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    it is absolutely incredible and dumbing how so many can  be supportive of the rich getting richer and not seeing through these thinly veiled efforts to make it more so. Does Goldman have to "assign" a 12 year old son/daughter to be the "watchdog" ? Does Exxon have to hire their favorite son from OK to be their spokesperson? Does GD have to issue a press realease on how the next fighter will save us from the Taliban/Terrorist? or how ADM/Cargill have to have more subsidy to protect the American farmer? Geez is it beyond hope?

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    Too many people will have to be trained to work a mop, especially the privileged republicans.

  • George Will and Rush Limbaugh are on the same page

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    I personally like the "transparency in government" thingy. Do we not all pay these guys a decent wage and give them killer medical benefits? Why would these boys be afraid to tell their constituents what they think? Are they deceitful? or just politicians?

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    good point ..... although was he considered an "outsider"?

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    remind me to read the whole article before I post

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    I read somewhere at sometime this was an attribute of the old European aristocracy (in-bred) ... and people being simple and uneducated (also in-bred by design) thought the "royals" their "betters" .... remember the czar of Russia wanting only tall guys in his court guard? .....Anyway, the commoners would say "just look at them, they are tall therefore they can lead us" ........ we have come a long way have we not?
    I also think this was true (not 100%) for the ally of the aristocracy, the church. They be buddies. Speaking of which did you read the aricle over at americablog about the SC priest? Why does anyone continue to be part of that whole organized religion thing?
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    someone needs to find the courage to find a republican party free of hatred and bigotry. One that works for United States and not just a conservative kneejerk. Why do the other countries around the world seem to get some progressive laws like healthcare completed and not degenerate into hating and violence?

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    I know, in general, that religion has been a good business, (robertson, haggard, the bakers, dobson, etc are fairly comfy), but how many can be supported by the population? Seems they are always buying tv time to advertise their next "healing or preaching" event and I see new ones all the time. Do all these guys get tax breaks like charities?

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    How many republican "leaders" and "talkers" who are pushing palin are actually thinking with that "tingle" between their legs? Mr. evolution (Pat B.) was on asking the old scopes trial question. Is he really that old and that absent of education?

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    part of the coalition hopefully would include Senator Merkley from Oregon. I have been watching the results trickle in and I had Merkley ahead by 348 votes at one point then an odd thing happened. His count went from 640,653 to 640,569 at the next update .... how can votes be taken away at this point? Perhaps a CNN thing?

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    Damn, everything is broke on this car and we have no gas money!!!!!

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    Eeking out a win is not good enough for me. I can not see how Obama can fall below 349 EV's .... these goofy last few days polling are just that. Goofy and statistical noise. PA stays with Obama as does OH and FL and VA and NV and MO, read em and weep conservative movement that will last until the rapture!!! One of the remaining suspense items will be to see how long the corporate media can drag out the night. Another would be the huge turnout favoring Obama in GA, MS, AZ.

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    Why has the "story" of the AIP and todd and sarah not gotten any traction in the corporate press?
    Why is national healthcare scarry?
    Why is the U.S. being number 1 in healthcare delivery scarry?
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    What? Is it all the AA who are in the LDS church?


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