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    He was the best of the pack.  Solid, down-to-earth, and with ideas not just talking points; what the country really needs at this juncture.  So I was dismayed that he was ignored, not only in the MSM -- that was to be expected -- but also in the progressive blogosphere.  I mean, I'm a huge fan of Hillary.  As a Senator, she's terrific.  Same for Obama.  But for president . . . no.  Neither one.  

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    Hayzeus, how many times must this be pointed out:  Rudy wants power for its own sake.  As mayor of NYC, he consistently claimed credit for advances made by his predecessor, David Dinkins, including the fact that crime was falling -- not because of anything that Rudy did.  He is a scumbag, a douchebag, a piece of human excrement.  I cannot put it more tactfully than that.  I endured 8 years of him as mayor, and frankly, it was a huge relief when Bloomberg took office.

    One other point that you may have missed if you didn't live in NYC after 9/11:  Rudy threatened to stay in office because "the city needed him" even though Bloomie had already been elected.  Luckily for the city he backed down on that threat: but given his autocratic tendencies, he should not be allowed to run for dog-catcher, much less president.

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    Let's hope he can only go down.  It's a horrible thought that he might win.  In NYC he ruled as an autocrat, taking credit where it wasn't due, and he's my worst nightmare as president:  worse than this one because he's actually intelligent.  But we in NYC called him Rudy Mussolini for a reason.  So if he gets elected, you can kiss your Bill of Rights good-bye.

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    Yes, Bloomie is sane when you compare him to his predecessor, Rudy Giuliani.  We in Manhattan used to call him Rudy Mussolini because he is such a fascist.  Perhaps you are pro-fascist; I am not.

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    Sorry, but I lived there.  David Dinkins was the mayor under whom crime fell (i.e., made it safe for whitey to live there).  Rudy only took the credit for everything his predecessors did -- he actually was ineffectual, unless you count getting rid of the squeegee guys an important point.  The biggest thing that Rudy SHOULD be remembered for is threatening to stay in office after Bloomberg was elected because of the 9/11 crisis.  "The city needs me" he proclaimed.  Well -- no, it didn't.  It needed somebody SANE, and Bloomie fit the bill.

    As for Rudy, he never saw a good idea he couldn't take credit for; and he never had a good idea on his own.

    And, yeah, I lived in Manhattan through all of it.

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    I emailed it to Specter, and am asking again here:  The actual vote notwithstanding, why are the GOP so afraid of simple debate?  (Okay, they don't want to go on record -- I know, I know; this is rhetorical.)  But it certainly isn't that difficult to spin differently:  The GOP is a bunch of bed-wetters too frightened to even TALK about the issue.  They are afraid of mere words, of conversation, of having an actual debate on how the country moves forward on Iraq.  Yes, the war must be stopped; but the filibuster was more about GOP cowardice to go on record as having any sort of opinion.  Let's not forget that.

    (Sorry about the above incomplete comment; accidentally hit the wrong key.)

  • If you email two friends a day from a site with a story of interest to them, and they follow the link to the story, have you created two new readers for that site?  I don't know for sure, but have been trying that method to get progressive friends who are not early adopters to check out the top blogs.


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