• They only poll "regular guys," so that excludes blacks.

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    That argument would require facts, which have a well-known pro-Obama bias.

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    I started reading MyDD about a year ago. It was a good place to go for political news and discussion with more of a Democratic party focus. Now it's just a flaming car wreck -- I hate myself for looking, but I can't help it.

    What it has become useful for is gauging the progress of the candidates. You can tell Obama's having a good week when the Clintonistas here ramp up their red-faced, throbbing-vein outrage to hysterical levels. If Obama somehow wins Pennsylvania, I'll be afraid to come here, in case the explosion of rage causes my monitor to melt.

    I think the site will bounce back eventually, after all this is over, but my respect for Jerome is gone. He has lost all credibility. How can a rational observer place any trust in someone with such a tenuous grip on objectivity and perspective?

    This certainly isn't the craziest blog on the web (see Taylor Marsh), but compared to what it used to be, it certainly has become an embarrassment.

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    It just reinforces the accusation that Clinton will do absolutely anything in order to win -- even take sides with what should be our common foe.

    Given Clinton's steadily dimming prospects, it's understandable that she'd resort to increasingly more desperate gambits. But seriously, the way this race is going it looks more and more like one Democrat versus two Republicans.

    Maybe Clinton and McCain should pool their resources and just campaign together. The fact that they're echoing each other's speeches already makes them look like BFFs.

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    Right. It's a 2-for-1 message, because not only does it play into rural resentment of latte-sipping lefty intellectuals, but reinforces the impression of Obama as the "other," or as Chris Matthews would put it, not a "regular guy" like white people.

    The fact that Clinton's statements are being defended on a Democratic blog is pretty sad. If it were just McCain or some other Republican saying it, we'd be unanimously outraged. But a Democrat uses classic GOP attacks against a fellow Democrat and many here applaud.

    Given the response on this issue, it's not surprising that so many Clinton supporters plan to vote for McCain if they don't get their nominee. At this point it's pretty difficult to tell Clinton supporters from McCain supporters.

  • I didn't like the "inevitability" argument when it applied to HRC, and I don't like it applied to Obama, even though at this stage of the game it's probably the case. I think it's worth the risks to the party or our chances in November for both candidates to get as fair a chance as can be managed given the obvious clusterfks that have blighted the landscape this season.

    The best chance for party unity this fall is if Hillary gets full opportunity to present her case and nobody but the sourest of sour grapes supporters can claim she was somehow shafted.

  • You mean you hope more Democratic leaders call for her to drop out?

  • I saw this on Star Trek -- she's an alien that feeds off of hate and aggression! Come on everyone, we must start laughing. Ha ha ha!

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    The problem is not Dems who don't support Obama, but "Dems" who are apparently willing to support McCain if they don't get their way. This problem stretches across both candidates' supporters, but to the extent that this attitude is so much more prevalent among HRC supporters, they therefore bear that much more of the responsibility.

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    but it is sad that the actual message she was conveying is being lost in all the bickering.

    The tragic irony of course being that the call to refocus on what's really important over the trivial is being buried in trivialities.

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    It felt to me like she was saying that the welfare of the American people was more important than who wins or loses. And yeah, one can be cynical and say that of course she would say that, since she's losing, but it's true, and an important message, especially to followers of both candidates.

    The ugliness of the rhetoric (and I am as guilty as anyone), with people acting like the country will burn down if their candidate doesn't win, or threatening to vote for McCain -- her final statement should be a reality check for everyone who is emotionally invested in this campaign, that the country will in fact be better off with either of these candidates in the White House.

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    To me, the bottom line is that the Univision guy should moderate all of the debates from here on in.

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    In a way maybe it was both. It was a clever zinger, but came across horribly.

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    Just in terms of personality I think Clinton won this evening. I am someone who generally doesn't respond to Hillary on a personal level -- she just rubs me the wrong way when she talks -- and I found her quite likable for most of the debate. She has kind of a naturally forbidding demeanor, so when she lets herself be goofy and vulnerable it's disarming.

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    The Xerox snipe just bombed, straight up. It was a cheap shot, felt jarring in an otherwise civil evening, and deserved to be booed. It was obvious Hillary regretted saying it the moment it left her lips.

    The emotional, personal side she showed at the end made up for that, though. If we'd seen more of that during this campaign she'd be winning now.


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