The Democrats win in Virginia!

Democrat Paula Miller defeats Michael Ball by 92 votes!

And you know how she did it? Moderate Republicans in Virginia are so sick of the right-wing of their party that they worked to elect a Democrat! It's going on all across the state. Remember, this is the state with the worst anti-gay law in the nation (HB751 in 2004), as well as the home of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. This is the state where that guy, Delegate Dave Albo, proposed a law that would lower the penalty for molesting your own child!

Mark Warner, one of Virginia's greatest Governors, cut the ugly head off of the GOP beast last General Assembly session and split the moderates from the right-wingers. Now we're all working together (moderate Republicans and Democrats) to fund schools, fix the roads, and make the tax code fairer. Paula Miller and Mark Warner aren't sellouts. They're brilliant politicians who can attract supporters from both parties.

The question is, how can we accomplish this nationally?

Well, first off, we need to take every opportunity to cut moderate Republicans away from the GOP and into our camp (afterall, that's the only way we'll win any legislative battles in the US House or Senate with our minority status). Warner has accomplished so much while dealing with huge GOP majorities in the Virginia House and Senate.

Second of all, we need to start paying attention to these smaller races and trends in the states. We need to start nurturing (and funding) the AAA of our party. Our farm team. People like Paula Miller are part of a new Democratic revolution, bubbling below the surface and ready to emerge and bring fresh ideas to the national party.

Pay attention to the AAA. The Farm Team. The State Legislatures. That's where the real talent is these days.

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Great for Miller
Mark Warner is indeed a good governor, and I hope he runs for the Senate at some point. Being moderate, however, is not the only way you can win in southern, more conservative states and it isn't necessarily why people like Miller and Warner are so effective.

Southerners still believe a great deal in the power of ordinary people, and that is why you see many populists getting elected in rural states such as Brian Schweitzer of Montana. Being a moderate isn't the key to victory here--style and strategy are always more important than ideology, and populism will beat corporatism most any day.

Mark Warner knows how to talk to Virginians and he knows how to get things done. That's why he's done a good job.

by Covin 2004-12-16 06:45PM | 0 recs
Yea us
Here's hoping 2005 brings more good cheer.
by coldeye 2004-12-16 08:38PM | 0 recs


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