CO-05: R Goes Negative - What else is new

We all know Doug Lamborn (R-Club for Sleaze) has a problem with the truth. That's why outgoing Representative Joel Hefley would not endorse the winner of his own party's primary for the Fifth Congressional seat.

But the sleazy campaign Lamborn ran is not the reason the Colorado Springs Independent, the Denver Post, or Esquire Magazine all endorsed Jay Fawcett.

They endorsed Jay for his superior qualifications, better experience, and willingness to ask the tough questions of our military leaders. The choice was simple for them.

So what's a losing candidate to do in a situation like this? Go negative. Here are Doug's latest lies as seen on a TV near you:

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CO-05: Jay Fawcett Ad Up - "Honor Bound"

Jay Fawcett's ad is up in Colorado Springs for CO's Fighting Fifth.

Check the ad here.

Check out Jay's demolition of his opponent in a debate here.

Check out Jay here.

Let's win this

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CO-05 POLL: Wild Blue Yonder

Jay Fawcett's campaign just released their poll of Colorado's CD-5 voters, and only one conclusion can be drawn: this race is wide open.

Fawcett is running in a open district for a seat that was held for 20 years by Joel Hefley. Hefley retired after getting dissed by Tom DeLay for actually trying to hold the Republican accountable.

The [R]'s picked the wingiest of wingnuts in the primary, Do Nothing Doug Lamborn. Lamborn got Club for Growth, Minuteman, and Christian Coalition support in the primary, and he's probably going to need it in the main due to the fact that he's threatened the Republican local dominance here with a sleazy, unethical campaign.

You guys should know about Jay by now: Fighting Dem Vet, ActBlue nominated, Bronze Star in Gulf War I, no BS military guy just like we've come to expect from the Fighting Dems.

He takes the netroots seriously, blogs at Kos, and is fighting his ass of for this job. When you go to a Fairplay's Donkey Days celebration and eat those rubber pancakes you are the kind of person I want representing me.

Dems know it, Repubs are figuring it out. And off we sail, into the wild blue yonder, in one of the most conservative districts in the nation.

Stay tuned.

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CO-05: Republican Bloodbath Continues

The natural tendency for a party after a primary, even a bitter one, is to bury the hatchet and rally around the winner.

That did not happen in Colorado's CD-5 this year, home of Focus on the Family, New Life Church, and 6 Republican candidates from across the spectrum. The rally around the candidate press op was decidedly grim.

Retiring Republican Joel Hefley's favorite got creamed, and all the others who thought they had it in their pocket went home empty handed.

The sleazy campaign run by winner Doug Lamborn continues to get hammered by Hefley and almost any Republican who's asked.

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Jay Fawcett (CO-05): Who, What, and Where

Jay Fawcett's campaign couldn't be more excited about his addition to the ActBlue Netroots page.

Some blogs covering his race are:

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Colorado CD-5 Poll: Fawcett in the Hunt

New polling shows Democrat Jay Fawcett can win Colorado's 5th District. This is gigantic news - but not surprising in the least - and proves that  Bill Winter's poll numbers aren't a fluke.

The tide is turning in Colorado's electoral landscape. (That's kind of mixed metaphor, eh? Hope my English teacher doesn't read this. Everyone else? Read on! - Z)

Here's more from the Fawcett Campaign's newsletter:

Voters are outraged at the Republican Congress and overwhelmingly open to Air Force Lt. Colonel Jay Fawcett's candidacy: he can win the race in Colorado's 5th Congressional District.

Here are some of the most significant findings:

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AF General Uses .mil To Request $upport for CO CD-5 Candidate

Mmmmmmm, boy, are all the Republicans at every level going to be under investigation by 11/2006?

Air Force to Examine Fundraising E-Mail Sent by a General

Message Praised Candidate's Christianity

By Alan Cooperman
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, May 6, 2006; Page A03

Jeez, the Post doesn't even put false claims of WMD up that far in Section A - Z

The Air Force is investigating whether a two-star general (Maj. Gen. Jack J. Catton Jr., who is on active duty at Langley Air Force Base) violated military regulations by urging fellow Air Force Academy graduates to make campaign contributions to a Republican candidate (Bentley Rayburn, a recently retired Air Force general) for Congress in Colorado, Pentagon officials said yesterday.

"We are certainly in need of Christian men with integrity and military experience in Congress," Catton wrote.

Yeah, that whole Christian legislator thing is working out really well. I guess he forgot about Tom DeLay and Bob Ney and all their"good deeds". heh.

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