Hillary stands strong behind Bill Shaheen

The Clinton campaign announced today that Billy Shaheen will stay on as co-chair of their New Hampshire campaign. They're standing strong behind Shaheen, who yesterday told the Washington Post that Barack Obama might be a crack dealer.

Will Obama challenge Hillary on this during the debate? Will Edwards challenge Hillary? I'm betting that they both do. Hillary will have a prepared (and canned) apology ready, but if Obama refuses to accept it, that could cause some fireworks.

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Howard Dean attacked Democrats

I have a news flash for some of you on here who are just SICKENED, I mean SICKENED by the "attack politics" and "mudslinging" that's been going on during this primary. It's a "smear campaign" and "disappointing" and "eating our own", etc.

Guess what? Howard Dean attacked Democrats. His whole message was that Democrats dropped the ball on Iraq. Was Howard Dean wrong? Was he destroying the party, or did he make it stronger? I think we all know the answer to that one. Dean attacked the DC Establishment for months and months and months. He mobilized thousands of angry democrats who wanted a party that represented them. Was this wrong? Was this evil? Was this "mudslinging" or "a smear campaign"? I think not.

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News from the Democratic Farm Team in Virginia - Rising Star Werkheiser crushes Albo in fundraising


Greg Werkheiser, candidate for the House of Delegates from the 42nd District in southern Fairfax County, has raised significantly more money to date than his incumbent opponent, David Albo, and leads all challengers statewide in fundraising, according to reports filed with the State Board of Elections on January 18, 2005.

Werkheiser out-raised his opponent by almost 2 to 1: Werkheiser $81,615; Albo $55,119.

Werkheiser now has twice as much unencumbered cash on hand as his opponent: Werkheiser $50,017; Albo $23,767

Werkheiser's contributions come from 200 individuals; Albo had 8 individual contributors.

Werkheiser leads all challengers statewide in total contributions raised and funds on-hand.    

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The Democrats win in Virginia!

Democrat Paula Miller defeats Michael Ball by 92 votes!

And you know how she did it? Moderate Republicans in Virginia are so sick of the right-wing of their party that they worked to elect a Democrat! It's going on all across the state. Remember, this is the state with the worst anti-gay law in the nation (HB751 in 2004), as well as the home of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. This is the state where that guy, Delegate Dave Albo, proposed a law that would lower the penalty for molesting your own child!

Mark Warner, one of Virginia's greatest Governors, cut the ugly head off of the GOP beast last General Assembly session and split the moderates from the right-wingers. Now we're all working together (moderate Republicans and Democrats) to fund schools, fix the roads, and make the tax code fairer. Paula Miller and Mark Warner aren't sellouts. They're brilliant politicians who can attract supporters from both parties.

The question is, how can we accomplish this nationally?

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