• That is correct. The Democratic party is not losing control of the Senate.

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    You are wrong. The races in play right now are not a result of some energized GOP but a party that is fragmenting right down the side into a new party. The GOP is desperate to acknowledge and attempt to cover their base , watching the actual voters peel off and head over to other candidates like the TEA party.


    And even if the majority of voters plan to stick to their party alignment, that is a sword that cuts both ways. We hear alot of complaints from the dems, but so far, nobody has really switched sides yet because the votes haven't been cast.


    85% of the lobbyist money is being channeled into the GOP. And , consequently, into Washington satellite companies that feed from it.


    But that money is toxic. I say. Vote for the best man. And watch what happens in November.


    For all we know, we could capture Osama Bin Laden. The wave that would crash into the polls if we did. Would be enormous. This entire polling changed in exactly seven days, from where it was with a democratic party win - to where it is now. 


    People forget that in the early days of the primary the Intrade stock for her plummeted in only three days. She went from the inevitable, Jerome - supported candidate. To nobody. The poll swing was 54% to 47%. 


    All the races are COMPETITIVE.  The important thing is not the prediction, but your PARTICIPATION.




    And this election would be the GOP's. Waterloo.



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    I've found that alot of these theoconservative activist types are going into congressmen's wikipedia articles and heavily distorting them.


    If your congressman is doing a good job, and you know his or her record - make sure you take a minute to go off to Wikipedia




    and read his or her article, and if it's not factually correct - click on the 'edit' button and update the article so that it's right. It blew my mind to find what they'd tried to write about my congressman there. I changed their article and that's that.


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    This president has been dead-on in terms of policy - and he's accomplished alot in his term. The full-on financial crash and global economic meltdown is stopped in its tracks, reversed. Healed.

    Furthermore, he stands for the Good Guys. A comment monkey above me said "where was he during the oil spill" . What a joke. Barack Obama shoved BP to the table and made them set up the largest remediation fund ever demanded of any corporation. Something like 2 billion dollars. Maybe 20. I am not sure, the number escapes me.

    And, the Prez also halted all drilling in its tracks until the well was capped. But he did something else, that really appeals to me as an independent.

    He didn't step in and bail out BP. He didn't give BP lots of free government cash, like the Republicans wanted. He showed that the American government is not for hire by big oil.

    So BP went in and finally fixed their mess. And now we've got clean water in the gulf, and a capped well. We've got a good man when it comes to the President.

    What really strikes me about this post, apart from the comments it attracted "somehow" ... is the fact that it draws a line against policy vs. politics.

    I am, for one, fairly happy that Pres. Obama hit back hard and in the Rolling Stone interview I read , I realized one thing.

    He has defeated the GOP. Utterly. They tried to block him with everything they had. And they failed.

    And then it dawned on me. This is an ask not what your country can do for you moment - if we, as voters - throw the real bastards out this election cycle. It will be the end of a 30 year reign of corruption in Washington.

    Let me explain.

    The GOP is running HEAVY media buys. That includes distorted polling, "pundits" on TV that are paid opinions. They pay off advertising packages through media outlets and the editors are influenced to run stories on them that cast them in a favorable light. If you don't believe this kind of placement is going on,  think again. It happened during the primaries. And then. Guess what.


    The GOP was so fractured a third party came and swept a signficant number of Senate seats right out of their control. They backpeddled and tried to convince everyone that they're in charge of the TEA party but they're not.


    Everyone is going to think about their vote, and cast it carefully. And if Obama is going to see a win. Which he will.

    This is the Republican's Waterloo. They won't be able to stand this. They will finally break apart.

    The effect will be staggering: billions of dollars circling around Falls Church, McLean, and the Lobbying firms near DC will suddenly realize they can't buy an election anymore. My view is simple. The President wants you to throw the real bastards out.


    I can do that.


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    In my state, an extremely corrupt congressman is running on the basis of ads  - and it's pretty hilarious. The ad comes on, and after its over - the fine print doesn't say "paid for by " the candidate. It says.

    "Vote for this guy, that guy, and the other guy. This ad paid for by a comittee to elect lotsa guys"


    And I had to laugh out loud. It's a race where the congressman is running to become governor, and his own family - more than part of it went bankrupt under his investment and care. He barely dodged a huge ethics and corruption scandal that swept him out of office. And he is for all intents and purposes nearly broke - a millionaire who just couldn't get it together. And now there are all these yard signs out that say "Vote for this guy AND this guy" and you just know they're not by his own campaign.

    Man, when not even your own yard signs are coming from the campaign - you know there is going to be smoke and fire. This really is the new watergate. All these shady ads running everywhere.

    It really turned me off and made me want to get involved.

    Good post.


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    Q: Why do you find blondes staring at a can of frozen orange juice?

    A: Because it says "Concentrate".



  • Not really.  :)

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    The concept that the process needs so much money, is a deep flaw. You will see subtleties in how certain people are treated in the news media entertainment industry - based largely on how much money they are known to have. Editors defer to certain story lines that support the 'professional opinions' of the individuals they know to have advertising money.


    And my personal favorite is the one where they have two people together to discuss a fact - and then they argue about it, as if arguing about a fact is going to make the lie somehow more credible. It's usually paid for by the people trying to sell the lie.


    The Republicans did absolutely nothing. They sat on their hands.

    They screwed up the entire country, and then did nothing to fix it.

    Then they bitched this election cycle about how the democrats did nothing when in fact the Democrats accomplished a ton of things - even in spite of the GOP.

    The only thing the GOP has going for them, now, is advertising - and to some people the prospect of that money is so much more appealing than the truth - they'll do anything to get it on their network, or their website.

    But in the end, politics isn't about advertisement and its not about the smoke filled room.  Its about us.  If the voter has an Aha! moment about the secret money, the advertisement, the pay for play "memes" that are sold in packages along with "content advertising" and "placement" ...  the whole house of cards will fall down.

    Good Post!!



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    Landsman fits in well with someone who still has his or her TV set turned on.   His excuse was that he saw through a facade of lies - when he stated he liked Sarah Palin.


    Alot of times the excuse is there to hide the reason. There's almost always alot of reasons for the excuse, but there's usually only one reason behind the excuse.


    Obama did a great job. The financial system bailout worked. American government is getting back 90% of the TARP funds they put in thanks to a booming stock market that went completely skyward after March 20th 2009, or so. I remember the date range well because I like to play a certain blue chip which shall remain nameless - and it was in the pits. 47.00 a share. Completely beaten down.  Had a press conference, and I remember hearing the president say something about how he seemed to see the markets hitting a bottom. So I bought in, large. And now its at 75.

    We should underscore just how serious the financial system, as opposed to the bullshit "jobs" outlook - was broken.  This was a worldwide, financial meltdown.

    And Obama worked so damned hard, he went after a system that is currently burning one out of every six dollars in the US - healthcare - and he went in large. The republicans... you know the people who think that Sarah Palin is cool...? ..... promised up, down and sideways, that they would make Healthcare the President's Waterloo.

    But no matter how many corporate dollars were spent, healthcare reform succeeded.


    So the conservative supreme court decided against people like you and me, and for big corporations who are now spending everything they have to try to go back, and fix their Waterloo again.

    I recommend, we just vote in a Democratic wave so we can go ahead and fix the mess the republicans will make of that, as well.


    The TEA party isn't the Republican party, and it's not corporate. It's a visible symbol that the corruption in the republican party is so great, that voting for a Republican house and senate is like voting for a lobbyist controlled government.


    The G.O.P. openly stands for one nation, under God, divisible, with lobbyists and injustice for all.


    Landsman? Pfft.





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    Jerome is a  curmudgeon.

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    Everyone is tying themselves into pretzel knots talking about Obama. Big deal. He's not up for re-election. When he does come up in 2012, he's going to win again, in another landslide.

    For now, this is about Russ, and about his voting constituency.  So let's keep it simple, here, busy beavers.

    The answer is YES. Feingold's campaign is the problem here.  What we need is someone to come out into the forefront and the campaign is running in the background, business as usual negative ads and the like.

    Here's what Russ needs to do, to pull the rabbit out of the hat.

    1. Stand up for real healthcare reform. That is to say, talk about adding the one key piece of it - the national health service. Screw the polls. Someone needs to bring it up on the Dems side. It will energize the base.

    2.  Realize that the bank thing worked. Don't run on the GOP talking points platform of bank, and economy. The banks and wallstreet reversed their complete crash so well that the government will recover 90 percent of the money they put in.


    In fact, I think Russ is going to do ok. It's just going to be a matter of time before he realizes these two points.

    And Obama is a fine president.  Every time I think of what he's done with his life and this country - I am proud.

    All the whining about the economy is for losers.


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    must eventually learn to subsist on a diet of broken glass.

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    Why don't we just talk baseball, instead?  Kerry lost to GW Bush, Dean was way up in the polls just before the vote, the pundits all said that the Tea Party was fringe and now they've got two senators coming to the table. And that's huge, because there are only two senators from each state.   The senate is a big deal.  The house was working just fine and they did alot of good work. 

    So, everything changes in October because it's an off year election and no one really cares.  And they will use the internet to do research - they'll be careful to ignore the first results they see because those are all google bombs.... BUT if the candidates are smart they'll try to google bomb the result set just the same. Hell thats what the Tea party is doing.

    But in the end, it will be two teams - and they will meet on the field and one will play better and have their act together. And one won't.  Politics at this level has always been a team sport. 

    In baseball, there's a saying. When the team wins, the players win. When the team loses, the Coach loses.

    Right now, as we write this, the house and senate are all getting ready to stand by President Obama, and have their picture taken - the economy is recovering more strongly than before - and I have more work on my desk than I'd like to talk about.

    So I just use the simple rules. Trying to guess who wins the house, is just a washington, DC parlor game. It's all inside the beltway stuff.  My guy will win.

    And My team will win. Those Atlanta Braves are going to beat the Philthydelphia Phillthies this weekend.

    And that's the way it is.

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    This diary expresses, more eloquently - but with no substantive difference - the same viewpoint as Ed Rollins, the Chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee.



    The biggest whiner I know in politics just called his political base (actually Obama's political base) a "bunch of whiners!" How many times over the years have we watched Joe Biden on television badmouthing someone or something? I've yelled at the television set, "Quit whining, you whiner!"




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    Here's a little  secret: Jerome Armstrong voted for Obama in 2008. And Jerome will back progressive candidates in 2010. Yep.  Don't tell anyone though. 

    Everyone loves the pilot except the crew.


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