Fake peace rallies, and other conservative hijinks

When I got the e-mail from a friend saying there was a peace rally at Clemson University THIS Saturday, I was a bit suspicious. I was even more suspicious when I didn't see any flyers posted on campus or displayed in the usual places. Turns out I had good reason to be...
I found out about it in this morning's paper. http://www.independentmail.com/and/news/article/0,1886,AND_8203_3617698,00.html (registration required. sorry.)

The whole thing was a hoax, set up by the editor of "The Tiger Town Observer", a monthly student publication that advertises itself as "Clemson's conservative journal of news and opinion". The plan was to assemble the peace protesters, with Observer members unfurling ridiculus banners to show the worst stereotypes of the peace movement (such as a "Free Saddam, jail Bush" banner) while the media watched.

Well, they didn't get away with it, at least not this time. Media manipulation requires coordination, and it appears that they forgot to let the College Republicans in on the joke.

Of course, it is rather disturbing that this group, which already has their own media outlet, has stooped to such a low tactic. Even worse, there is not a "liberal journal of news and opinion" in the Clemson area, so they essentially have the stage to themselves.

I'd like to say it was surprising, but it isn't, and that's the sad part.

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