• Trust me on this point/ Bill wants to be Prez.

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    Wow. Ok.  Now I see things clearly.
    Thank you melissa.

    I am perfectly naive enough to believe everything you've written here and answer it as a call to action.

    I think the only course of action is to support whatever candidate truly represents your belief even if it means supporting one who may not win.

    That, and maybe its time to do some sort of call your senator or congressman campaign..?

  • These, as I see it are the stakes given these numbers: lifelong party identification and a secure hold on american government for the entire century.

    And here's the ante up: the first party to recognize the massive fundraising power of the internet, and also respond to it as a constituency.

    At present we've got just part of that equation.
    And this money is just part of whats out there.

    And also, imho , massive, massive fundraising really only seems to be there because of massive costs during election season. If it were cheaper for our candidates to get elected, it would help us all.

    By that I am simply,  that, TV is already a dead medium.  Citizen journalism and the like - if the money raised weren't simply guaranteed to be dissipated into commercials but if the candidate could use the money as if he were already elected, to do things that give him or her a character that is unassailable - that wins elections.

    remember, the hottest race of 06 was when a gop presidential hopeful got himself into deep macaca
    - the citizen journalism aspect is a given.

    what I'm saying is that imho people are no longer responding to advertisement in the tv classical sense. i think the new thing this year will be someone who gets something done thats really cool

    i like bill richardsons diplomatic moves on north korea in this regard.

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    rofl ok thats the first time I have ever seen anyone use the term crickets like that and it rocks.

    you are absolutely right. there is a total inverse symmetry to this entire deal. obama is coming off too green for me here.

    imho and i mean H.o.  the coverage regarding astronomical budget figures is not dissimiliar to baseball salaries.

    if anything what we've learned from baseball is tha that the team that just pours the most money into things will only bounce up their chance to go to the show by what - I wish I had a number here - but lets say maybe by half.

    chance happeneth to all things. I started out the season in obama's camp but he just continually strikes me as green, green green green.

    if anything obama / richardson would be my ideal ticket if we're stuck with him. but my ideal ticket in the whole world would be  richardson/clinton.

  • TY Betty for the clue level there. Time to get the checks in. Funny how the candidates avoided that old "here comes the deadline" thing in their emails..

    Hey , do you think that the new FEC restriction lift will cause outflow of money from the straight campaign funds s.t. the corporate and union donors can post their own ads with their own team? I was under the impression that the supreme court ruling lifted the ban on so called 'soft money' advertising  as long as the advertisement was focussed on a single issue and did not solicit a vote, ie. "candidate x likes medicare" but does not say, explicitly, "vote for candidate y".

    do you see anything happening there? I bet that money comes in at the 11th hour

  • But Edwards has the edge. He's got secret weapon number Joe Trippi on board. Whatever Richardsons camp is reporting, take with a grain of salt.
    Edwards has got Richardson on this one by at least, I would estimate, 16 percent or so. FEC
    will show the final numbers - this is a good map for at-a-glance state numbers..

    http://www.fec.gov/DisclosureSearch/mapA pp.do

    I think the numbers as they stand do however, qualify Richardson as the official dark horse in the race.

    Also if I could, I would add one more thing. I love myDD. I have been blogging in the sort of "myspace" type blogs for a while and frankly I miss the actual rubber-hits-the-road character of this blog.  IMHO the character is still unchanged.

    Keep up the good work. I enjoy eatin' the humble pie when its my candidate who's gotta chow down. Its the truth that makes you free.   You wait and see. Imho it will be edwards and bill.  Hillary is fast becoming a footnote.

    Big bad bill is sweet william now.

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    woops. ok lets try the link..
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjOuL5qwN Ic
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    The obligatory hendrix purge... most have seen these, but I mentioned them above and forgot to link them. Forgive me for being a shill..
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    California is great for fundraising. There's a lot of money there.  If it were on its own, as a country, it would be the worlds seventh largest economy.

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    Americans love a good horse race.

    I don't have any divine right to say Bill Richardson is a strong candidate except that he was seriously good for New Mexico and thats a really diverse state with alot of different interests, the Latino vote, the DOE,  the Arts Community (Sante Fe, Taos) and the like.

    Americans like governors too, i think 5/7 of the last presidents came from Governors. They intuitively apply that the skills from the executive branch of office apply more directly than legislative.

    He's pulling me in. I am so damn busy with my little company right now I'd be involved, but as soon as I tighten things up around here, I'm going to throw my name in the hat for bill.

    I still feel pretty comfortable about Obama though except he's just getting too many opportunities and passing them by. Bill has never missed a trick.

    Edwards has been holding his own fairly well... the electability smokescreen is up , which I translate to mean that he's going to have to do a little collective bargaining to keep the special interests happy.

    McCain Feingold just got weakened today. :-/

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    Electability. Dewey beats Truman. 'nuff said.

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    Count me in for Thursday. I get everything interesting in my week done by Thursday afternoon.

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    Hey. The url might change but  ever since I've got tabbed browsing, I keep track of two or three sites at a time ....still

    Play muffled drums.

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    Jon Singer still kicks ass so Chris got a day job, thats cool but as long as Jerome and Jon are anywhere near myDD I'm not worrying too much about content.

    People will come and go, man.  Any blog is little more or less than a coffee shop where people hang out and if there's someone there that does regular readings of their work, great - but they're always looking for a book contract anyway and inevitably they'll be gone some day.

    No worries about personell. Chris is cool though.  Does anyone know where he's going ?

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    One thing for sure, the platform is sound. Scoop is the best blogging platform out there.

    This topic is completely loaded. There's no right way to answer it. Only the designers and authors of this blog can answer these questions.

    All we can post here is kitchen talk.

    That said. I'd be interested in seeing a push to break down the barriers between second life and
    the blogosphere and set up things like activist meetings in SL

    Theres a philly blog named mygdala - http://www.mygdala.com that is into the SL stuff. SL has the ability to be more direct, in terms of micropayment business models. I think micropay might be the way to go given the volumes this site would pull ...

    again I'm not saying myDD goes into SL because that place is really at present just the cult of the mini-skirt but at some point or another something like that, where people can gather to really meet and plot and do other sort of watchdog activities might be good.

    also just for what its worth I felt that Mydd always succeeded most when its willing to go into depth, and stay fairly objective about things. sort of a balance against the popular media where the spin is built into the report more than it should.

    Whatever the case, think the right solution has grocery money in it for the people who really work on this site.

    so yeah. I'm thinking what, maybe a micropayment thing happening. Not quite sure how.
    I tend to follow that first rule of logistics which states: if you can't supply it, it dies.


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