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    Your the one writing the diaries, if you can't take the criticism maybe you shouldn't be so touchy? All of jlars points still stand, you haven't bothered to address them other than throwing around innuendos. Really comparing folk to liberals under Reagan and Bush - how out of touch can you be? 

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    That's exactly my point - it's a political blog, with not much politicking happening (at least in this diary). That was jlars point too. Griping is fine and all but in the end politics is more than that.

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    Well, some people just like to gripe. I mean there is not really a call to action or common ground in the diary. That's not unintentional.


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    "Perhaps one doesn't see much satire of Hinduism or Buddhism for the simple fact that those religions are more sympatico with a progressive-libertarian worldview."

    You've got to be joking. 

    I think your making the same mistake of confusing pop culture as some sort of evidence of a "leftist double-standard". Jay Leno, Russel Peters and the like aren't necessarily leftist - they are entertainers, and their satire is based on their targeted audience. "The Left" has no control over pop culture, so lets not do what conservatives do and confuse the two together. For evidence of a double standard you need to look at actual left policy organisations such as HRW, Amnesty, the ACLU etc. And as far as I can see they criticize Islam aplenty.

  • I never said it was a great day for conservatives, rather that they did better than expected and left did correspondingly worse. Abbott was considered nigh unelectable just a few weeks ago. The economy was humming along, approval rating were high - the left should have had this election in the bag. Instead they threw much of it away. 

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    Well, I think the wide disparity can be explained simply via exposure... islam is too small a subset of the population to be an effective object of widespread satire. One doesn't see much satire of Hinduism or Buddhism for much the same reason. And it's not as if satire doesn't exist completely - Team America and Achmed the Dead Terrorist come to mind. 

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    There are plenty of liberal reporting on human rights abuses in Islamic countries - just see the reports by Amnesty Intl, HRW or dozen of other NGO's. In fact it's pretty much only liberal reporting. 

    I'm not sure your blackness has anything to do with it, maybe your upbringing or exposure. The developing world will change once it develops. Economic development and respect for universal human rights go hand in hand. As China industrializes and gains in wealth, laborers are starting to organize for better wages and living conditions, just as they did in the west. Life rather than being a desperate cycle of poverty, illiteracy and the like starts to gain value. That's how it works. 

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    There is no left-wing double standard, that is simply a RW talking point. Peace and tolerance to all is the only lw standard I know of. The so called Muslim "hypersensitivity" is way over blown, it is, in the west no different from the sensitivity of other religious groups.  Violent protests only take place in the developing world, where violent protests are common - be it over pictures of prophets or the price of vegetables. Try pissing on Christ in the Philippines or Uganda and see what happens.

    Which leads me to an interesting story - when I was in India I saw a wall along the railway tracks painted with pictures of various deities - hindu ones and Christ as well. I asked why and was told it was to stop people from urinating or spitting on the wall. 

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    This is great, the conservatives gain more seats than expected and we're supposed to be happy that the Greens "hold the balance of power"? Hell I've voted for the Green party myself on occasion, but i'll call a spade a spade. This is not a good day for the left.

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    This whole flap reminds me of the faux controversy when Keith Ellison was due to take the oath of office on a Koran. Certainly this is not the vision that liberals & progressives had for America. 

    Though the contours of the Danish and Ground Zero controversies are remarkably alike, a key difference is the specific people for whom this isn’t all academic. With that in mind you don’t have to be a New Atheist bomb-thrower to sympathize a hell of lot more with folk who actually lost loved ones forever in World Trade Center than hypersensitive Muslims unable to countenance even the artistic or satirical rendering of their Prophet.

    Maybe the actual similarity is that in both cases Muslims were the bad guys. In the Danish Cartoon case their Prophet was portrayed as a terrorist and they were told to suck it up and respect the freedom to insult that is a core western tradition (lol). While in this case they are the skin-heads and Nazis and being overly insensitive because they wanted to build a place of worship & service in the lower manhatten muslim exclusion zone. 

    As for the President he had no real choice - the country is demonstrating an unacceptable level of xenophobia, which makes the ability of US forces overseas to hand-off to their Islamic counterparts more difficult. That along with the fact that it goes against core American principles (atleast as understood by liberals) seems reason enough.

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    Well I did try to give you the chance not to insult your own intelligence, but that seems to have failed.

    If you wish to continue as the worst example of a Bush apologist, that's your decision, but trying to pass off policy decisions of other countries as "signature achievements" of his administration is even insulting to tea-baggers. 

    Next I except you'll be passing off Denmark's wind-energy projects as "significant achievements" of Bush--Haliburton-Cheney. I would advise listening to yourself, as lack of such has been found to being a contributing factor in ridiculousness.

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    LOL, maybe you don't understand the agreement, because caps on CO2 emissions or targeted reductions of greenhouse gases are mentioned nowhere in it. It's not a climate change deal, how far down the rabbit hole did you have to go to dream that one up?  Hard to believe anyone with ANY knowledge of the Bush admin would try and pass that off ignoring the evidence both of his energy policy and actions. Now you've just turned his "signature achievement" into a laughing stock.

    It's certainly a new one, Bush cared about Climate Change! Hey did you know that the economic depression caused a world-wide reduction in greenhouse gas emissions?  (well, not in India or China). "America's interest" or another "signature achievement"? His plan all along...


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    What I haven't figured out, and what FL residents can hopefully enlighten me on, is that even though dems have a large registration edge over the GOP in the state how the FL legislature gets more batsh*t crazy every year.

  • I agree insomuch that if the clean-up and investigation are handled badly it could very well be "Obama's Katrina". So far the admin seems to be on the ball, but this spill is a national disaster and the resources dedicated need to be upped much more.

    And ya, offshore drilling looks quite stupid now.

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    Exactly. Know your industry. American companies are not willing to work in India without liability protections as tarheel said. Personally I think they're just angling for another bailout from the gvt., but eitherway Bush should have been aware of that before he went ahead. Pretty glaring omission.

    The certs from the Obama admin are neither here not there, American companies aren't even willing to bid on work in India until they get the liability protection. If the certs really were an issue I imagine Bush would have granted them, this being his "signature" issue after all.

    And yes, I except the American government to negotiate deals that serve American interests. I know that was out-of-vogue during the Bush admin but his incompetence is not an excuse. I mean it's called the "Indo-US" nuclear agreement for a reason, not the 'Indo-Russia-France-Deal'. Pretty simple really.


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