What I am doing , to Celebrate the end of the War.


 This is a moment we will all remember. Just as when we were viciously attacked, and thrown into war 10 years ago. Today , we finally hit back hard enough to know we won.


There was a funny feeling building within me all week.  It started, really, with something I read out of adbusters.org - a really well written quotation from the Koran.

And now, with the death of Bin Laden. I am going to celebrate by reading the Koran. Slowly and carefully.I will listen to the words of the prophet. And to Arabic Wisdom. I know the role such wisdom played in helping us to win. We were strangers in a strange land.

Today, I have come to realize that Islam, and the pursuit of peace is at the center of the uprisings in Libya, and Egypt - and the world. Because Islam is , at least in part , about discipline. And because the best of what any religion has to offer centers around personal growth, and harmony.

Ok. Actually , to tell the truth, it was really one quote that made me want to read it.  It didn't have anything to do with bloodlust.  It was this quote:

From the Koran

A man should fill his stomach one third with food, a third with water, and leave one third empty.

Ok, I know this isn't exactly a quote about war, but you know? It make a big impression on me. This is a whole new way of living, and I like it.  The Koran is like that. It's a really neat book.

The death of Bin Laden to me, is the death of the enemy. We had so much trouble with bad leadership after we were attacked - we went off and hit Iraq, and really - they weren't our enemy. Bin laden was. This is as much a cause to feel comfort and peace that a part of the war we've waged, is now finally over - as it is, a great reason to read deeply and understand.

We learn. We grow. And we play.  It's their time. Now. The brave people fighting against bloodthirsty dictators like Gadafi - who would mow them down with machine guns.

This is , to me, about peace, and justice. and real meaning.  Osama represented to me, a wholesale murderer. A villian. A person whose very life essence was directed at the destruction of life. A black void.

Maybe this is all really going to be "what I did on my  Osama vacation" - maybe there will be others that jump up to take this bearded weirdo's place.  I'm not really sure anyone can take his place. He was a really bad, bad. Person. It is difficult for any human being with a heart, to have that much hatred. That much perversion - twisting the aim of so much that is good  - into evil. A 14 year old girl, trained to blow herself up. No. That's not right. Any father who has a daughter knows this in his heart, to be true. And anyone too, who has loved another human being. Knows that kind of destruction of human life, goes nowhere.

This was a war. And we were the good guys. And the bad guy just got killed. 2001 changed me, personally and fundamentally. And now the death of Bin Laden, the enemy, has changed me again.

Thank you for reading this. I am wondering if any change, you have felt in your life? Or anything that feels different?


All yours.


Wikileaks and the Middle East


 Wikileaks published, a week ago - the sources and location of the funds of Libyan president Mo'ammar Ghadafi - and shockingly, the total came up to about 35 billion dollars.


Shortly thereafter the Obama administration took decisive action - issuing the largest executive order in the history of financial freeze transactions - isolating and shutting down well over 30 billion dollars worth of funds.


Last week, Wikileaks posted the records of the Palestinian negotiating team  - including what appeared to be a transcript of a conversation with Israel and the Palestinian Authority. This selfsame authority then quickly moves to dismiss the entire negotiation team, to avert public protest.

Wikileaks is a site designed to keep anonymity for a source who wishes to post information about a government, or a corporation.  It has become more important a tool for good journalism as the freedom of information act.

The grassroots change that is occurring all over the middle east may result in chaos - or it may result in democracy. But it is being driven by free speech.

Telling the truth is a patriotic activity.  Isn't it?





Mandate! lol

The new campaign rules that let corporations spend 4 billion dollars in an off year election to overwhelm the house - actually won us little in the way of real representation. But alot in the way of wasting time, and not getting real work done. Case in point:


Newly elected Congressional Republican Chris Lee . Newly elected, and married - he posts a picture of himself to get a date on Craigslist.


It's unreal how irresponsible they've been. In just three short weeks they put up dog and pony show legislation to try to repeal healthcare reforms... their corporate puppetmasters getting them to ignore the very real conservative benefit that the reforms are now having (take a look, the economy is turning around!).

Does anyone remember the Republican Congress that gave us the job killing economic crash of 2008?  Well. They were busy then, too. Last time they were in power they were molesting young congressional pages, and other things you should not be sticking your dick into.

Oh, you don't believe it? Well. That's because their corporate puppetmasters quashed the news story. These guys all talk out of the other side of their mouth. Case in point:  gay congressional page-molesting republican Mark Foley from Florida, giving a speech on how  to embrace conservative values and stop child porno. Is that a pair of a gay boy's underwear in your back pocket, Mr. Foley?


And then, of course, here's the former religious advisor to the white house, who was found doing meth and humping men. Giving us a speech about values. Maybe it was poppers.  Who knows.


Saved the best for last.. Since there's going to be a big presidential election coming up.. Here's President Candidate Mitt Romney's former senate liason on Leno, this guy happened to vote to give states the right to refuse to recognize gay marriage–a right they already had, but the Senator wanted to really, really prove he didn’t like gay people.


They said they had a mandate , but what they really meant was - Man Date.





A Neat Moment for Healthcare Reform (Please Read!)


 You might have a conservative bone in your body - or agree with the republicans once or twice. Just as you might be a democrat. Either way,  healthcare reform has just now started to filter its way onto your radar screen and it's highly likely that the more you've found out about it, the more you like.


But what you might not know was that in the past day or so - a vote to repeal healthcare reform was killed off in congress in a very interesting way - and one that reveals much about us. Here's what happened.


1. First, The Republicans passed a law requiring that no law be passed that raised the deficit. This was a conservative move.

2. Then they passed what amounted to a bill that would incur significant expense: a repeal of healthcare. They did this on party line in the house of representatives. Their paid off news media entertainment companies quickly ran the story for them.


3. The law then made its way to the senate. Here's where it gets interesting...


4. When the bill hit the senate floor, the first thing that happened was the Democrats cited a validated study by the non partisan congressional budget office that showed healthcare reform is now and will over the next few years lower the deficit.


5. The senate democratic leadership then invoked a point of order.  Why is it that the republicans are trying to pass a law that will increase the deficit, when their first rule they passed after taking power was to disallow any law that could increase the deficit? This does not , of course, take into account the costs of +cancelling healthcare reform+ which numbers in the billions of dollars. Just the fact that if it were repealed its effect could not be felt on our economy.


6. So the Republicans were forced to try to vote to waive the budget rules.  This vote requires 60 votes in the senate to pass.


7. The democrats then side against the republicans, and vote to keep the rules that require America to have a balanced budget.  !

8. One clear exception: President Obama spoke out in favor of a single line item on the bill - and both parties voted for the elimination of a rule that would require businesses to issue Form 1099s to any individual or corporation from which they buy more than $600 in goods or services in a year.  This passed with support of both parties.


Neat moment, huh? Kind of shows how the Senate can actually do something right for a change.




Wikileaks Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize


 Today, Wikileaks was nominated by a member of the Swedish government - to stand as a candidate to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.


Does this make sense? Discuss!



The GOP Lied to Me

 They promised that healthcare reform would be Obama's "Waterloo" - a career-ending failure. But instead, it passed and is now steadily gaining support and more and more people are seeing how useful it really is.


They also told me that the economy is getting worse because of all these policy changes. But the economy is getting better. And it looks like the last congress really did fix the mess that the republicans left us in, in 2008.


And now they're saying that they are a party of conservative values and fighting for fiscal discipline. But  they want to spend 200 billion dollars trying to undo meaningful reform?

I don't mind that they passed a spending cap so that nothing could get funded that doesn't balance the budget. But why do they try to pass their anti-healthcare reform law and then make a special exception?

The GOP told me that they were conservative. But they want to spend 200 billion dollars just to make a dog and pony show about reform that is already taking hold.

I'm really , really tired of the dog and pony show. I like being an independent but if the GOP thinks that playing around with the media and waving their hands in the air - is some kind of attempt at actually getting anything done...

Then where does that leave me? I need a party that reflects the conservative side of myself - I naturally follow the ebb and flow of policy - as things get more expensive, and less expensive - prices change, government changes along with it.  But when a party like this tells me that they are conservative and then immediately - waste time and money as the first thing that they want to do.... ?





A Stillborn Legislation

When I was young, I was truly enamored of conservatism. As I grew older, I found that my fundamental conservative principles never wavered... I am a big fan of effecient government.


Which is why the GOP no longer represents me at all.


The GOP is going to waste american tax dollars and time to take on a stillborn legislative initiative. The repeal of truly useful reforms. Why?


It seems to me that ever since Ronald Reagan, this republican party seems more interested in dog and pony shows than it does, actual legislation of conservative principles. Conservatism is the lifeblood of politics, just as liberalism is its heartbeat.  The ebb and flow of governance works properly to be, at times - liberal - such as when we are at war. Meatless tuesdays. Victory gardens. War Bonds. And bringing the boys back home. All wars fought and truly won, were won under a Democratic president.


And conservatism - to pare back the cost and size of outdated bureaucracy. To get more for your money. There is nothing wrong with it, at all.


Under the bush republicans, the republican party grew american bureaucracy and secrecy both - more than any other administration in history. And now, the first thing the bush republicans are doing - is the dog and pony show.

A repeal of truly useful reform.  Why? Could it be that it is slowly dawning on the American public how incredibly useful this reform will become? Senior citizens paying less (not more!) for drugs.  Kids getting preventative care and saving millions of dollars against what was formerly all triage and hand waving? Big insurance companies being compelled to be ethical, where once they were denying claims to unconconscious people in ambulances because they went to the wrong hospital?

 The GOP is lost. Their big battle in the RNC is evidence. Did anyone catch all the sniping? Yes. They're fragmented. 4 billion dollars spent on the last election and all they could do was flip the blue dogs back to the red states they came from.

This republican party no longers answer to me, as a voter and a small business owner. Nor do they answer to any real sense of ethics. The corporations and lobbyists who paid ... what was it... oh yes. 4 billion dollars... to buy off this election ... believe in the power of television advertising. I don't.  I am not drinking the kool aid. And that expression has more meaning , when it is said by me, than you might know.

The GOP is hoping and praying that the 24 hour news cycle will trumpet the cause of their attack on healthcare reform.

And one news media entertainment company is going to "go out there and make them look heroic". 

Meanwhile. The entire law will get bashed against the rock of the senate, where they do not have any majority and where it will not pass.

So. The party of "anti abortion" is now going to make sure our government goes all the way through to give birth to a stillborn legislation.  And of course. The lobbyists are there filling out the faked up numbers for the cost of delivery, and getting paid.  Toasting their "victory".

Is this conservatism? 


Did I miss something here?



How to Freak Out a Beatle

 John Lennon was at an acid party, once - and he was tripping. When someone walked up to him and said "I know what it's like to be dead". Apparently, he never forgot it. He later wrote a song, that sort of sticks with me today for a reason that I'll get to, in a minute. The song's name is "She said She said".  Never mind the fact that it was Peter Fonda, who was actually going into the riff about being dead. The lyric goes a bit like this.

She said ‘I know what it’s like to be dead
‘I know what it’s is to be sad’
and she’s making me feel like I’ve never been born

This song was was released as part of the "Revolver" LP .  For some reason, I was hearing this song in my head when I read a panegyric published today about the Obama administration. Also today, as you can see at breaking blue - the sort of "twitter" "tweet" version of actual blogging...  Jerome posted this shocker link about how the Obama administration is going after Julian Assange. And how they're supposedly working with Karl Rove. Sign in with Twitter!

Of course, Jerome's unabashed and down to earth support of now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate probably has nothing to do the fact that any DOJ action is being taken against Assange - may or may not have to do with the concept that Hillary wants the man's head on a pole outside the 25th street bridge over the Potomac. Far be it from me to suggest that she's miffed at all the extra work she has to do. But suffice to say, it's pretty clear - that she won't be the only one. There are quite a few countries out there ....  and there are now over 3000 mirror sites of Wikileaks. It's not going away. And it's not just about America. (Part of this is really all about  about Net Neutrality.  Is your first amendment right, something that can be silenced by a terms of service contract? ... Never mind that the investigative journalism in America could really need a boost... You can watch that meeting tomorrow, live feed. Let the FCC know you'd like to have an open internet on your cellphone!  )

The whole thing Jerome "tweeted"  - which, if you read it - doesn't really have much to do with  precisely what Mr. Assange is being accused of. It is very interesting, however. I would recommend digging into it - if just to help create that neat sense of occult that Karl Rove loves to keep about himself - as he works his way through a post divorce landscape, as an obese DWM trying to keep up on his Jaguar payments.  It seems the tacit assumption of people like Karl Rove and other psuedoconservatives that you can have such a heavy, ham handed government to go after you for nothing more than an accusation.   I think it probably makes sense for someone not to be extradited , when they haven't been accused of a crime. And I'll leave it at that.

But that's not the reason why I posted this. Because, honestly, I think Mr. Assange can handle himself - and Wikileaks is certainly not going away - as a result of all the heat any number of sources have been putting on him. As Mr. Assange stated: "I think they're beginning to realize that Wikileaks is not just me and my backpack."

Nope. I posted this because, this morning, there was that rare experience - of reading a political essay - that actually made me think of a Beatles song. In fact, the one I mentioned earlier. "She said She said". The only song that did not have Paul McCartney recording it, in fact. PM Carpenter's ripping panegyric:

It's called "Why the Left and Right won't Cheer Obama".. and it's damned good.  Enjoy!

Merry Christmas everyone. See you in 2011. I'm going to get some real work done, and get out of here. I need to nurse my nascent WoW addiction back into a full-on habit again.  (I bought Cata yesterday. sigh. Couldn't resist the prospect of killing a really big dragon - even if it's only a virtual one . There be dragons! )


And damnit, I'm going to end this post with an emoticon.




Obama Administration Wins One for Equality


 Time to party.  Let's face it guys, Obama and this congress have worked as hard as beavers.

Now, it's important that you know I'm a straight guy. And I've gotten into fights about equality with Chris Bowers, and everyone else who wants to just blindly barrel in and try to win something for their side - LGBT issues are always passionate. 

And so, honestly, I know there are a few of you out there who were rubbed the wrong way about my posts back in 2004 and later, 2009 - that say press the brake on this, press the gas on that.  And of course, my support for Obama has never wavered.


This is why.  Let's be honest. The only guy who was stopping this legislation was John McCain.  And he always said he'd support it after the Pentagon said it would be a good idea. So the Pentagon finally weighed in a week or so ago, and said that everyone is cool with accepting people in an equal fashion - if you're gay, and willing to lay down your life for this country. It's cool.

So what was McCain doing until now? Waiting for the other shapes to weigh in?

If you think that equality for everyone is a good idea, and you're willing to accept that the right way to really get things done is to be kind of smart about it. You're probably pretty happy today. Way to go, everyone!

 My thinking here is Obama will sign the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. What do you think?





Under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi - this past congress was the hardest working and most industrious congress we've seen in recent and living memory. They should be nicknamed the beavers. Because they were as busy as a beaver, the entire time.


They even got alot done in the lame duck. Normally the lame duck session is held with the implicit intent to just wrap up loose ends - an outgoing congress doesn't attempt to do too much. This congress passed a repeal of an itinerant anti-homosexual policy (don't ask, don't tell), tax reform, extension of benefits to distressed workers, and by all accounts and measures is poised to pass a nuclear arms treaty.


That's alot accomplished in just a few weeks.  You may disagree with some finer points of the legislation - but the overall score card of this congress has to go down for a grade as one of the hardest working congressional sessions in living memory.   In a nutshell....


1. Averted financial disaster, and staved off a great depression

2. Repaired a completely collapsed financial infrastructure

3. Sent the stock markets skyward

4. Passed Healthcare reform, for the first time in 40 years.

5. Passed (House of Representatives) a repeal of Don't ask, Don't tell..

6. Passed a major tax bill

7. Passed a bill energizing the green economy - providing for bonuses to those who are going green.


Did I miss anything?





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