A Clean Break: The Neocons' Next War

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(By the way, I just want to mention that I'm aware that this has been written about before, especially on Daily Kos. But, I don't recall seeing it here at MyDD, and if so, I think it was kind of buried with all the Lamont excitement).

I've been feeling particularly humorless of late.

What with all the disgusting political machinations by the GOP, trying to subvert the Lamont victory by tying it to the absurd argument that "some" (read: a majority of Americans) don't get that America is under threat of terrorism, while senior Bush administration officials were fully aware of the pending public disclosure of the British terror plot.

And the "kill them all" rhetoric is really getting to me, too.

I've been meaning to write about the neo-con "Clean Break" strategy, but hadn't gotten riled up enough to do so. But, with all this shameless bluster, and Randi Rhodes pointing out yesterday that Sidney Blumenthal is making some noise about it now, I want to help in my small way to at least get the term "clean break" listed a bit more in the news aggregators.

Maybe many of you are already familiar with it, but if not, you should be...

Cuz, well, it's essentially the official roadmap of the "kill them all" strategy...

Blumenthal writes (my emphasis)...

In order to try to understand the neoconservative road map, senior national  security professionals have begun circulating among themselves a 1996 neocon manifesto against the Middle East peace process. Titled "A Clean Break: A   New Strategy for Securing the Realm," its half-dozen authors included   neoconservatives highly influential with the Bush administration -- Richard   Perle, first-term chairman of the Defense Policy Board; Douglas Feith, former   undersecretary of defense; and David Wurmser, Cheney's chief Middle East aide.

"A Clean Break" was written at the request of incoming Likud Party Prime   Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and intended to provide "a new set of ideas" for   jettisoning the policies of assassinated Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.   Instead of trading "land for peace," the neocons advocated tossing aside the   Oslo agreements that established negotiations and demanding unconditional   Palestinian acceptance of Likud's terms, "peace for peace." Rather than   negotiations with Syria, they proposed "weakening, containing, and even rolling   back Syria." They also advanced a wild scenario to "redefine Iraq." Then King   Hussein of Jordan would somehow become its ruler; and somehow this Sunni monarch   would gain "control" of the Iraqi Shiites, and through them "wean the south   Lebanese Shia away from Hezbollah, Iran, and Syria."

Netanyahu, at first, attempted to follow the "clean break" strategy, but   under persistent pressure from the Clinton administration he felt compelled to   enter into U.S.-led negotiations with the Palestinians. In the 1998 Wye River   accords, concluded through the personal involvement of President Clinton and a   dying King Hussein, the Palestinians agreed to acknowledge the legitimacy of   Israel and Netanyahu agreed to withdraw from a portion of the occupied West   Bank. Further negotiations, conducted by his successor Ehud Barak, that nearly   settled the conflict ended in dramatic failure, but potentially set the stage   for new ones.

At his first National Security Council meeting, President George W. Bush   stunned his first secretary of state, Colin Powell, by rejecting any effort to   revive the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. When Powell warned that "the   consequences of that could be dire, especially for the Palestinians," Bush   snapped, "Sometimes a show for force by one side can really clarify things." He   was making a "clean break" not only with his immediate predecessor but also with   the policies of his father...

...Having failed in the Middle East, the administration is attempting to salvage   its credibility by equating Israel's predicament with the U.S. quagmire in Iraq.   Neoconservatives, for their part, see the latest risk to Israel's national   security as a chance to scuttle U.S. negotiations with Iran, perhaps the last   opportunity to realize the fantasies of "A Clean Break."

By using NSA intelligence to set an invisible tripwire, the Bush   administration is laying the condition for regional conflagration with untold   consequences -- from Pakistan to Afghanistan, from Iraq to Israel. Secretly   devising a scheme that might thrust Israel into a ring of fire cannot be   construed as a blunder. It is a deliberate, calculated and methodical plot.

Oy vey zmir.

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