Joe's Independent Bid

Lieberman must submit 7,500 signatures to town and city halls around the state by end of day tomorrow to get on the ballot in November.  His new party, of course, is called Connecticut for Lieberman.  Joe may have problems qualifying.  While he has submitted a portion of the required signatures already, it was politically embarrassing for him to actively do this while running in a Democratic primary.  

Every signature must be validated by local voting officials.  That leaves Joe 9 working hours to submit the required signatures, and hope they all meet muster.  

I am sure that Joe will be able to accomplish this task, given his huge warchest, but his inclusion on the ballot in November is not yet secured.  

The order of candidates in the voting booth will be

  1. Schlesinger (Republican)
  2. Lamont (Democrat)
  3. Lieberman (Connecticut for Lieberman)

Now, we must pressure all Democrats of national standing to urge Joe to leave the race, and actively campaign for Lamont.  Three months is a long time to change the dynamic of this race.  

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Re: Joe's Independent Bid

Amen.  Getting to 51 Senators is going to be tough enough.  We don't need a battle in Connecticut taking energy away from Nevada, Virginia, and Tennessee.

by CLLGADEM 2006-08-09 02:39AM | 0 recs


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