Putting lipstick on a pig

I saw this today and that was my first thought. I wonder who thought this would "cleanse" the place and make it would make everyone forget the crimes committed in our name and on our dime.

http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cg i?f=/c/a/2008/09/05/MN5G12O9L8.DTL&h w=abu&sn=001&sc=1000

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A landslide win, what does it need?

Ok, a lot of you have shown your "creative" side, mostly with creative insults, but can we turn that to something positive now?

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An alternative to Cindy

If you live in Pelosi's district and don't want to feel forced to vote for Cindy then here is another candidate you may wish to look into. here is her bio;


Shirley Golub was born and raised in northern New Jersey. She attended Boston University on a full scholarship, studying speech and language therapy in the Special Education department. After attending 1 year of graduate study at the University of Southern California, she returned to BU to finish her Masters in Education.

After working in the Hayward Unified School District for several years as a speech therapist, she decided to start her own business and purchased an auto tune-up franchise which she operated at the corner of Polk and Pacific for 20 years. During this time, she was a member of the Polk St. Merchants' Association and also on the board of her neighborhood Association. Knowing her lease would be up at the end of 20 years, she began to transition into the real estate profession in the early 90's. When that became full-time, she also added a consulting business for those interested in internet business development and volunteered in the then State Assemblyperson Carole Migden's office. In the charitable arena, she has volunteered at the San Francisco SPCA, from where her current canine companion, K.D., was rescued, and has generously contributed to environmental groups and organizations assisting impoverished children around the world.

Shirley has always had a passion to help dedicated public servants get elected. Following what she describes as the "shockingly blatant" manipulation of voters' rights in Florida in the 2000 Presidential election, she re-engaged strongly with the political process through internet activist groups such as MoveOn and True Majority. In late 2003, coming out to hear one of her favorite writers, Alice Walker, she was introduced to the passionate philosophy of caring from Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio and realized that if she wanted a caring world, she would have to give more of her time and energy to spreading that message. She worked on the Congressman's campaign in Iowa and California. When Senator Kerry was selected as the Presidential candidate, she went to help open his campaign office in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and then served as an Election Protection volunteer in Florida in November 2004.

Of course, everyone needs some fun and for Shirley, that centers around travel, music, hiking, yoga and dining out. But in late 2006, those activities were put on hold for work on two congressional campaigns here in California, that of Charlie Brown in CD-4 and David Roth in CD-45 - both just barely missed defeating long-time incumbent Republican supporters of the Bush Administration. Now her friends have encouraged Shirley to lead the charge for those issues that she cares so strongly about here in her home base. *

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A refutation of Robert Sheer

(07-22) 21:27 PDT  -- Barack Obama is betraying his promise of change and is in danger of becoming just another political hack.

Yes, just like former maverick John McCain, who has refashioned himself as a mindless rubber stamp for the most inane policies of the miserably failed Bush administration. Both candidates are embracing, rather than challenging, the fundamental irrationality of Bush's "war on terror," which substitutes hysteria for rational analysis in appraising the dangers the country faces.

Terrorism is a social pathology that needs to be excised with the surgical precision of detective work, inspired by a high level of international cooperation, the very opposite of the unilateral war metaphor that recruits new generations of terrorists in the wake of the massive armies we dispatch. At a time when we desperately need a president to remind us we have nothing to fear but fear itself, we are increasingly being treated to a presidential campaign driven by fear.

He has a good point about how terrorism should be treated. But is anyone else really confused and upset how he is now blaming BHO for it all?

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These kids can use a little help

If you are in the SF Bay area and would like to help please use the contact info in the piece.

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It's on the ballot!

Well, it took a while and hate-wing radio did it's best to demonize it and tried to make jokes about (and we all know how bad hate-wingers are at comedy, intentional comedy anyway) but it qualified for the ballot! See below for the full Monty

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Take back the media from the mythiness

Let's make a few assumptions. The political media, particularly the national political media, particularly the national electronic political media, exist in a vast echo chamber. Someone picks up or makes up a concept-like thought and he says it out loud and everyone else hears and repeats it, and it soon takes on a life of its own, separate from its existence in reality-based reality.

That to me in a nut-shell is how a lot of the "stuff" we have shoved at us by pundits gain a life of their own.

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OK, Wal-mart is just evil

For the first time I saw, and I may be behind the curve since I don't watch much TV, a Wal-mart commercial.

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Todd, Jerome I just gotta ask...

Do you really want to become a suburb of another blog site?

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When I was 20

When I was 20 my father collapsed at home and paramedics rush him to the hospital. This was when CAT scans were brand new and we were lucky there was one in the city we lived in then. Well, not so much lucky as we got the bad news a lot faster and with more detail then we ever, ever wanted. Yes he had an tumor. Close to the cerebellum.

The doctors gave us a real long shot that it could be removed and being in shock and weak from crying we told mom we were willing to let them try. She choose to try.

About 3 hours after he went in the surgeon came out and gave us 2 choices.

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