• that is kind of disconcerting but I would argue that the people who enjoy the illusion that she will run in the general, by far - the most - are the GOP who think she is the most likely to be beaten in the general + want her there by design.

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    Failure is unpopular. Although there are TV shows that contradict this viewpoint, its important to realize that the American people are holding the bush administration and the GOP accountable.

    IMHO this fits in well with the democratic party's general ideal that people can rule - they may take a while to come around, but this shows that joe six pack is clearly able to finally see through the smokescreen.

    what I would like to see is a skyrocketing popularity amongst the democrats - i recall harry reid standing up to the GOP , causing just such a bounce. the GOP is hardly a toothless tiger these days, frustrating every effort to drain the swamp they have created. dems all to winning to do backroom deals instead of climb on the backs of their dragon friends.

    if i could i just wanted to add a personal note. ever since the democrats have taken power i have become palpably more relaxed, and focussed, and effective at work.

    but still - we seem to be talking to deaf ears. When will progressive issues finally take root in strong , veto-proof legislation?

    Has reform occurred? IMHO pelosi made inroads but
    thats it. And thats been done before, hasn't it?

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