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    high?  not low.

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    I went to the 9:30 show Saturday night.  They were awesome!

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    Thanks for the great summary.  I snorted!

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    and I haven't laughed so much in a while.

    Granted, it's really really twisted satire but satire nonetheless.  Very clever stuff too.

    Just had to include this gem:

     "no banking for homosexuals"
    "it is a time for rejoicing. it has just come to my attention that the fda will ban homosexuals from using banks. the reason for this is that homosexuals like to hang out in banks so that they can steal people's checkbooks and use them to send checks to nambla and the masons. finally the communists in the fda get something right. though they have limited the restriction to certain banks called "sperm" banks. start writing letters so that we can get the homosexuals out of our banks completely. a homosexual with a bank account is a dangerous thing."

    Do we really think Pastor John doesn't know what a sperm bank is??

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    Remember who won in 2004?  No one.  70 million+ eligible voters didn't vote for president - beating out Bush's 61mil and Kerry's 58mil, although how often did you hear that in the media?

    Despite relatively higher turnout this election, I think the key still is getting non-voters out to vote.  And that means more people involved in their neighborhoods - and not just in the month prior to the election.  Non-voters are fertile ground for Democrats - a point not lost on Dr. Dean.

    That is the primary reason I'm a newly minted PCO in Washington.  I'd ask anyone reading this post to consider doing the same.

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    in Washington was a bad idea too for the same reasons, but I was outnumbered.  The open primary was canned (by a suit brought by the state Dems, Reps and Libs) then sort of resurrected with a top two system voted in through an initiative in November (which I voted against).
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    Sorry to be picky, but the word is intransigent.


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