Yiwu double eleven four network operators face grad

" Cries yiwu market of Rights " Perhaps the most frequently heard yesterday Yiwu has become a voice , especially in the area of network operators gathered .Tape "hiss " sound opened, " karaoke " sound and then truncated , one express parcel will continuously from Yiwu shipped across the country .Universal online shopping experience , Yiwu 100000 electricity providers spent yesterday how the day.Thoroughly understand the rules of the game double 11World War yiwu agent II was finally able to laugh at the network operatorsHuang Yunmao wait to grow superhuman powers , he help with finished goods , ran print delivery orders , taking also rushed to the front of the computer call "pro , need any help ? "Huang Yunmao Lynx is an auto supplies stores treasurer , the company opened in Yiwu International Trade City 5 district service area , 5th Floor, network operators , yesterday's business is very hot. There are yiwu agent service tens of meters away from the store , you can hear one after another "ding dong ding dong" Want to chat voice, tape paper torn " thorn , thorn " sound is not a stop . Open space on two store employees are incessantly playing packaging, large and small parcels outside the channel has a very high barrier . SF Express to store staff and even specialized services.Huang Yunmao yiwu agent services store a total of 11 people , three people are customer service, six pack , a dozen people express a single , which side he was on top of which side needs .Huang Yunmao "double 11 " business sense is to be prepared. This year the "double 11" , Huang Yunmao preparations for several months in advance , and carefully studied the "double 11 " in new ways." Do not understand the rules of the venue before , eat a lot of losses this year, but yiwu fair a big effort studies , such as this year's opening of the mobile terminal , art , marketing programs will follow the change .

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