashing in now.

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    And that's how you message --

    You make sure that everyone has the upside of your plan in their head...

    To me - that's been the real story of the Obama October:  They've completely flipped the traditional tax paradigm.

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    Lemme get this straight.

    You learned 20-some years ago that liberals were full of crap.

    ...but they still had the moral authority...

    But Bush blew the nation's moral authority...

    ...but Obama will blow liberal's moral authority.

    Do I have that right?

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    your 'political cause'?

    Near as I can tell, you worked for an operation 20+ years ago that I never heard of, it wasn't a positive experience and... what?

    Someone hurt your feelings?

    What exactly is your 'cause'?  

    Is there a groundswell movement afoot for the 'Someone was mean to me 20 years ago - oh - and on a blog, too' party?

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    The irony is - if you listen to the whole interview (WBEZ has it here - Obama was hardly arguing a socialist viewpoint.

    In point of fact, the argument he was making was actually a conservative argument (i.e., a mistake of the civil rights movement was too centered in litigation and the courts).

    Had this tape come up in the primaries, he would would have pilloried from the left!

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    Agreed - I've been on her site, and that's exactly correct.

    She does limit pro-McCain commentary, shrill anti-Obama commentary, and does indeed focus mainly on Hillary.

    I absolutely give her kudos for that.

  • I'm mildly surprised - yeah, yeah - they've never endorsed a Democrat, yada yada... but they did write an editorial way back in 2006 encouraging Obama to jump in the race.

    Still - I figured when the chips were down, they'd wuss out and do some sort non-endorsement endorsement (i.e., both or no one).

  • Absolutely.

    I was a strong Obama supporter all season, and I survived the flame wars here... but I would support HRC to lead the Senate in a heartbeat.

    That said, though, Majority leader is actually not the best position for one to truly exert power in the Senate when your party controls the chamber.  Ted Kennedy isn't the lion - and probably the single biggest guiding hand for the most progressive legislation in the last 30 years - because he was majority leader.

    Still - I really DO think Clinton is a special kind of Democratic leader, and if running the Dem controlled Senate is how she thinks she could best shepherd legislation on health care, education, Iraq, and everything else on the list... she'll certainly have my support, whatever that's worth.

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    HIllary was great.

    But I just heard the funniest quip of the whole campaign, out of the mouth of David Gergen.

    Anderson rehashing polls, asks Gergen "What do you do tomorrow".

    Gergen deadpans "beats the hell out of me"


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