American Taliban


 The mammoth, landslide electoral victory of Barack Obama and the progressive movement in 2008 - sparked a worldwide recognition that the blogosphere can heavily influence the political needle.

In Colombia, recently - a party that is running almost entirely on environmental platform - showed up second in the nation.

Both displayed speaking truth to power has a dramatic effect on the outcome of elections - the blogosphere is verifiably outside the influence of any one political lobby or party - and its facts can be checked fairly easily.

Markos Moulitsas (sp?) coined a term for the organized, funded and heavily structured groups who wish to blend religion and politics, and create a theocratic institution. These organizations, similiar to the 'Taliban' in Afghanistan, work on the premise that they can install into the democratic process the right of a smaller group to influence and control the larger one.

In America, if you speak to one of these individuals, he will tell you to your face that America is not a democracy. It's a republic.  He will say our elected representatives do not represent us - we simply specify which agent  - but he has no obligation to represent our interest, once specified.

And so, a Republican will go to congress with the full intention of getting paid by big lobbyists to either stop healthcare reform, or otherwise just sit around on his or her hands - as they have done for the past two years. While members of Congress like Alan Grayson have been leading the fight to reform government.

Like the Taliban in Afghanistan, the American taliban is also heavily funded. In Afghanistan, they are funded by sales of heroin.  But in America, it's more likely to come from shady Wall Street characters and other people who are knee deep in trouble if the markets turn honest.  Rove's group, for example, recently funded itself with 91% of its multi million dollar fund from three wealthy donors. The Bush Republicans will call it a 'grass roots' organization. Pay not attention to that man behind the curtain.

And like the Taliban, they do not like their secrets exposed. Alan Grayson's race in Florida bodes well for the rest of America. He's uncovered the clear comingling of church and state, the very antithesis of what our founding fathers designed for our country - in his opponent.  He calls him "Taliban Dan".

Alan's ads do little more than edit out "Taliban Dan"'s rambling introductory statements, and then get to the meat of it all - Ephesisians 5:22 " wives should submit to their husbands".   Great, if you're a husband. 

The Taliban has similiar ideas. And like the Taliban, the party has hired out a bunch of students to google bomb the results for Alan.

Our country has a long history of religious tolerance. And we believe strongly, that church and state should be separated.


And guess what. He's not alone. Here's Markos on the subject.


 Dig deep.



Don't Ask, Don't Tell

 The spin against Obama is starting to get pretty thick. We know the Obama administration has been trying to get rid of the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy that has been in the US Military regarding the LGBT Community and their contribution to the US Armed Forces. He wants the policy ended.

 Granted, Obama spin doctored the same sex marriage thing in California - it really didn't matter what position he took, that was a state constitutionality issue there. He didn't really have a say in the process there anyway. You could say that was a low moment for him in terms of LGBT community relations.

 But he's never  opposed  the LGBT and his position here was sound. So why, then is a CNN Article written that states it is a setback to his administration, that a Federal Judge upheld the unconstitutionality of the policy. Here's the quote, before they edit it in place and online - and the source

 From CNN:

A federal judge has ordered the reinstatement of an openly lesbian former Air Force major who was dismissed from the military under the government's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

Judge Ronald Leighton of Tacoma, Washington, made his ruling Friday. It is the latest legal and political setback for the Obama administration


And then, a few para's later the same article states :

 President Barack Obama is pushing for a repeal of the controversial policy.

How then, is it a setback for the Obama administration that the policy he opposes, is being ruled unconstitutional?   I would argue this is far from a setback for a president and a country that is getting tired of the staid , conservative policies that take war heroes out of the service just before their retirement is due. 

It doesn't make sense, to me.  A president that clearly respects the LGBT and is working to establish a broader basis of respect and recognition for them, within our Armed Forces - should not be seen as having been dealt a setback, when that policy is ruled  unconstitutional.  Did I miss something?



The Plastic Baby Effect

 In designing computer software avatar , there is an effect that I have coined -that describes the repulsion users commonly feel when they are confrontly with something that seems real, but then are suddenly to realize it is not.


 This is like seeing a cute little baby - and it's not just a random example - that invokes feelings of pride, and connection. Its like the feeling you got when the Bush Administration was sent packing , in November of 2008.

And then the slow, sinking feeling as you get closer to the baby - that its skin has a dull plastic sheen. 

The plastic baby effect can happen with anything - but it has to be something you would otherwise connect with - and there is a characteristic and trademark revulsion that can be catastrophic. 


Take a look at this link


If you notice , there is a huge backlash against popular democratic support right around March 20, 2010 ... what happened?

March 22, 2010 - the healthcare reform bill passed, and within its compromise package  - my analysis shows the plastic baby effect.  The basically apolitical american electorate thought - that the whole battle about reform, was basically about getting a national health service.  And they cared deeply about it. 72% of Americans wanted it, even as far back as 2004 - support was constant. And always blocked by lobbyism.

So when they found out that the healthcare reform bill that was passed - was one in which they were required to buy insurance from private companies. You can imagine the rest.

Take a look at the poll above and you will see it most clearly demonstrated.

How does one commutate this effect? It can be done away with, in this election - if there are those who are willing to speak up and embrace true reform.

We, as a country - have gotten alot done in the 18 months since the Bush Republicans were driven out of office. Now, the Bush Republicans are knocking at the door to get back in. Do we let them?

We don't have to debate about healthcare reform and its multiple benefits - we have to acknowledge that alot of time, energy and effort were spent to get the real bill passed - and instead, the democrats, and not the republicans - failed to do it.

When I look at the graph at the link above, I see this effect clearly.   But what does it really mean? How do we go forward? The first step is to acknowledge the situation - and then go forward.  There is a vaccuum of discussion about healthcare, but it is the greatest accomplishment of Obama's administration.





An Independent Pledge to America


 America is an idea, not just a country. Bush Republicans nearly destroyed this idea - installing within the beacon of democracy, the still-burning fires of corruption that nearly destroyed a global economy and our country.

For behind every strong country, lay strong principles. Here are those principles, for which we, as Independents, stand.


1.  Low cost healthcare and services for all. Unexpected medical expense is the cause of nearly 64% of all middle class bankruptcy.  The corrupt healthcare system installed by Republican Richard Nixon, under which the modern HMO has been built - has made our country into a place where one out of ever six dollars spent, are on healthcare. We spend more per capita than any other country in the world. And we will be denied coverage for nearly every reason under the sun - the focus of Nixon's alliance with Kaiser and the creation of HMO is not to provide care but rather limit it.  We will embrace the change represented by President Obama, his breathtaking landslide victory in 2008,  his success at reform - and continue the work until there is a public option for everyone - and not just the future congressmen, senators, military, and federal employees whose salaries and premium we now subsidize. In this, we acknowledge the failure of the modern republican party to stop this reform - their complete loss of words to explain why they were unable to fight the tide of change and we recognize the strength of our enemy: the modern lobbyist - who met our president and commander in chief, at 'Waterloo' and came back in utter defeat. 72% of America, just as Britain - who decided to create their National Health Service as a way of saying thank you to the returning veterans of World War II - supported our President. We will continue the fight through the Senate, electing not by party affiliation - the laughably broken Republican Party, and the corrupted Democratic party - but rather by the candidate, and his or her individual goal to provide reform in the full cloth.


2. We will support Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) reauthorization, and recognize the ties that bind its current position in a locked battle between house and senate.  We acknowledge that economic recovery comes from small business. 


3. We pledge that you will not get your old job back. It has gone away for good. No one can get it back for you.  We will pledge not to give you a free job.  If you were looking for that, try going to Craigslist or the Classifieds instead.  Take any job, not just the one you think you deserve.  We pledge to remember that this is the 21st century. And that the world has changed.  America is a place where the Tesla Motor Car will be built. They're hiring now. Go see if you can pick up a job there.  The big Bush Republican SUV company is bankrupt.


4. We pledge that Unions will change their position in America. They will no longer be some kind of artificial prop to keep companies in non competitive market pricing and to push up worker's wages artificially. Instead, unions will transform into organizations that simply control the board of  directors of the major companies. The company direction can turn to chase other global competitors, but it will respond with the voice of the worker as well as the big Bush Republican CEO - who's still driving his S.U.V. and playing soldier in it.


5. We pledge that we truly don't care if you're gay. If you want to get married, fine. Get married.  You have the right to have marital squabbles.  Even if you're in love with someone who happens to be the same sex as you.  We draw the line at bestiality, even though there are alot of Bush Republicans who are claiming their dog and cat as a tax deduction. It's the 21st century, and it's time to grow up. And let's face it - aren't families really about raising healthy children? If you want to start a family, it's your choice. Period.  And may  God's love be with  you. Trust me, you'll need it.


 6. We pledge that we will never use smileys in any piece of legislation or in any pledge. Except, this pledge. ;-) And that we will follow the pioneer, Alan Grayson - who actually proposed a simple fix to Medicare that was only four pages long - removing the age limit and allowing a cash buy-in to medicare. Thus delivering pledge number one.  His bill is not dead. Read it. And read any others you might find. 65,000 page legislation comes about because of lobbyists, not people like Alan or you and me. And we support government that embraces the fact that you're not reading this on a piece of paper at your desk. No tree was harmed in the writing of this pledge.


7. We pledge that any and all republicans like Lisa Murkowski, who think they are 'Conservative' by calling for Government to give money to big oil corporations, like BP - can find themselves out of a job.  And yes, folks, that means, if you're going to a TEA party - we'll come along. We all agree that the train is off course, and running off the tracks - once it gets back on track, we'll decide how to steer it. But we don't buy into the concept that you can be conservative, and like the Republican party just 18 months ago - make the biggest, most expensive administration in the history of America - and give away tons of money to corporations. Conservative means NOT spending money. In short, we pledge to remember the BROKEN CONTRACT WITH AMERICA that the same lamers who came up with their PLEDGE TO AMERICA think we  don't remember.  We pledge to read the fine print on anyone claiming to be a conservative or have a conservative agenda. Or for that matter, a liberal or even progressive agenda. You earn your stripes with us by delivering on your promise. And yes, we pledge that for each candidate we're going to burn, we'll hyperlink their name. No. It doesn't matter what party you belong to.  Just whether or not you're the real deal. No reference to a gubernatorial race in Georgia, expressed or implied.


8. We pledge to turn off our TV. Oh wait. Never mind. It's already turned off.   So, for anyone else out there who really believes that the trillion dollars that are being spent to keep us from talking about healthcare this election cycle - are really buying TV ads, we pledge to track down each and every one of your special purpose entity transaction dollars and blow the lid off your cover before it's too late. In our country, no one is going to buy an election.  Please see "TEA PARTY" for more on this subject.  And sorry, we're not paying attention to yellow journalism. If you can't support it with full background research that we can easily navigate - we'll go to someone who does. Like Kos.


9. We also pledge that as we write this, we're really just burning some time before we have to go to work. And we'll stop it here, and get back to work. And build this country.  The recession is really over, just like the economists said it was. You really don't have an excuse to get to work. So quit reading this pledge, and get back to work.  But before we go, we're also going to pledge that it only takes about 15 minutes to do your homework - if you use the net. So please, please, please, ignore the bullshit this election cycle and vote for someone you think will really do what you want them to do.


10. Since we're still here while the coffee's brewing -and because this is more fun than working at my lame @$$#! job , but not enough so that I can lose it (get that WoW game away from me), we pledge that we'll be here, when it's done.  We pledge this is America.  And America was here before the Bush Republicans, and we're here now. America gave Obama a Landslide Victory - that fake polls can't reproduce here in the silly season. And People like us, and President Obama,  have cleaned up a really big mess - and yes, folks, it's been a little over a year and a half - to clean up EIGHT YEARS of Bush republican corruption.  So we've gotten off to a good start.  And we don't have to drink the TEA or the kool-aid.  We pledge that we'll have a long memory like an Elephant.  And we'll be kickin' ass in the fall.


And finally, we pledge to bring the boys back home. But that one doesn't have a number to it. Because, as Independents,  we play to win. If you want to join us, you're going to have to be just a bit sharper than a failed hollywood entertainer on some AM radio band.

And as we close this historic pledge, we're not going to ask God to Bless America. Because - we are independents, and when you ask us how we're doing, we don't say we're blessed. We don't speak for God.  We're not really sure that we're all that blessed. As far as we know, the Antichrist will be waiting for us when we get to work on time.  But we are going to ask God, the infinite creator - to give us the strength for the memory and power of our leadership to make us back into a beacon of democracy.  Thomas Jefferson. George Washington. Abraham Lincoln. FDR. Ronald Reagan. Bill Clinton.  And President Barack Obama.


 Close enough for government work?




The Problem with Baseball


 A while ago, just around the rise of syndicated television and the transformation of America into the society of the spectacle - we saw a traditional game become flooded with the influence of big money.

And the concept that the game would get better, was packaged along with the idea that the players could all buy something to make them play better. Right about this time we saw the rise of performance enhancing drugs, prima donna sports figures - and a general drop in what felt American

 The key to understanding baseball is to understand statistics, and figures - and to try to infer from those statistics which team will play better on any given day.


But the problem with baseball is that those statistics change based on how you play the game.


I wouldn't put too much weight in them. Or the statistics from the middle polls in the silly season.

I would get out there and play as hard as I could. And play to win.


Let's Get Real


 Does anyone remember "It's the economy, stupid!" on the desk of a certain candidate who really wanted to win the presidency. Remember how he won it?


Well this election cycle - it's healthcare reform. Why? Because healthcare reform has come to represent a banner for bringing out the base, and the progressives that power elections.  The candidate who correctly isolated the one issue out of all the other issues - in the past election - eventually ended up doing alot of good. He defeated a president who was mismanaging the country - his leadership - or lack thereof - was causing problems.


We are not in the same situation. Although , in my state - Obama's popularity ranks almost 20% (I kid you not), the majority of what he attempted to accomplish remains popular. He stood up in Congress and championed healthcare. That was his flagship issue.

And the GOP promised they would make it his "WaterLoo". When Obama was almost shut down by the obstructionist, backwards, and generally idiotic opposition to a widely popular initiative - his healthcare reform package had to take a major hit. In particular, he dropped the right of a person such as me, or you - or anyone reading this - to be able to buy healthcare from the government.

We want that. We really do.  We know it will be cheaper, and yes, we know that we'll get the same if not better service.  We see gleaming hospitals in France, and the UK, and all over the world. We hear about how the Germans are pioneering stem cell procedures. Our collective souls yearn for such things as , actually having some insuring entity pay for a procedure and not screw us. We are  underinsured, overcharged. It is taxation without representation.


Obama really is a reformer. He's a good guy. People tend to forget that the bill that came out of the house of representatives actually solved the problem. It had a national health service element. It was wildly popular, even in my home state - my super-conservative area ended up having a democrat put into the house of representatives. If you can believe it. This year, he's being challenged by someone on the right.

What will the right wing say? Healthcare reform was Obama's waterloo. It was where they defeated him.




Unless those who want to get elected, realize that real healthcare reform - and real change are what we are all about.  The TEA party is a reaction - a strong reaction, not against Obama. Against lobbyism. They saw Mr. Smith go to washington. And they saw the bad guys winning.

They responded. But the catch is - that Obama did actually start a movement for change in this country.  Certain democrats - who wanted lobbyists to control the healthcare reform process even more than they are now - don't want you to believe it. Anyone remember Hillary?


The truth is, the candidate that posted the sticky note on his desk 'it's the economy stupid' ... was Bill Clinton.

Any candidate who does something like back Alan Grayson's single, four page bill - ( and god knows where it actually is now!) , that allows you, me, and everyone else - to simply buy in, cash face value - to medicare - at any age. Will see a real, positive response. Together with the healthcare reform package that is already passed - the key element of reform is accomplished.

Think of this: what if you saw a cute, adorable little baby? You would smile, right?


Now what if you saw a cute, adorable little baby...but as you got closer... you realized its skin had a sickly plastic sheen... not enought to notice at a distance... but as you got closer... you realized the baby was a robot.


How would you feel? Well. As an independent. That's how I feel. And I am going to vote that way.


I would love to vote for a Democrat this time around. It would be nice..  they can still pull the rabbit out of the hat. They have to realize how much healthcare reform changes our country. It's one dollar out of every six in expenses. It's the number one cause of bankruptcy. It's the reason why some small businesses pare back and don't take any chances. Sure, there  are alot of people who have no coverage. Take a look at small business. You'll find alot of them. Don't take any chances there - you might get hurt and go bankrupt... they might say.


Is small business the engine of rapid change in our economy? Perhaps.


But more importantly - why did we get healthcare reform in the first place? It's because the Ford Motor company realized Canadian auto operations were less expensive because the workers had healthcare. It's because Unions finally realized they had other strengths beside the unionized healthcare plan - one company I know that is trying to go outside the Union, to make a more price competitive product - is actually considering unionization just because the unions have a cheap healthcare plan. That's not the reason why unions should be around. We have to compete worldwide. A small business should be able to spin off and go after a new customer at a really agressive price point without having to worry about the unions - they can come in later, when things are smoothed over. Unions are there to protect the workers. Unions have better things to do than be insurance companies. If the only reason for you to join a union, is to get healthcare - something is wrong. Unions should be on the board of directors, keeping corrupt CEO's from giving themselves go-zillion dollar salaries and making crappy SUV's so that the Royal Saud Family can take their money under the table.

This election cycle is about reality. It's about surprise. It's about come from out of nowhere wins. Like , recently - Scott Brown. And now, Miller. That power can be harnessed.

If you can keep focus. And correctly identify the issue.

In the end, the reforms that passed didn't have the element of reality that made us excited in 2008. It ended up bait and switch. And the reaction is strongly negative. Healthcare DID NOT become Obama's waterloo. We should remember this. But in this election cycle its a major issue.


It's healthcare, stupid.



The New MyDD: Zero Comment


MyDD used to be a fun place to read diaries - but with them located on the left, they just don't feel comfortable to click on. I don't know why that is.


"Breaking Blue" ... seems to be a great way to telegraph to us all - the minute by minute amber alert of our political junkie lives... Except that now, even that is falling out of maintenance. I honestly don't know if it is really such a great idea to take up that much estate on the right hand side of this blog - I'm not here to find out the latest and greatest news of the day.


Finally, there's this "facebook" "twitter" integration.  Is it just me, or does anyone else here wonder if perhaps these two companies are not the best way to go to try to implement single sign on for the net?

Facebook is well known as a company that farms out every conversation you have, every post you make, every friend you identify - to any marketing department in any major corporation that will pay them for the information. Their security settings were so awful to use, that up until as recently as only last month - it was nearly impossible to set your own privacy settings to help limit any of that. This was designed into the site for a purpose: facebook makes a profit from selling your information.

Twitter, seems to be the antithesis of the blogosphere - its short, compact messages have a place for the shallow - but the in depth, deep baseball that we come to know, love and respect out of the blogosphere - "tweeting" seems uniquely out of place for political blogging. Plus, it sounds fruity. Lol. No, seriously. Doesn't it?   With nearly every hour of the 24 hour news cycle dedicated in some way toward news bytes, would it make sense for us to transform what we are trying to say - the "pajama clad blogger" that can rip open fake memos, dig deep into the real history of the scumboaters, and otherwise drive a more civil and informed process ... ? to limit ourselves?

And Twitter crashes. Alot. It's crashed nearly four times this week. "Our servers are overloaded"... with a picture of little birds carryiung a whale. Ok, graphically nice, and cute - but the service leaves something to be desired. (sucks).

The Front page of MyDD used to be a Fugue.  There are still alot of us out there, but for some reason - I'm not sure why. Most of us are not participating in the great discussion.

I think the new design has something to do with it. ? Why is it that KOS gets pummeled but this place doesn't?


Free Form MyDD Technical Gripes

 I'm really getting pissed off at the new format changes that went into effect for MyDD about a year or so ago. Ok, well it seems like a year....


First, I can't reply to any comment. There is no threading anymore, for me. I use IE 8, and when I reply - the screen locks up.


Second, editing and creating diaries is S L O W - there is some kind of external editor being used, and its always cranky and slow.


Third, the organization and layout of the page is awkward. In web design there is a 'golden square' at the right lower section of your browser. This 'golden square' is where you can resize your window and still have mouse focus on almost any device. Well, MyDD looks awful on my smaller devices - and the diaries are in the exact opposite corner - harder to reach and just plain awkward. Diaries used to be a fun part of this blog.


Overall, I really don't like the big banner ads, slow response, and awkward layout.  Is anyone else in this boat? Am I alone?


MyDD used to be kind of a more 'craigslist' type format, it loaded fast, there was great threading and diary.


I vote we RETURN to the old format completely.



anyone else?




A Simple Strategy : Progressivism Prevails 2010

 A simple strategy should involve, at its core - a solution to any real or anticipated problem, or set of problems. It should be a testable assertion - it should be something that helps one to establish a line between what works, and what doesn't work.


So let's state the problem: the candidates with independent, and democratic vision - are being supported by a non energetic base. While the candidates who are being supported by lobbyism, are enjoying the support of an energized base.


This is due largely to the fact that the progressive base no longer seems to respond all that well to media - they are in ever increasing numbers relying on online sources of information. As a result, the polls that are comissioned often fail - evidence of this is seen in the primary election results - which were surprising. Many "middle of the road" candidates were knocked out of position while other candidates that seemed to come from nowhere, ended up taking the nod.

And conversely - we are all aware that candidates from the party that enjoys and endorses a sort of corruption in the US - what I call the 'lobbyist' party - is getting alot of support from big media personalities, and 'Tea' parties, and so on, and so on.  It is sad that the 'Tea' party movement was co-opted by this party, but nevertheless the fact remains that this group of people do seem to respond to the dog and pony show - and it's just about to come to a screen near you.


So we've established the problem, and hopefully if you've been reading between the lines - you'll realize it's a growing problem. As the drumbeat of the other party increases, so too will the energy of the base that strays.

At the face of it, this shouldn't be a difficult problem. The corruption of the Bush Administration, should have put the Bush Republicans back into their place.  The party that took over, did alot of good work - stablized the economy, reversed a crash, passed serious healthcare reform, tightened up wall street regulations and made for a cleaner market and a better place in the world for our country. This party's president won the Nobel Peace prize, while in office -  the economy and stock market are going strong - and things in general look pretty good.


But anyone who's been following the political season knows - the people who energized a political movement in 2008 - seem to be missing in this off-year election. This is not some random happening. They are sending a message. And if it isn't heard, they won't be there to help set things right again. If anything, we've learned over the last two years - that making things right - is a tough problem to solve.  And instead of just a simple majority in the senate, what is called for is an overwhelming majority in the senate, and house. Guys like Al Franken. Alan Grayson.  We need 'em.


So, I would like to propose a simple strategy.  Pick one subject, that the American people really care about.

In 2000, 2004, and 2008 - healthcare was an issue many of the progressive base pioneered - and 72% of the American people supported them. Even today, there is a widespread support among the American people for a strong healthcare reform.

There was a solution proposed, and adopted in Washington - but it is a solution that shows the disconnect between these voters, and the mechanisms which seem to control the legislative process. The executive branch connected with these voters - but the legislative process - which ended up being written by committee, and for which lobbyism played a signficant role  - shows a clear corruption of the wishes of the American people - in favor of large corporate donors.

The American people are not happy that the Democrats are attempting to pass off a bill in which they are required to purchase healthcare insurance from private companies - the price of such policies determined by what was supposed to be 'exchanges' that would allow price competition - but are being blocked at the state level. The net effect of the bill, for many - is a mandate. They don't like it.

So here is the strategy: As a progressive, support Alan Grayson's bill to amend medicare to allow anyone to buy in on cash value. The pricing of Medicare is extremely competitive, and the group is extremely large - this simple four page bill can accomplish, with one stroke of the pen - an healthcare reform package that delivers all the goods. It fixes the one error that drove the progressives away - and gives a world of ammunition to the progressive candidates out there - who are struggling right now to find the manpower , GOTV and base that will sweep them into office.

There is some preliminary evidence to suggest such a strategy would work.  I understand the whole thing about jobs, but small businesses still don't get alot of benefit from the reforms - and someone who is worried about going bankrupt from an unexpected medical bill - isn't going to take as many chances in small business, and that will have a direct effect on the job market.  Small business is the engine that will power rapid turnaround in the jobs market and economic picture. This bill is good for small business.

And it's a great talking point. The opposition can rail on about 'socialized healthcare' but the progressive candidate can simply point to the fact that this is just a cash value deal. Americans are free to buy it , or not - and the real socialists are the corporations who are controlling Washington - and oh by the way - the party to which you belong. 

After all, didn't GOP senator Murkowski try to get the government to pay for BP's Oil Spill? Talk about being in the pocket of a big corporation - where is the 'conservative' angle on that?

I think this one issue is the golden key to a strong election year for anyone who really cares about representative democracy. And it will hopefully put the nail in the coffin of a party that has for far too long listened not to the American people, but to lobbyists.



Who is Jon Singer?


 Where is Jonathan Singer?  What's happening to MyDD - there was a supreme court nomination, and Jon wasn't around to write on it?

Whatever happened to separation of powers? I thought Jon was the judiciary reporter here?


And, while we're at it - how long will myDD last with almost all of the diaries getting zero comments?




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