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    Wow, that's messed up.   

    This just seems like the Oklahoma GOP daring Pro-choicers to fight this to the Scotus to overturn R v W.  And under its current makeup, I'm not sure what would happen.  Kennedy seems to agree with R v W to a point, but has no problem limiting it.  If one of the RWingers doesn't die or retire, R v W could seriously be wiped from the books in the next decade or two. 

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    That frame was lost a long time ago when the asshats started saying its a choice not a child, making many who were pro-choice feel uncomfortable and remain silent on the issue like it was some dirty secret.

    I'm not sure how to rescue the framing.

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    Evil will always triumph because good is dumb.

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    Are you sure?  I've always heard it as whomever.  Please provide a link to the grammatical rules you are citing.

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    That's the same spot on attention to detail that was the benchmark of her time as CEO of HP.  Now if she only had run HP into the ground, then we'd have... oh... right.

  • oops... sorry... wrong thread.

  • That's same attention to detail she used during her reign as HP CEO.

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    That's not 100% right...

    The poll numbers supporting the Bill were not good.  I saw ones less than 50 in support and barely above 50.    The numbers you cite did not happen until AFTER Obama started campaigning for a bill.

    The white house forgot that one of their biggest strengths is Barack Obama.   For someone who proclaims to be a Reagan admirer, he forgot that Reagan campaigned for a lot of his horrific programs.    Obama needs to do the same, especially on health care reform.

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    And please take my post not as an attack on you but as someone who honestly cares.   I've seen behavior changes like this before with people, and its NEVER ended well, unless they got help.

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    are you out of your mind?   For you to tell ANYONE not to spin is the HEIGHT of hypocrisy Jerome... or should we go back and examine your Primary front page posts... especially the ones where you Cherry picking a single poll with a bad Obama number while ignoring the 3-4 with good numbers.

    While I agree with Charles post over all... what the poster you rudely responded too said was correct.   The polls show that a majority of Americans favor the Bill.

    Now instead of your rude response, you should have said that those numbers were only obtained AFTER Obama started selling the bill and campaigning.  So Charles thesis is correct... Obama did a poor job of selling the bill by trying for Bipartisan support.  He took a gamble, it failed, and THANK GOD, Obama adapted.  Had he campaigned for it fromt he start and called it the Jobs bill I think Public support would have been better.

    Furthermore, many many people feel they are better than the sitting president on many issues.  That's ANY sitting President and any issue.  Its similar to the number of Americans who think they have a better shot into heaven than Mother Theresa or the Pope.

    Seriously man, what is your problem of late.  I used to love reading you but over the last two yours you have turned into a NASTY person on here.    I'm not sure if you have some personal demons causing the attitude change or what, but seriously, your change in demeanor worries people.  Perhaps, in all seriousness, its time to see a shrink or look in on your demons... because, and I say this as someone who had been on myDD for 5 years, the attitude change is really affecting your writing.

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    one of two things...

    1) They expect the stimulus to fail and sink us deeper and that will hurt Obama. Doubtful...

    2) They are using the 1993-94 playbook...  and will try to torpedo healthcare.  Basically they are misreading the situation.

  • I believe all the Czars are cabinet level.

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    Making it legal or at least sending it to the states and letting the states decide would be the best thing.

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    Torture sucks... but until the economy is fixed, most Americans just don't care.  Its that simple.   You've made your point... Write something new and not the same damn form posting you continue to write.


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