Yongjin east, north of Port in Yiwu, Shanghai-Kunming high-speed is expected to start next year

Jinhua dollar items has been the opening of the motorway within five , in addition , the East Wing speed under construction , the Pro -Jinhua Expressway next year will commence shortly introduce high speed just before the commencement of the grant before entering the stage of publicity . Before long , the first nine Jinhua Expressway - Yiwu dollar stores Port in speed should come immediately .This is following the East Wing after high-speed line in the territory of the second expressway Jinhua , "Towards the second half of next year to start the construction period of approximately three years ." Wucheng Transportation Bureau staff told reporters .This two-way six -lane expressway is 100 km per hour to be designed in the Soviet Union Street , Church Court, and Wang Su River Interchange shops have four , a total of four interoperable toll stations , the total dollar item investment about 50 billion yuan.Staff said that a few days ago , "Yiwu Port highway project pre-feasibility study report" will be assessed just held , the provincial Department of Transportation , the Provincial Development and Reform Commission , Provincial Department , the provincial Housing Department , more than ten sector experts participated in the meeting , the participants in the field based on the field survey , after full discussion can be examined through the pre-project report and building programs , technical standards, the scale of construction , investment estimation and put forward a number dollar store of amendments and recommendations , " which means project will be opened except curtain . "Yiwu Port highway length of 22.16 kilometers , Yiwu throughout the Northeast , East and Yongjin Expressway linked to direct Dongyang , Shengzhou to Ningbo , north and Shanghai-Kunming high-speed connected with direct access to Hangzhou , Shanghai , "the future will be 310 Port in High Speed provincial new one dollar store Line together constitute structural optimization, functional complementation of road transport corridor . "

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