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We have a Nobel Prize Laureate for the Dept. of Energy, why not a Doctor of Medicine, former Governor, and Former head of the Democatic party - for Head of Dept. of Health and Human Services. What say you?

If we hear an 'aye' , feel free to Sign the Petition :-) Questions? Comments.. Rude Remarks?

[update] We are up to 1,078 as of 9 am , Feb. 5, 2009! If we get over 10,000 I can guarantee this petition to make it to DC

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Tom Daschle and Lobbying

Daschle is accused of, and has admitted to tax fraud to the tune of 130,000.00.  The vetting of Daschle as the primary go-to man for National Healthcare has revealed ties to lobbyists, and insider politics.

The received wisdom is that Daschle will get confirmed because he's pals with the finance commitee, and most of Obama's staff know him really well, and the like.  

What are we doing? This is insider politics and lobbyism. And why would he the right man for the Job to create a Universal Healthcare system?  

Lets backtrack a bit. Hillary tried, and failed, to get Universal Healthcare off the ground way back during the Clinton years. And why? Because lobbyists killed it. They bought out the GOP, loudly proclaimed that it would all turn into socialized medicine and paid millions of dollars in lobbyist money to make sure the initiative was dead. Hillary ran on the issue again - and had a great platform plank out of it - but the tale of the tape was that by then, she'd been bought out , essentially, by the same lobbyists - hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign money funnelled to her by big Pharma. Go see the film "Sicko" - by Michael Moor , there's a nice little piece on her about it there.

And now we're dealing with another Michael Moore film star - Daschle, the same senator that was highlighted in "Farenheit 911", taking the Senate floor and stating for the Senate record that "We support President Bush's war on Terror."

I've read through Daschle's book. His plan , when or if he is confirmed - is to set up an oversight board. Employ a few more politicians to take a few more lobbyist dollars. Sure, we'll get 'oversight' but we will +not+ have a champion for a national healthcare system. That much is guaranteed. Read the book!

Today the New York Times called for Daschle to withdraw. Should he?

Update [2009-2-3 14:23:16 by Trey Rentz]: Daschle withdraws - Obama's Statement regarding his appointments is holding true - "If you are a lobbyist entering my administration, you will not be able to work on matters you lobbied on, or in the agencies you lobbied during the previous two years"... Victory! Who will take Daschles place. I vote for HOWARD DEAN

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Episcopal Priest / Openly Gay - Inaugural

Rev. Gene Robinson, an Episcopal bishop in New Hampshire - and a pioneer of LGBT rights in the church , has been picked by the Obama team to deliver the invocation at the Sunday Inauguration kickoff event.

As a relative of someone who worked hard to have gay priests and men and women of the cloth - included and recognized in the modern church, I wanted to share my perspective.

First, I'm against so called gay marriage. Why? If I have helped to revolutionize the church  (in my own way) and I've contributed to the cause of gay people - why am I against gay marriage. The answer is simple: its because those who were leading the charge were working for social change with no real or tangible benefit to the vast majority of American citizens. And the people of America had other things on their minds - the activists  knew this. And ignored it. It was simply the wrong time.

The gay community is productive, creative, generally higher income and by and large a nice thing to happen to your neighborhood if you're lucky enough to have it happen to you.
I have friends who are orthodox catholic, liberal, conservative, and queer.  I recognize and respect each for who they are, and not whose shirt they wear. Social integration such as this, is inevitable.

That integration begins with men like the Rev. Gene Robinson, in the capable execution of his office,  showing that the church's recognition of gay men in the holy work of the church - has not been misplaced.  Marriage is a church matter, that the church alone must be free to decide without hindrance of the toxic combination of church and state that such proposals as proposition eight - in its drive to re-define what we as a society should see as a holy union of two individuals - actually tries to do.

Obama's surprising appointment of an openly gay Episcopal Priest has to me, all the beginnings of a strong tenure as a president who understands and shapes the forces of our (heterosexual, and homosexual - why separate them?) community. For in our community, Gay men and women will one day affirm their vows in the light of the Church - and society will acknowledge and affirm those bonds. We mate for life.

Politics, like empire. Is impermanent. Bush got elected governor of Texas with the help of Karl Rove spreading gay porno on the windshields of the church parking lot - scaring people into "condition red" dangers of having gay people around and basically playing on the brokeback mountain latent homosexual tendencies of white conservative males. And now Bush is out.
And already, the mists of time have absorbed that type of political strategy. Rove no longer understands the forces that shape the electorate. McCain's loss proves this.  Some would argue he never did. But none would argue his plan to revitalize the republican party, in this way - was an epic failure.
The GOP went from being the party of ideas to the party of ideology.

And now a new era dawns, and with it, recognition of a man of the cloth whose work persists beyond either the tactics of Proposition eight, or the similiarly failed policies of the Bush Republicans.

The schism in the Episcopal church - with all the so called "conservative" and "anglican" individuals will play out under the new social order - as it should - in the church and wholly without the need for expensive litigation in the supreme court or otherwise.  The Anglican communion, however, has been stern in their treatment of breakaway churches who attempted no different a form of activism in their refusal to recognize men like Robinson - by not recognizing them within the Episcopal church. Its humorous to hear them talk about it "We're an independent Church, we used to be an Episcopal church .. but we left because of certain disagreements... wink wink nod nod " and a firm hearty handshake. You're one of us. You're against them.

And oh by the way, I also happen to know you're just  big giant nonprofit organization. Wink wink. nod nod. How about you join the church again?

People tend to forget how hard the Episcopal church has been working to try to resolve this issue. It means alot to me, personally that not only the Episcopal church and the Anglican Communion (the worldwide organization) have recognized the work of men like Father Robinson, but also how irrelevant those factions of the church who chose to break away - in protest - actually are.  

One thing is certain: Obama chose the first invocation of the events leading to his inauguration, no so much  to be void of symbol as it was simple. I am not a priest.

I am simply someone in the congregation. I see my job as simply recognizing he is a good priest. Its ok if I quietly question  the conflict and division that seems to have been caused by his work - and to ask which loud and proud faction trumpets chaos - on either side.  

But gay marriage is first, a marriage. An eternal covenant. And one in which we must listen to our Priests and Ministers before Politicians and "Self Help" Authors and other operators of large community day care centers.

I say: score this one as something beautiful for God.

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Job Loss - A perspective

Ok, the Job Loss number clocked in from ADP figures at somewhere around 693,000 jobs last month. This is a hard figure based on actual employee payroll. Anyone in small business knows this number is extremely trustworthy - doing taxes in multiple states for your payroll is a complete hassle, and ADP does a great job of it so there are a lot of companies out there that trust ADP to do the job and they're not too expensive. I trust that ADP number.

Now I'm seeing another number, which has to do with who would file for unemployment, and  the like. Seriously, does anyone file for unemployment? You lose your job, you look for another one. How many people are actually fired, anyway? Most people are pressured out of their job or are lured off to another one, or the company blips off the radar, or whatever.  I don't believe that filing for unemployment is a valid measure of how many unemployed there are in the US.

So lets get a perspective, even then, with what I consider the nurfed down figure of 524,000 jobs lost last month. That puts Total Job Loss at 2.59 Million jobs, for 2008. The perspective I have to offer is that the end of World War II - where there was MASSIVE mobilization of all sectors of the economy for the war effort, and a MASSIVE shutdown of those wartime economies - was 2.75 Million.

So. 2008, in terms of markets and job loss was a "comet hits the earth" type event. Here's the worst part- its going to get worse.
The job losses have not stopped yet. In fact, if 1929 is any measure, the companies that lost market capital are only just now cutting back jobs and there will be more to follow.

Job losses like this presage a great depression. And thats exactly what we're headed for, economically speaking. What do you think?

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Inside Man: Leon Panetta , Dir. CIA

I am happy that Obama picked Leon Panetta for the same reason that I supported Obama so early in the primary: he is a force of change, that will actually get things done.

What are the prerequisites for the job? The Dir. should first and foremost be able to operate a large agency - a little bit like the head of say, Frito Lay - can operate a large airline - that experience is executive in nature and hinges on a person's leadership ability. No problems there.

But Panetta has no real background in Intel. So why is he going to be head of an intelligence agency? For my money, its the contacts. When you want to destroy something - and in Obama's case - its business as usual - you inject dye into the waterworks. Were does it go in, where does it come out.

Panetta is an insider. He has greased the skids for two administrations, and he's an ex-republican.  He knows the who, and the where - and the how much - of washington.

And that means that every contact he has, is now going to be alive and on fire with change.

Leon Panetta's appointment has all the makings of a classic CIA maneuver. Spies are not these noble, highly specialized, wonderful people they are - sadly, as Robert Ludlum describes them - more often than not people you simply do not want to know. Liars.  Manipulative individuals whose sense of ethics has been compromised. And whose loyalty is usually as tenuous as their provided information.

Pretty nice way to start taking apart the Lobbyist networks in Washington, wouldn't you agree? If I were a lobbyist. I would not be so excited that my little black book is now in the hands of the director of the Central Intelligence Agency .. who serves at the pleasure of a President whose commitment to real change is now unquestioned.

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With 1,000 votes left to be decided upon - I was curious what you thought of the upcoming battle for Minnesota Senate.  Coleman, of course, having been beaten once before by a Professional Wrestler
is now facing the prospect of being bested by a Professional Comedian.

Of course, we all seem to know by now that there is a 50 vote margin for  Al Franken. Will it hold? Will he be seated on the basis of the victory? Or will the Senate seat stay open until the summer?

What do you think?

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Ok, So Al Franken is Finally in the Lead

Alright, so Al Franken is finally in the lead as/of Today. I'm not a dumb bunny. I know that this race is basically too close to call. However, I  also know that part of what happens in races like this are, that there are going to be changes as the final vote tally comes down to the wire.

IMHO there is a statistical measure of certainty to certain things you're going to find out about - but NOT for a vote.
There is only one , right - valid count of this vote total and I just dont see how it will be different from the final vote count already tallied, the one in which Coleman won.

And the reports today that Franken is in the lead come from where? An anomaly in the recount process where the day before, a certain number of ballots were left on a jump decision - so that Coleman comes back into the lead on Monday? Or is this actually the point at which Frankens claim that he won - actually holds water?

Seriously, what is going on up there? I want the truth, not lies and the lying liars that tell them. I want to know the real story, once and for all. Whats really going on up there in Minnesota?! Does anyone really know the real story?

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Department of Interior - Cabinetwatch

Salazar has a record of opposition to some of the marquee environmental issues. A supporter of Joe Lieberman , he opposed protections that limit offshore drilling near Florida's gulf coast.  He is on record as voting against requiring American auto manufacturers to comply with clean air standards.

And now he's Department of the Interior top man. Questions? Comments? Rude Remarks?

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Why Saxby Won (Partially)

We know that Martin, despite running a strong challenge - was soundly defeated yesterday by Saxby Chambliss.  There's been some discussion about what helped Saxby.

I wanted to add to the discussion that the GA GOP sent out a mail-in absentee ballot and most rural voters just filled that ballot out and sent it into the Sec. of State's office.

I did not see any equivalent move on behalf of the GA State Dem Party (which is still very weak).  Given that all turnout was down - I wonder aloud if that ballot contributed to Saxby's increased margin of victory .

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A Georgian Perspective on Chambliss' Win

Saxby has won his second term as a senator. I thought I'd share my perspective on the matter, as someone who lives in Georgia  - in fact, Cobb County - where the GOP is supposedly strongest.

Saxby won this seat alright, by bringing in people from Alaska. Arizona.  New York. Every extra dollar in the GOP fund was handed to him. And then, Saxby won his own Senate seat during arguably the worst six years that conservatism has ever faced - with the most amount of money ever spent in the history of the GOP - by spending even more money in shadow groups that took out major campaigns on his behalf.

Saxby rained money down on this election to make sure he can take more money from lobbyists and do their will. Saxby stood on stage with Sarah Palin. And Sarah Palin stood on stage with Saxby. The 134 lobbyists that worked for Sarah Palin during the election were not on stage, but they were making sure she had some really nice suits, I bet.

But here's my quiet perspective.  He didn't really win. In this reddest of red states,  with all the star power they could muster - Saxby still lost more than 40 percent of the vote to a Democrat that had such a horribly underfunded campaign that in the early days of this election cycle he was literally being outspent by Saxby ten dollars to every one.

Jim Martin rocketed up to Saxby not because of blacks vs. whites, or straight ticket voting - Martin gained his 27 points because Jim Martin understands that Georgians want better healthcare - and Jim Martin actually opposed all the spending that Saxby rubber stamped. Jim gained leaps and bounds on Saxby and damn near almost threw him out of the senate because Saxby was and still is out of touch. Saxby "Mr. I don't know what a recession is" did what he promised to do. He went to the Senate to be a rubber stamp for George W. Bush. And despite his token opposition to immigration reform and a couple of other good photo opportunities, he made good on that promise. He went along with the president.

And Now, Saxby is going to be there to make sure the Senate has a paid vacation option they call the "filibuster" - and that the GOP that got us into all of this mess, can be around to block real reform. And they will. Belive that they will. Saxby will fight Obama tooth and nail. Because Obama doesn't mean lobbyist. And because the lobbyists don't have anyone else left now that the Bush republicans are almost all thrown out on their ears. So what have we really got? Well, lets see.. hmm...

Saxby is a good golfer. He's almost in the top ten best golfers of the Senate. Think he's almost a ten handicapper. And thats on some pretty good courses where the lobbyists just happen to show up on the golf course and pay the greens fees. 200.00 a round golf.

So at least , you know. Being here in Georgia. At least I've got that going for me.

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