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    Promise keeping:
      When I got thrown from here back in June for being too exuberant in my praise and support for President Obama, I promised to come back after the election and say ITYS.

    Well, I did. And now I have.

    I am so happy for the conduct of the campaign and the tenor of the victory speech, and will quietly support our new President in his goals.

    Congratulations, everyone!

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    Ironic how those who claim to be victims of the Obomabot's disrespect are systematically driving the Democrats who seek to win this election away from MyDD by the use of bullying tactics and countless insufferable we-told-you-so LYING MALICIOUS attack diaries on our candidate.

    Congratulations. You've driven off yet another member.

    I'll return in November to observe your wailing and gnashing of teeth as you suffer Obama's overwhelming victory. In the mean time, I think I'll pass on reading the millions of diaries which will be written between now and then about how the  Super Delegates picked the wrong nominee and how we did it in such a disrespectful manner.

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    You'll need to quote the passages in question. It seems that some goddam crybaby assholes went whining to the Admins and persuaded them to remove my ability to read hidden comments.

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    Fanatical groups do share a common purpose, but that in itself is not a reason for admiration. They are above board in acknowledging their hatred for Obama, which puts them ahead of their stealthier counterparts on the integrity scale.

    Your point is extremely important as far as MyDD is concerned. The stated reason for its very existence provides the answer for what the goal you desire ought to be: The election of Democrats up and down the ticket.

    I'm with you.

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    That was an accident, btw. And if you are trying to make a case from that for your vicious and vindictive attack against me from that mistake, I ain't buying it. Your long colloquy with me over Obama's alleged transgressions against Democratic purity is what motivated your schoolyard bullying, and everyone who watched is well aware of it.

    You openly despise our nominee and attack him without mercy. You despise me because I called you on it, and spread rumors and got your friends to join you in silencing me. That's quite plain.

    But I forgive you.

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    Obama will win with a coalition never seen before, which will leave out in the cold extremeist on the fringes of both Parties. This is a highly desireable outcome, imho, and speaks to the genius of Obama's new politics.

    I'm not a big fan of wackiness after almost 8 years of insanity. I don't care which side of the spectrum the wacky comes from - I just don't want any at all.

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    "It is frustrating to see so many who are absolutely NOT Trolls being called as such. Today was a sad example of this behavior."

    Apology accepted.

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     Much has been said about how the 'Obamabots'at MyDD are calling people with differing opinions names, but I have personally experienced quite the opposite here this evening. I have been maliciously and viciously slandered by the very people who are claiming to be victims here. They have conspired openly to silence me with a concerted and public HR attack for the crime of defending my Party's nominee. It is silly season, after all, so I'll take my schoolyard lumps from the bullies content in the knowledge that come January I'll be celebrating Obama's landslide victory with my friends and family.

  • Mojo'd with one caveat:

    Obama is only having to deal with FISA because of the prior sins of ALL Republicans (there may have been one or two dissenters) and MANY (but not a majority) of Democrats who have put us in this position in the first place.

  • Ah. So, it seems, political consideration IS something that can be taken into account when considering the chances of success with one or another position on a nominee or a Bill. And success doesn't have to mean perfection. Impurity is allowed in some cases!

    This is a real breakthrough! Maybe not a Christmas miracle, but it may constitute progress.

  • is what Obama is standing up for, always has, and only fabricated evidence has been brought forward to dispute that. "Unity" has always stood for the pipe dream that those of us who decided to go with Obama over Clinton would come to our senses and admit we were wrong after all. The attacks on Obama this week were and are specious, as he is not in favor of telecom immunity, is not against a woman's right to choose, and is not changing his position on Iraq.

    If the time comes to criticize Obama for genuine cause, I'll be there. Until then, I won't be baited, and I won't shy away from defending him from those who attack him using false arguments.

    I call that really standing up for what is right.

  •  Your comments make my case.

  • yielded the ammunition you've use against him. I've done my due diligence by studying the charges and evaluating them against what he has actually said. He's clean. I can only assume that you are pressing the attack with some ulterior motive in mind.

    Quite Rovian of you.

  • I may know nothing about you, but that just means I'm like everyone else on the planet. And it doesn't matter whether I agree with you or not, nor you with me. That is my point. We have only one meaningful role in this election, albeit a small one. That would be to elect Barack Obama and as many down-ticket Democrats as possible with our one puny vote.
     Oh, and one more thing - not to work against that goal.

    Here. I'll throw you a bone: I'd like to see Dennis Kucinich as Secretary of Defense if the House would have a strong Liberal Democratic Majority in his absence.

  •  Now that wasn't a very uniting thing to say!


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