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    Clearly mapping voting statistics is necessary for plotting electoral strategies; and in that context these maps are great tools, particularly when we look at maps representing population rather than acreage (http://www-personal.umich.edu/~mejn/elec tion/).

    However when "Thinking Blue" becomes the rhetoric beyond voting statistics, I question the value of this Blue strategy. The rhetoric of the opposition (see Greenwald Escalating the Rhetoric) casts a drama of traitors, un-American, editionist creeps even pro-terrorists. Such language is clearly divisive, hostile and in search of an enemy.

    Feeling Blue is just as divisive. Embracing and wearing an identity of "Buying Blue" "Acting Blue"  "Being Blue," is divisive as well.

    Meaning that the rhetoric of embracing blue is creates an enemy; though self-identifying rather than identifying other. But in creating an "Us", we must therefore create a "Them." Is that where we want to live?

    What would the purple strategy look like?

    What would rhetoric of finding shared values look like?

    Let's look into it.


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