Yiwu visit Taobao University 2000 graduate students online shop monthly income Wan

18:00 , express china wholesale orders deadline approaching , this is the busiest time of Xuefeng floor , corridor filled with big boxes , car or even a few boys pushing or pulling with a pull , to the first floor of 4 delivery point . In order to facilitate entrepreneurial college students to transfer express, school approved let tact, Shen china wholesalers Tong and three other courier companies set point in the school , specifically for students. Reporters after careful observation found that students bosses goods is very serious homogenization , shipping mainly slippers , nearly 10 , is almost the same style . Furthermore Leggings, portable package are also very common."We are all from the goods into the Yiwu International Trade City , Yiwu market to sell what we in Taobao , Lynx also sell anything ." Zhu Yingying said. Because the same sources , do better than others wholesale lots is good, can only fight the price and take part in the activities of manufacturing Taobao gimmick . Observer reporter found that these students boss of goods , there are few more than $ 50 a piece , though, because the online shopping market is huge , as long as diligent willing mindless, sales are still very impressive.Zhu Ying Ying showed reporters to see a product she is most wholesale proud of - a mini purse, like an ordinary belt thickness , but the Department of loading capacity at the waist is very alarming, " put an iphone handset is certainly no problem ." For such a urban road race and evening ride is very useful commodity, the purchase price low to reporters surprise , " this purse , I used to participate in the organization a few months ago Taobao 9 9 shipping activities for three consecutive days , every day sold over wholesaler one thousand . " " 9 9 shipping do not loose money ? "the reporter asked , grinning Angela Chu replied , " Everyone can earn nearly a dollar . "

Yongjin east, north of Port in Yiwu, Shanghai-Kunming high-speed is expected to start next year

Jinhua dollar items has been the opening of the motorway within five , in addition , the East Wing speed under construction , the Pro -Jinhua Expressway next year will commence shortly introduce high speed just before the commencement of the grant before entering the stage of publicity . Before long , the first nine Jinhua Expressway - Yiwu dollar stores Port in speed should come immediately .This is following the East Wing after high-speed line in the territory of the second expressway Jinhua , "Towards the second half of next year to start the construction period of approximately three years ." Wucheng Transportation Bureau staff told reporters .This two-way six -lane expressway is 100 km per hour to be designed in the Soviet Union Street , Church Court, and Wang Su River Interchange shops have four , a total of four interoperable toll stations , the total dollar item investment about 50 billion yuan.Staff said that a few days ago , "Yiwu Port highway project pre-feasibility study report" will be assessed just held , the provincial Department of Transportation , the Provincial Development and Reform Commission , Provincial Department , the provincial Housing Department , more than ten sector experts participated in the meeting , the participants in the field based on the field survey , after full discussion can be examined through the pre-project report and building programs , technical standards, the scale of construction , investment estimation and put forward a number dollar store of amendments and recommendations , " which means project will be opened except curtain . "Yiwu Port highway length of 22.16 kilometers , Yiwu throughout the Northeast , East and Yongjin Expressway linked to direct Dongyang , Shengzhou to Ningbo , north and Shanghai-Kunming high-speed connected with direct access to Hangzhou , Shanghai , "the future will be 310 Port in High Speed provincial new one dollar store Line together constitute structural optimization, functional complementation of road transport corridor . "

Zhejiang Yiwu "Taobao University": "diamond", "crown" capable of reaching credits

Now , you yiwu want to venture into increasing the threshold College , Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College freshmen only after the founder of Taobao , meet monthly income of less than 8,000 yuan or credit rating four drill two conditions in order to become entrepreneurial college a ."Double 11 , is expected to My Lynx -store sales can be increased five -fold ," Peng Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College , a junior , his other identity Yiwu Amanda is three shop boss."I have two Taobao Crown stores , a monopoly canvas belt , double crown. Monopoly hat another store , a single crown. Days cat shop just opened three months ago , this year's sales target one million yuan ."Three years ago, the college entrance examination did not test well 90 Lianyungang [ -0.92 % funding research report ] guy, when entering into the vocational colleges , the idea is only "mixed Zhang diploma , returned home to find a building site , inherited father engaged in the project . " Peng is just a representative of this particular school , the entire Yiwu Business School , with Yiwuamanda nearly 2,000 students in Taobao open shop " 4 Diamond " is the entrepreneurial college students graduate school prerequisites " 1 -diamond to arrive two credits . " Last year, the first batch of 120 college graduates leave school with an average monthly income of more than 10,000 yuan .When the employment of graduates face the hardest season , " e-commerce " professional inclusion in 2013 by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the low employment rate warning professional when Yiwu Amanda Import & Export Co., Ltd. more than 200 kilometers away , Yiwu Business School These relative " low-scoring candidates ," but in constant production campus making the rich mythology . Double 11 before reporters with curiosity and questions, come to this "Taobao university" student army electricity supplier .In order to purchase a car junior primary" Entrepreneurship Academy Xuefeng floor where ? "" The door is that big lorry parked ."Yiwu Xuefeng Business School 's building is the oldest four-storey teaching building , the school is now a large concentration camp shop , in front of Yiwu agent the playground two years ago, was transformed into a parking lot , "a lot of juniors are bought vehicles , mainly for the arrival . "

Yiwu double eleven four network operators face grad

" Cries yiwu market of Rights " Perhaps the most frequently heard yesterday Yiwu has become a voice , especially in the area of network operators gathered .Tape "hiss " sound opened, " karaoke " sound and then truncated , one express parcel will continuously from Yiwu shipped across the country .Universal online shopping experience , Yiwu 100000 electricity providers spent yesterday how the day.Thoroughly understand the rules of the game double 11World War yiwu agent II was finally able to laugh at the network operatorsHuang Yunmao wait to grow superhuman powers , he help with finished goods , ran print delivery orders , taking also rushed to the front of the computer call "pro , need any help ? "Huang Yunmao Lynx is an auto supplies stores treasurer , the company opened in Yiwu International Trade City 5 district service area , 5th Floor, network operators , yesterday's business is very hot. There are yiwu agent service tens of meters away from the store , you can hear one after another "ding dong ding dong" Want to chat voice, tape paper torn " thorn , thorn " sound is not a stop . Open space on two store employees are incessantly playing packaging, large and small parcels outside the channel has a very high barrier . SF Express to store staff and even specialized services.Huang Yunmao yiwu agent services store a total of 11 people , three people are customer service, six pack , a dozen people express a single , which side he was on top of which side needs .Huang Yunmao "double 11 " business sense is to be prepared. This year the "double 11" , Huang Yunmao preparations for several months in advance , and carefully studied the "double 11 " in new ways." Do not understand the rules of the venue before , eat a lot of losses this year, but yiwu fair a big effort studies , such as this year's opening of the mobile terminal , art , marketing programs will follow the change .

A village courier Taobao double eleven: This year, Yiwu express orders to go to Shanghai to link it?

Four yiwu years ago , the "double eleven " For the bachelor Dingxian Yi , the only bachelor .And now, for him to have his girlfriend , and express only relevant .Ding Xianyi , Anhui, 26 years old, of medium build, thin one , wearing black-rimmed glasses , place of work of College Road in Yiwu Jiangdong STO segment .Previously, he was working yiwu china in the office , the monthly salary of only 1,000 yuan, now do express, breaking million has become a commonplace."Not yet , only ranked second in the company ." Dingxian Yi said that last year made more than 200 million business , this year may be better, " last month, breaking the 300,000 yuan ."Yesterday 9:00 , he began to pick up pieces from the business point of College Road , Yamaguchi village to Yiwu Jiangdong Street , walk two kilometers , riding a small Yiwu Amanda Import & Export Co., Ltd. battery car rain or shine.Morning go and see how to business customersThe annual " double eleven ," Ding Xianyi are busy."Last year, more than busy until 3:00 the next day to go home , as early as this year is estimated not ."Yesterday morning, Ding Xianyi to customers online shops rolled , look at the business how.Read the situation, his heart a little excited. "One client , one hour to pick up 1000 single , as well as yiwu amanda a customer , one day down , courier items is estimated to be broken million ."Network operators business is good , and his business is also just fine.Yamaguchi road leading to the village just repaired last year, muddy road to Ding Xianyi trouble." A sunny land , wet mud ." Ding Xianyi a home knocking on cooperation , one year down , peers gave him a nickname " village ."Yamaguchi village just after the transformation of old villages , the village of 170 new house. " Last year, the influx of a large number of amandaiec network operators , is now estimated to have more than 300 ."


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