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It has to be on everybody's minds. What would Obama do about Mumbai if he were president? Indeed one of the progressive criticisms of Obama is that he is being sucked into the wrong tactics in Afghanistan. What should be a police effort to go after bin Laden is instead a neocon regime change of ousting Taliban rule there. And Obama is possibly falling for it.

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Approval (multi-vote) Presidential Straw Poll

I was going to rant about how MyDD needs approval (multi-vote) polling when lo and behold I see that it exists. Here's why I'm excited about discovering this fact. Look at these results:

January Presidential Straw Poll (MyDD Candidates) Pick all you approve of: 
  • Edwards - 21 votes (23.6%)
  • Obama - 20 votes (22.47%)
  • Kucinich - 12 votes (13.48%)
  • Richardson - 11 votes (12.36%)
  • Clark - 9 votes (10.11%)
  • Clinton - 6 votes (6.74%)
  • Vilsack - 3 votes (3.37%)
  • Gravel - 2 votes (2.25%)
  • Not Sure - 2 votes (2.25%)
  • None of These - 2 votes (2.25%)
  • Biden - 1 votes (1.12%)
  • Dodd - 0 votes (0%)

Total votes: 89

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Looking Closely at Some Close Midwest Races

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first in a series

donors and volunteers are valuable, and shouldn't have their time wasted:

three times in the past eight days i've been asked about how a potential volunteer and contributor should budget their time in campaigns within shouting distance of chicago.  this isn't really an easy request.  how you should spend *your* time and money should reflect your priorities, your ideological leanings, and your "vision" for the country.  if you are really concerned about local things, even in so-called red districts, you should spend your time helping to build up your local party organization, regardless of your candidate's chances in the fall.  think strategically, act locally.

meaning, how you spend your time and money doesn't have to be objective.  an exercise like this one does.

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J Dennis Hastert 68.75.235.#

A SoapBlox/Chicago Special Report

Why would staff for one of the most connected people on the planet pay a visit to SoapBlox/Chicago? Could it be that we have very good information?

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First, please, I urge you to recommend this diary. Why? Because this is an announcement for Chicago/midwest region MyDD members. A recommend from you will help more of us Chicago MyDDers see this announcement.

A number of us from the Chicago region have launched a "Progressive group blog on the Politics of Chicago & the Midwest". SoapBlox/Chicago is the latest scoop-style blog dedicated to moving local politics in the progressive direction.

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The Correct Frame: Stock Market Crisis not Social Security Crisis

Why are people not addressing the Stock Market Crisis. When will we see some real reform ideas for Stock Market Reform?

The Stock Market needs an infusion of trillions of dollars to prevent a (another) failure. The current administration plan to borrow trillions of dollars from our grandchildren, so our kids can invest in the market to save it, would only be a temporary solution and cause worse problems for the stock market later.

There is no "Social Security Crisis". That's a modern myth. We need to switch the frame to "Stock Market Crisis" whenever we hear or read it.

For more details on the Stock Market Crisis and its impact on Social Security read Stirling Newberry's dKos diary.

In the meantime we need to begin to switch the frame to the correct one.


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