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    This time, there really is the "vast right-wing conspiracy:" the PA Republican party (including my own cousin) switched their political affiliation to "Democrat" just to help Hillary win the PA primary.  

    Hillary is going to win PA by a HUGE landslide on April 22, but she (still) is not going to get 64% of the inflated PA "Democratic" vote she needs to completely knock out Obama. (Rush Limbaugh and Richard Mellon Scaife are not the all-powerful political manipulators they think they are.  But does that matter?  Hillary is benefiting from every PA Republican vote for her.)  

    She needs to poach lots of Obama's delegates - and fast.

    If the DNC does not do something to force an end to her campaign, and even though the numbers (still) will not favor her by even May 7, Hillary is staying in this race to the absolute death - if only to ensure that McCain wins the general election. That way, Hillary runs for president again in 2012.


    Hillary For President 2008 - or 2012!

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    I prefer the "BUSH APPROVAL MAP" located at http://www.radicalruss.net/bushmap-anima ted.html

    The April Bush approval Map is located at http://www.radicalruss.net/bushmap-20060 4.html.

    Check them out.  They will REALLY make you feel optimistic.  

    (This being said, I am really worried about the Diebold, ES&S and Sequoia e-voting machines that we will all vote on in November.  This may all be a wasted exercize if the e-voting machines work as the GOP intends.)



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