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    He will be the fav but I think he's beatable.  

    His race NEEDS to be the number one target in 2010, especially if Sink runs.   If we can defeat Jeb now, we can put off his ability to run.

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    Hmm... Not sure I agree.   A 2012 Jeb doesn't worry me unless Obama's ratings are in the toilet.

    A 2016 Jeb with no VP running worries me a bit more.  People seem to forget stuff 8 years later... that worries me.  

  • The primaries caused a lot of that.   Brutal brutal stuff.  And the lack of moderation seemed far worse then than now.

  • Except these seem to not be enforced by administrators of the site very often, which is the problem... THe ratings SHOULD be a way to do it, but there isn't a clear cut system of what is and isn't acceptable to troll rate.  

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    Not sure which issue prompted this, but you bring up some good points...

    That being said, moderation (more than what is currently in place) is on many sites without increasing the costs involved.   For example, Bowers excerised a LOT of moderating ability on the site when he was on here still...   I thinkfor some of us old timers, we remember that (I didn't find out it was pretty much just him until 6 months after he left).  

    The best solution for Mydd is the same solution that is used by many many many forums out there...  Volunteer moderation by a few trusted users.  Its cheap and it  works.  If you have 10-15 trusted users with this ability... to delete troll diaries or exercise the banhammer, it would help immensly.  THere are several users I could see who whould be good in this role.... Desmoinesdem is one... Shaun Appleby is another.     People who aren't hotheaded and react emotionally (like myself who would be terrible in that position).    

  • Dude... Ford?  Over Reagan or Carter... hell even Nixon... Watergate and all, at least he had a decent Foreign Policy (Vietnam aside, of which Johnson shared blame...)  Ford did nOthing.

  • I'd go re-read his historical Presidency again and its impact on society which is the true measuring stick.    Most historians SHARPLY disagree... The lowest he is ranked in the aggregate polls is 16th... better than Clinton's best.

    Andrew Johnson, Harding, Filmore, Pierce, Buchanan, Grant...THose are the bottom Dwellers.

  • If you don't know the Presidential Bios, HOW can you even begin to rank them.    

  • I am flabergasted you can put Bill Clinton as the #5 President of all time.   No way in HELL.   That's as obnoxious as the people who put Reagan in the TOP 5.  Pure partisanship without a realistic base in reality.   The OP calling Clinton's Presidentcy almost perfect is mind blowing... it shows a complete lack of respect for history...

    How with a straight face can you guys put Clinton above...

    James Madison
    James Monroe
    Andrew Jackson
    Teddy Roosevelt
    Woodrow Wilson

    I can buy arguments vs LBJ, Reagan, Kennedy, etc... but not the ones above.   Heck the historians even think you guys are way off base... the highest he is in ANY historian aggregate ranking poll is 18.  

    He did a good job, but you guys are remember the Clinton years with the Rose colored glasses that the wingnuts look at the 50's and Reagan with... FAR from reality.

  • Clintons my top, but NO WAY would I say he is even close to a 10.  His presidency was FAR from perfect and filled with way to many lost opportunities.  7 to 7.5 tops.

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    I'm not going to rate them...  but I'd rank them thusly...

    Best to Worst:

    1. Clinton
    2. Reagan
    3. Carter
    4. Bush 41
    LAST. W

    Carter has been AWESOME post presidency so I'll give him props for that.

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    Yuck on the last one... I'm with Sammy Hagar on that.    

    There are other ways to increase gas milage.

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    Do you have anything that would show overwhelming poltical support of Corporate Personhood by the American People?   I would wager most Americans are unaware the concept exists or is practiced.   Thats a bold statement you made with little to back it up.

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    Right.  Make the CEOs responsible...   give them some jail time.   We'll see how quickly many of these jack asses reform.

  • The rumor is he is deep in debt.   So he can't leave because of that... plus the ego.  

    Most feel he should make a deal to step aside for Quinn temporarily until the issue is resolved in courts.  That way he still gets his salary.  This is allowed by Illinois Law.   His refusal is where the arrogance comes into play.


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