Happy Halloween


 This is a simple post, from someone who is going to vote for the Democrats this midterm. Happy Halloween.

My neighbor built a huge dragon on his front lawn. It was great.  And we walked from neighborhood to neighborhood. There were some kids there wandering all over the lawns, dressed in scary costume. There were some Bush Republicans, driving their kids up and down the street, from house to house in their big SUV. I had to laugh at them. And there were more than a few parents out there scaring the kids - who squeal with delight and run into the night. This year, I bagged 10 teenagers at once. I was a black rider.

I have to say that I really enjoyed this halloween. After our children divided up their candy, and then did a round of trading on the candy free market we set up - in our living room - I went upstairs. And I got a chance to catch a bit of Colbert and Stewart's "Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear" - I laughed out loud.

I really like what my congressman did, in the last term. In 2008, he was elected as a democrat in a heavily republican district - and he voted for healthcare reform. This year,  he's beating his republican challenger. I plan to set our a few more signs for him tomorrow, if I have time. But more importantly, on Tuesday, I plan to go vote. And get my friends out there to vote as well. But no campaign tonight. No politics. Not tonight.  Tonight. Is for darkness. And cold. And the voice of a woman , a sound of eerie moaning in the night....

Especially when my wife and I think the kids are fast asleep.

 Of course, Jack O' Landsman is still glowing over here at MyDD. But eventually. He will burn out. It's a good idea - to just let them glow in the dark. Especially when the moon is bright and the night is dark, and cold. And the wind blows through the leaves.

Happy Halloween!



Check Wikipedia


 Check Wikipedia, and you might find something interesting.  I have noticed that the record of several congressmen, in my state, is being actively distorted and misrepresented in their wikipedia article.

Case in point, my Local Congressman. He voted for healthcare reform, from a heavily republican district. At a town hall meeting, the GOP sent a bunch of people to stack  and disrupt the meeting.  He calls them out on it, and it gets reported in the newspaper. But the way it gets written into his Wikipedia article is that he was angry at everyone who showed up, and wouldn't let anyone provide any feedback on the issue. This is not the case. I wrote to the guy several times, and he sent I and my wife several replies. He took in all of his constituency, in his vote for Healthcare Reform. I remember him thinking about it carefully. He finally voted for it.


The fun part is, that if you read his Wikipedia article (at least, the draft that was there before I just finished correcting it) - it does not mention anything else about healthcare reform except a meeting in which most of the people from the meeting that attenended, weren't even from his own constituency.  It was a stacked meeting, that was made just to eff with him. Later on, apparently, they painted a swastika on his office. Y'all just don't get that kind of fun up in New England. But this is just the kind of dog and pony show that GOP activists love to play. They did this when they tried to put Nixon in power. This guy really sat down with people in his district, I remember his vote was cast very carefully.  The article seems to suggest he just bulldozed everyone in his district. Not so.

 I'm not completely happy with my congressman, but we should remember that the reason the House of Representatives is getting so much heat this election cycle is that the Big Pharma lobbyists, that are feeling the pull of their now-very-easy-to-hide corporate lobbyist power (thanks to the supreme court decision that opened the floodgates) - really hated the concept that there was a public option in healthcare reform.  The money is flowing into the GOP bigtime. 85% of all lobbyist money is now flowing into the GOP and they want desperately to control the house.

My rationale for asking you to check wikipedia is pretty simple. I rely on it. It is usually a decent source of information. If the activists who want to distort the record of congress - need to screw with it, my advice is screw it right back until it's factual. And honest.  Don't do it just for kicks, do it because it's the right thing to do.

After all, on the issue of Healtcare Reform - I am reminded of a sign that I saw in the Great Bush Election of 2000...

The one that said. "Number of children uninsured, by country"

England  0

Germany 0

France     0

Spain      0

Canada    0

America    11,000,000

Tension was running high then, on the subject of healthcare reform - and it is even today.  But if the vote were accurately counted in 2000, instead of distorted... what would our country look like today?


So. My advice is. Check Wikipedia. See if it's wrong. And if so, correct it. Most people are going to try to fact check their candidate. The number one thing you can do is make sure the facts are correct.


Do this, and you'll probably be ok. People haven't forgotten that they are in charge. But they don't count on factual distortion.



News Media Entertainment

 Today, Pres. Obama was quoted as saying "Fox news is destructive to America".


News Media Entertainment, on a 24 hour news cycle  - is little else to me than yet another poorly scripted reality TV show. Talking heads come on, and try to debate things that are facts, almost as if they are not facts.  They endlessly bicker from one side to the next.


And in the argument, you're supposed to hear how things work out.  I think their rationale is, you're kind of like a small child - and you get to hear your parents fighting back and forth. The identification might be, the republican party is your mother - and the GOP is your dad. And you're going to hear them ripping each other apart. You might be scared, alone, in your room - listening to the fight.

But you won't be able to tear yourself away. That's the idea. You want to know "who wins". Or, you're supposed to be cowering in the dark waiting to see if it's all clear. The idea is, I guess - that the two who are arguing, are some kind of authority.  And more often than not, nobody's watching the children.

Is this bad for America?

I count myself as one of the people who are free from the influence of this kind of thing. They aren't "the news" to me, they're a form of entertainment.  And since it's the 21st century, I can just turn it off. And I have.

I also don't buy into anything that looks like this. I'm not interested in failed Hollywood entertainers who occupy a standstill traffic six o clock drive homeward. I'm not interested in hearing them call from the highest mountain what is wrong with this country.

The American family is the base unit of all political thought, and action.  The GOP can be likened to a woman, perhaps the mother - a laissez faire, Sarah Palin. Of course, the GOP, a bit like Sarah Palin as Governor - quit their job before it was done. The GOP over the past two years has done almost  nothing. They took the chance to heal the country and threw it away. But they sure know entertainment, don't they. Wasn't "Shock and Awe" terrific?

And if "Mom" is the Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska - we're not supposed to ask why Mr. And Mrs. Lobbyis are always in our home.  There's alot of advertising getting sold on News Media Entertainment. Especially when 85% of the billion dollar lobbyist budget is getting spent on the Republicans this year. Sarah Palin hired lobbyists to help her run the small town of Wasilla, Alaska. Big pork for little town alaska.


Lest we forget where the lobbyists tried to spend their dollars ten months ago...

"When Republicans Rule, Man exploits man. When Democrats rule, it's the exact opposite."


Yes, News Media Entertainment is FUN!  Two people... oh wait.. Where's "Dad"? 


The Democratic "Dad"is  Captain Mal from the series "Firefly". Hey, after all, I get to pick and choose from media personalities, don't I? Juan Williams is signed to a 2 million dollar contract. Captain Mal was free since the boneheads who distributed "Firefly" only paid for one season.


There's one episode of "Firefly" where we see the captain of the ship Serenity, standing nude in the desert. It starts out with him saying. "Well, that turned out just about how I planned".   Hi, Democratic Party.

 Unlike certain lobbyist oriented ex mayors of Wasilla, this guy wouldn't make for good TV. No?

So what news media entertainment does, is try to take that "Dad", and turn him into someone who is really threatened by  "Mom". That way, the debate can rage endless.  Back and forth. Blah blah blah blah blah. 

If you're actually buying into that kind of News Media Entertainment - your response is just like the response to stress. You shut down parts of yourself, that you really need - in order to vote. This explains why Republicans who were consumers of news media entertainment were polled, and 41% of them believed that Weapons of Mass Destruction were actually found .  And of course, you've got the people who are going to say that the two airplanes loaded with jet fuel, were weapons of mass destruction.  I guess you have to have a longer political memory than two years - to remember just how important "WMD" was to the Bush Republicans. It was the justification for everything they did. The country waged a war of convenience, because the Republicans were in power.

Today, of course, it's President Obama. He's the boogeyman. This is what News Media Entertainment does.  And just in time for Halloween. It's ok, to criticize the president. Or to bring dialogue into the country. It's not ok to try to fracture debate. Destroy the chance for two people to come together and talk things out.

Perhaps that's why the divorce rate for Republicans is higher than Democrats

 If the family is the base political unit of our government, and within that family , if you see leadership doing nothing, skipping out before their job is done, or doing a bad job -

Then it seems to me that if it is anything other than just entertainment, there should be some kind of criticism of it.  That's the function of the presss.

I think the founding fathers believed that the press would serve this role. They would nourish the voter, and give them what they need to make informed decisions. They would be stewards of democracy.


News Media Entertainment is supposed to serve up a nourishing admixture of objective news, and fact.


But perhaps "Mom" and "Dad" are too busy. So they fry bacon. True, it's only the finest Lobbyist brand pork product. News Media Entertainment  serves it up with the grease dripping off the plate.  For breakfast.

Lunch. And Dinner. And of course, since the kids are hungry all day , the snack bar will always be open.

If there were other things on the kid's plate, you might get away with it.  You know, a stick of bacon, lipstick pig or not - can be tasty on a BLT.

What news media entertainment does, is try to serve up the same thing over and over. The kids get just bacon. And if they're thirsty. They drink bacon grease.  News Media Entertainment  tries to pass itself off as a doctor. They serve up this stuff, and then say its a "Balanced" meal. 

 So it shouldn't be much of a surprise to find that the Republicans would consider de-funding NPR if they get elected to power.   Again. 

Health food can look pretty gross to someone who is fed a constant diet of grease and pork. The damage, I guess, is as bad as if it were what you actually fed your kids.  You , as a voter, have to decide whether or not you will let the charade that passes for free press - continue on as news media entertainment. 

I for one. Vote with the remote.





Why Winning Makes Sense


 In a recent and verified Newsweek poll, Obama's approval jumped upward radically. 

In the same report, 62% of registered democrats now say that they have given some thought to the upcoming election - and plan to vote.

But that's not why winning makes sense. For me, it's the personal observation that today, at advance voting - I saw a line stretching all the way down the hall with people whom I knew to be independent, progress, and with the same vision of smart government that the Democratic party ran upon - no matter how much obstruction the GOP delivered in the past two years.


The GOP strategy is so cynical,  I cannot help but to compare it to the battle of Waterloo,  where they play out the part of Napoleon.  At Waterloo, Napoleon dined on silver plates, remarking  that the upcoming battle between himself (The GOP) and Wellington (Obama) is "nothing more than breakfast".

The GOP crashed our economy and indeed, the global world markets. And then they simply sat in Washington, and took 172,000.00 a year salaries to vote against everything and sit on their hands.  They honestly believe that they can crash an economy, and even mess up their own Republican National Committee - and then nobody would notice?  Their goal was to make sure everything was crashed at or around this time so that they could blame it on the Democrats.

They believe the Democrats are so weak.

But winning, for the Democrats, makes sense to me. Because 85% of all lobbyist money is now being spent on the GOP. The Republicans are taking more lobbyist money than ever before.

All you have to do, as a voter, is go vote. If you catch them now - and the voice of the American people are heard - all of that lobbyist money will suddenly turn Toxic and there will be an end to this lobbyist induced insanity in our country , once and for all.  All of the money is in the GOP. If they lose, the lobbyists lose.

Winning, on Nov. 2, makes sense to me because I see so many people from my neighborhood early voting.  I believe the Newsweek poll reflects an accurate and substantial move on behalf of the independent and progressive  vote in our country to really get the reforms that have begun - and are obviously starting to work - completed. 

So. I'm going to go back, and vote. I have seen all throughout primary season - candidates win just because there are people out there who are excited to go out and vote.  And you know, I'm not sure if anyone noticed but this is an American economy in which all the advertising those lobbyists are buying - isn't making much of a difference.

Silly bands are a great example. How much did they sell? Over 200 million dollars worth. How many dollars did they spend on ads? Zero.

Cool youtube clips are flying all around , right now about the election. In my area, it's important to know that the Republicans taking control will be a really bad thing. There is a republican state bill working its way through legislative means that will de-fund our charter school system (which means, in effect, that my children's schools will be de-funded even though they are all platinum schools of excellence.)

Failed policy has a way of being found out, and those that are truly worth throwing out of DC, will get thrown out. But in the end, don't expect a big GOP landslide. They are not going to win the senate.

Because winning makes sense. Never mind that Nancy Pelosi just said that the Democrats deserve to win. Nor that  hispanics, women, African-Americans, senior citizens, teachers and students, citizens with disabilities and supporters of stem cell research - all deserve to win. Don't forget that people who support a sane foreign policy that doesn't include wars of convenience waged on innocent countries - deserve to win.   It makes sense a major columnist now thinks the democrats are going to win. Sure, it's an op/ed piece. But it's a good read. (c/o huffpo)

People who are looking at their stock market portfolio and find that they're back on track again - would win. College students who are now getting sane terms on student loans, could possibly win. Maybe even people like me who saw a first time homebuyer under Obama's administration first time buyer policy - saw his home snarfed up off the market in less than 2 weeks - thanks to a wise policy. Real estate people who see the latest foreclosure paperwork snafu as just that, and who are clever enough to know we're at the bottom of a market and will make a fortune - could easily win.

The guys who are going to lose, are the ones who think they have it made. They whom the gods would destroy, first make prideful.

And if I may, let me please quote Joe Lieberman, who said recently "Thank God the Momentum is With the Republicans". Sounds kind of smug to me.

Play to win.


The Real Waterloo

The real Waterloo  is fast arriving for a party that has given unprecedented power over American institutions, to corporations.

Like Napoleon, they are right now , dining on the silver platter - that American lobbyists have given them, and content that the upcoming battle for our country is nothing more than 'breakfast'.

Like Wellington, our leader arose before dawn, and began writing letters. He was quiet during that time. And now he rises up to meet Napoleon on the battlefield.

We're the good guys. And we're going to win. Vote. Check the wikipedia articles on your people. Make sure they're correct. Get involved.  Get your friends. Go for it. 

A win, right now - is the end of it all. It will allow us to trace back to every corrupt editor that took a payoff to repeat endlessly the story that the republicans are going to win. It would bankrupt a party whose very  Republican National Committee is weakened, and in debt and  incapable of handling their own finances. The shady corporate interests are pouring money into this but poisoning the very well.  Lobbyism is, like slavery was to the whig party - the fatal issue for the Republican party. A party whose time has come and gone - no longer standing for conservatism, but instead - corporatism.

The French, at the beginning of the battle of Waterloo - believed they were going to win. They truly thought they had superior numbers, and that they had done everything they needed to do, to ensure an easy victory.

So too, have the republicans. They have done everything, except actually go and vote. Only 27% of the vote is now banked - and the Democrats are coming on strong. 

Take a look at the huge jump upward in the approval rating of the president. Almost 10 points.

The republicans promised they would make Obama and his presidency, a Waterloo. But they never believed they would be outmaneuvered. Outflanked. Their message is that they are battling the elite, and that they stand for our first amendment freedoms - even though their very own senate candidate doesn't even know what the first amendment says -  they never would have believed that they would lose in 2010. They are in many ways, the same as the losing side of the Battle of Waterloo - they are going into the election confident, and ignorant of the true strength of their enemy - a party of smart government, pajama clad bloggers and people who overthrew their Bush/Cheney darlings in grand style and without warning. 

In 2008, the Republicans lost big. They lost the house, presidency and even handed a supermajority over to the Democrats in the senate (albeit a fragile one) -  they - the selfsame who blocked everything and did nothing for the past two years - are confident.

He who laughs last. Laughs loudest.





Dick Cheney says: Go REPUBLICANS!


 Dick Cheney is adamantly in favor of handing congress over to the Republicans. He's excited about the latest poll results.

As an independent, I find Dick Cheney someone that we should keep in mind. His wants, and desires for government are an important indicator as to where the Bush  Republicans are hiding.

For more than eight years, the Bush Republicans made an unholy mess of our country. They brought in the largest economic crash that I have ever seen. It was so big, the ripple effect shot through the entire global marketplace and cost the entire world trillions of dollars.


I believe that half the reason Obama won the Nobel peace prize, had to do with the fact that the Nobel committee recognized that the American voters did something very great for world peace by throwing the bastards out.


What's really interesting is that if Dick Cheney were on the campaign trail - which, he's not (because the GOP wants to try to pretend to be a pal to the independents this election season) - he would be saying "throw the bastards out".

But for what?

For Healthcare Reform?

For stabilizing a sick economy, and building out a recovery?

I just got off the phone today with a member of  a major insurance company. Open only to members of the military, this insurance company was handling something minor in regard to my homeowner's policy. The insurance agent was in charge of policy services, and confided in me that he's been writing new homeowner's policies at an increasing rate. He told me that he believes the home market has hit bottom, and it's recovering slowly.

Another conversation with our Payroll processor, the same off-the-record conversation that warned me of the impending crash and job losses a few years back - told me a similiar story. The economy is recovering. Jobs are coming back.  They're cutting more payroll checks.


And the stock market is strong.  But more to the point, apart from my children's now-completely recovered college portfolio (and yes, I bought in while the market was down!) - my wife can get insurance.  Healthcare reform made  a positive impact on her life.


If Dick Cheney were here, he'd growl and say "the insurance companies only make 58.00 per person" and that the new reforms "forced them to raise premiums".  He'd say he wants to "return the power of choice to us".


But what he's really saying is that he'd give more power back to the corporations who are just using any excuse they can to screw over the American people. The rates that I was paying were, and still are - usurious. Out of control.

They're making far more than 50.00 a person. That's why they can afford to buy off bloggers, and pay people to modify wikipedia pages - and run multimillion dollar ad campaigns.

And that's why Dick Cheney is their hero.

So where is he?



Scratch the Surface

 Talking about poll results in a political season is like looking back at your club while you're on your downswing.  It might make  you feel like you're in control, but you're taking yourself out of the game in the most stupid way imaginable. We're going to dispense with the dialogue about polls here, for a second.  And try to answer the question. What exactly, is the GOP trying to do, this year?

When you listen to the GOP talking about the First Amendment, and getting it wrong... it's pretty clear that you've got a party that's broken straight down to its core.  Think back to just a few months ago - there were no leaders, no big personalities.  Palin went into this vaccuum so she could stand over the mike, make snarky comments, get paid 50k and then watch her candidate lose an election.  She rode in on the wave of popularity that was already there - for a third party. One that represents conservative values,  while she represents hiring lobbyists for Wasilla, Alaska and bridges to nowhere.

And of course, she's from the state whose senator thinks it's a conservative position for businesses such as BP to be given a government handout whenever they blow off safety procedures, try to shove salt water instead of drilling mud down a well - and then set up staged cleanups for the media when the President comes down to visit. 

Luckily for us, the dog and pony show didn't work. The president made them set up the biggest oil spill cleanup fund in history - almost as big as the oil spill itself. You know. The one that "magically disappeared" right about the same time the news media entertainment companies decided that their advertisers wanted them to run something else.

And now, thanks to the miracle of an incredibly stupid supreme court ruling - one that basically grants American corporations - who have enjoyed unprecedented control over American institutions - yet more power to try to buy off an election  - we are crawling with strange, half mishappen creatures of the night wandering around and printing up campaign signs, creating campaign ads and generally scaring people into believing the arsonist should become the fire marshall and the fox should guard the henhouse. 

What else is new? Most multinational, globalized, post-NAFTA American corporations have the fox guarding the henhouse as an element their business plan. The last survey - and it's getting harder to do these surveys so close to election day - showed 85% of the lobbyist money now flowing into the GOP. That's why they're sitting on mountains of cash that they would otherwise use to hire, and expand, and grow jobs in the country. Expect a made for TV movie stock market "correction" in the next three days to make up for the absolute sloppiness they've displayed in allowing the stock market to boom after Obama took office.   See this gesture I'm making with my hand here?


Q: What's the difference between a Republican, and a Democrat?

A: Well, at least the Republican knows he's a liar.

That joke was told by an ex girlfriend - after the two terms Clinton served, and the horrendous amount of cash she made while we were under a democratic president so many years ago - from a technology company startup - she's been M.I.A.  for years.   I just imagine her as M.I.A. , of course. Because I've been married for nearly as long, and the secret to marriage isn't whether or not you're the opposite sex as the other person but whether you get any sex at all.*


* Republican Governors who take Argentinian girlfriends while they're married, and use their office to get down to Argentina and cheat on their wives -  are excused to leave the room at this time.


So what's really going on with the Republican party?  What is happening, when you go deep? The answer is they're fighting a battle for their lives. They have one issue they've circled the wagons around.  

Healthcare Reform.

The Republicans aren't just happy to pretend that they didn't cause the huge economic mess we just worked our way out of  - and, they won't just settle to pretend that the President didn't halt the war in Iraq. They want Healthcare Reform to be Obama's "Waterloo".

I happen to know a few things about the battle of Waterloo.  It was a showdown between Napoleon and Wellington, the latter which said that he had - I quote " an infamous army, very weak and ill-equipped, and a very inexperienced Staff".

He had no heavy cavalry, just as the GOP didn't have any heavy hitters in 2008.  On the morning of the battle, Wellington rose at dawn - a bit like I am up at dawn to try to find a way to write this post without getting fired, he spent his morning writing letters. Then at dawn, it was game on.

Napoleon, meanwhile - suffered from having a big head. He breakfasted off silver, white house plates and enjoyed his moment. He said that the entire battle will be nothing more than breakfast.

When Napoleon attacked, his first move was designed to be a flanking maneuver but Wellington made it count and he had to draw in all his reserves.

That's what the GOP believed. They thought Obama could never hit them on Healthcare Reform.  And when he did hit them, they thought it was going to be a flanking maneuver that they could entangle him within - just as Wellington forced Napoleon to draw in all of his reserves on that first and decisive attack which later turned out so disastrous.

But Obama won. Healthcare reform is now law. And there are a new wave of Democratic candidates who want to improve it to the point where it includes a National Health Service, and actually works.

This scares the GOP to death.  This is the one issue that could be the end of them, just as slavery was the end of the Whig party.


And so, the GOP is now quietly sending out its armies through the fields of Wikipedia, trying to rewrite history. The epic demand for Healthcare reform - where over 72% of all Americans stated they would like to see real, substantive change - is now becoming, according to wikipedia "controversy". Not so.


See. The GOP never counted on the progressives. They dined on silver plates and believed that Obama was nothing more than breakfast.  They made up cool sounding bumper stickers, and slogans, and they hired snarky, lobbyist friendly ex-mayors of Wasilla Alaska to lead them. They really believed that Obama wasn't a good general.


And now, they're marching in straight lines. Wearing red. And we get to fire at them from behind rocks and trees.


Get out there, and make sure the wikipedia articles on your current congressman are correct. Don't make it a campaign ad. Just make sure the record is accurate.  Use Thomas:


It's a "Google" for government.  And it can't be google bombed by hundreds of paid GOP campaign workers.

Make this election count. When the voter is ready to go deep. He won't just scratch the surface. He'll know what really happened. They're not going to go off and read campaign ads, or turn on their TV to make their decision. They're going to try to dig up the facts.


And speaking as an independent, - when they get the facts, they'll make the best decision.  They won't just vote along party lines. It's the best way to deliver to the GOP just exactly what they deserve.  If we make sure there is an accurate store of information out there for the voter to make their decision. Then, the good guys will win. Guys like Alan Grayson.

And the Republicans will finally find their Waterloo.







The Republican Year In Review

 I live in the dirty south, where the republicans walk the earth and are revered as immortals amongst men.  This is the land of the conservative white man.  The GOP overtook my district years ago.

Like most people, I don't really know anything about my house district. The house of congress tends to run midterm elections a bit like a back room sideshow - people appear on the ballot in the primary, and we pretty much vote for them by what we find out a few days before we enter the polling station. House races in my district are a done deal. The GOP candidate is running unopposed. From a broader perspective, however, this year, the GOP drew a line in the sand  - in my district - and had a huge internal battle between the people who think Sarah Palin is a good idea, and everyone else. Sarah Lost.

So , apart from Sarah also losing big in 2008, what else have they accomplished in these past years?

For me, the Republican year in review, starts a bit farther south - and goes back to the year or so before the elections of 2008.   A Florida congressman was found running around in the house of representatives, molesting young boys and chasing them around in their underwear. He was forced to resign and the following election - the republican party put someone else on the ballot to run , in order to keep the seat republican.  Believe it or not, the Democrats won. This was a supposedly unassailable district. But in 2008, the Bush Republicans  returned that seat back to the party that had so effectively controlled it before. 

In 2008, the Democrats handed the Bush Republicans their hat.  A progressive voter force swept through the United States, and a truly people powered president took the White House. What they've done since, is fun to think about.  I've listed their 9 great accomplishments elsewhere - but a brief rundown of what they've accomplished included halting a massive financial crash, stablizing a failing housing market, reforming healthcare, strengthening regulations on banks, and as a result - the stock market is booming again.

But let's try to figure out what the Bush Republicans were doing throughout this whole time. Well, let's start with Governor Sanford. He cheated on his wife, and then took off and left his office without explanation.  He's still cheating on his wife. But strangely, even though he left his office - somehow things are still running fairly smoothly. It goes to show how much a Bush Republican can really accomplish.

And now, on to congress. The Bush republicans made a few big promises. They promised to do nothing. And they promised to make healthcare reform Obama's "Waterloo."  Ok. So they didn't do that. In fact, they didn't do anything. Just sat on their hands. Almost all Bush Republicans voted "No" on almost everything of importance. To the last man.

So, they did nothing.

 But they needed a bright shiny thing for people to look at while they were doing it. So they talked about a big Mosque near Ground Zero? They really were excited about that. They wanted to stop that. Oh wait. They didn't do anything about that, either.

As I gather it, the idea there was that they had to tell America that Muslims are invading. And that this community center that would be built, would be a great evil. There were rallies. Demonstrations. Hand waving. Never mind the fact that this community century that an American in New York  - wanted to build -was  blocks away from ground zero - and was in fact, being built in a Red Light District with adult novelty stores all over the place.


And of course, there was a big oil spill. The Republican senators got together and said that BP shouldn't have to pay to clean it up. The Alaskan senator wanted the Government to clean it up. Yes, Bush Republicans stand for big government.

So, to recap.  The bush republican voters, paid the salaries of the people in congress and the senate to all sit on their hands. 


When primary season rolled around, they were surprised to find their own party fragmented and broke apart and a new party started building up from their very own ranks. Three senate races went to these new guys.

And, now, supposedly. They're winning. Vice President Joe Biden said. Giving the Republicans control of the house of congress (since they no longer say they can take control of the senate) - is like making an arsonist the fire marshall.

Who knows. The election season is still young. Alot of nothing can be done between here and election day. But suffice to say the year in review, doesn't look good for them. 


Don't Ask. Don't Tell.

Federal Judge V. Phillips just issued an order for the US Military to halt its policy of barring homosexuals from serving in the Military.





The Republicans are Coming!


 Like the cry of Paul Revere - word must go out, that the  the well organized and motivated republicans are coming. They are marching in a straight line, wearing red. The rules are, that you, as a democrat or an independent - are going to be forced to wear green and shoot at them from behind rocks and trees.

They're coming to take over Congress. And they want to take over the Senate. They stand for an imperial president, who will lead our country like their old King George Bush of yore. They are a crack shot, with their musket. Get them on the "Firing Line" or in front of a news media entertainment camera, and their quips will be fast and furious. They wink at the camera, look really great, and slay everyone.

When they win, as the vast number of 'strategists' now all in discord and disunison - proclaim -  there will be another eight years of their rule. Do you remember, just a little over a year ago, now, how wonderful it was to have the Republicans controlling the house of representatives, and congress? They are coming to win their country back - the republicans know how important global financial meltdown is to science fiction and rugby fans. They're also ready to create another "Department of My Homeland" security, which will protect people who love their country -from dangerous citizens who might stand up and ask questions about where we're going.  It will cost another trillion dollars, just like the wars of convenience they waged on our behalf with alot of  "Shock" and "Awe".  "The Smoking Gun Will Become a Mushroom Cloud". They're ready to wage a war of "Pre Emptive Self Defense". That's why they were in their concrete bunkers the last three years, trying to stop everything  the democrats were doing. 

Their military might has already made healthcare reform, the Democratic President's "Waterloo". Oh wait. Ok. Maybe not. But let's not focus on that right now. Because...

They're marching now, towards your homes and villages - and you can hear them coming. 

The news media entertainment companies say there is no hope for you. You're a democrat, or an independent. They say, there are only a few of you, compared to their vast polling numbers.

What are you going to do?

Some of you can become "Tories". Sell out. Just keep repeating, over and over, how the Republicans are going to win. Repeat their talking points. When the Republicans come into power - these people will be in great shape. Hey, some of you have to live in Washington DC. It's all about who wins, right? A tory will take these hungry, tired soldiers into their home. Feed and protect them. Are you a Tory? You shouldn't be ashamed. It's a practical thing to do.

Some of you are going to fight with everything you've got. I say. For those about to rock.

We salute. You.






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