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    Biden was quite bald in the 80's,, big transplant work happened.  

    Gravel wears glasses.  Ladies dont cast ballots for men wearing glasses, or whatever.

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    And though only a state legislator, I respect Obama's position here and that makes him my number two choice.  

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    September 2002:

    I'm speaking today in an effort to recommend a specific course of action for our country, which I sincerely believe would be better for our country than the policy that is now being pursued by President Bush. Specifically, I am deeply concerned that the course of action that we are presently embarking upon with respect to Iraq has the potential to seriously damage our ability to win the war against terrorism and to weaken our ability to lead the world in this new century.

    It seems to me, what it mattered, Al Gore was the only prominent Democrat who didn't freeze up.

  • I guess a stunt is better than nothing.

  • Well JG, I missed the 03 Dean v Clark blog fights, so I am not sure if this happens for every primary, but I can tell you that the constant Edwards v Obama partisan games of one-upmanship are very tiresome.  

    I lean to Obama, but I think Jerome is very fair in his analysis, and it kinda pisses me off when the Obama crowd are always accusing him of being partisan.  Maybe I just dont care enough to have an opinion.  Either way, the game is over when Gore is drafted, making everyone else an "also ran."

    I havent been too chatty, but I read everyday.  When you announced your contribution to Hillary, I was really tempted to ride you about it.  LOL.  After our '05 Hillary fight, and your subsequent conversion, the thought of a re-conversion back to Hillary made me laugh.  

    In other news, it looks like Mr Stoller is no longer around to perpetually threaten us with MyDD banishment.  LOL..

  • I browse redstate every couple of days.  They typically just ignore inconvenient news, but the defection of Lugar pretty much threw the community into chaos.  The more rational wingnuts recognize that the war was a mistake and want a course change.  The hardcore nutjobs acknowledge that support for the war will cost them big in upcoming elections, but they would rather be "right" than win, fostering the Bush delusion that history will eventually prove them correct.  Pretty pathetic bunch these days.  When a weak candidate like Thompson is their only hope, not much else needs to be said.  

    It makes me think back to one of my first posts here right after the 2004 election.  I said that Bush's own policies will lead to the GOP downfall, making my case point by point.  I was right.  

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    Not to mention that he has incurable lymphoma, and a 50% chance of dying of it in the next 7 years.  

  • Nice tag line J.  I was afraid I was losing you back to the Hillary crowd again.  

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    Flashback.. Media coverage 2004...

    Every time George Bush opens his mouth a stream of semi-coherent mangled English prose escapes.  

    And to the Media he is a strong resolute leader, a man of the people.

    Howard Dean, articulate and capable of forming grammatically correct sentences, gives a yell at a campaign stop and the Media decide that he is unfit to be president.  

    You're right, Hildog,  Its was all Dean's fault.

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    I disagree.  Fred Thompson is unelectable.  He has cancer and his odds of surviving two terms, assuming the absolute best grade and stage of lymphoma (which he claims to have) is about 50%.

    Considering his age, and smoking history, I doubt he would be classified so generously.  

    If I was a Republican, I would be furious at Thompson for sucking all the oxygen out of a more serious campaign, as pathetic as it already is.

    Thompson is either in denial, or is just a very selvish person.  Even if his cancer remains indolent, and does not shorten his life, (a very small possibility) to believe this is not a factor when considering presidential run is delusional.

    He reminds me of Paul Tsongas who campaigned so well against Bill Clinton for the Democratic nomination in 1992.  Tsongas beat Clinton in the New Hampshire primary.  He was also in remission for his lymphoma, and made a point about showing the press how healthy he was, claiming his cancer would not affect his presidency.  Poor Paul died in 1996, I believe.

  • I absolutely disagree.  I am a Draft Gore partisan.  My support for his candidacy is due to a simple fact: I trust his leadership, unlike any of the current candidates.

    This feeling truly crystalized after reading the Assault on Reason. Bush/Cheney have completely fucked up the executive branch of government, both in dangerously assuming unconstitional power, and destroying legitimate, effective government.

    It will take a major purge and re-allignment of authority to restore the presidency.  I dont think anyone can do that as well as Gore.  Edwards and Obama have no experience in the way things are supposed to function, and I dont believe Hillary Clinton, who tended to be secretive to begin with, and was majorly burned by the noise machine, would be inclined to more transparent government.  

    Paul Rosenberg's point below is crucial in understanding why I trust Al Gore.  He was the only democrat of national standing who had the intellegence and courage to stand up to Bush when it was most needed and politically risky.  Read his speeches on the Draft Gore website '02-06, and you will understand that support for Gore is not motivated by this pathetic "stick it to Bush" mentality that you ascribe.  

  • Gore said in the Larry King interview that he rejects the need for a 500 day campaign.  Just because other eager candidates started 6 months early does not mean that serious candidates have to.  

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    Via Al Gore's Current TV.

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    One where he explains that he and Matt Stoller are not, in fact, gay lovers.  


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