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    4 Billion was spent this last election cycle, with 85% of it according to non partisan sources - going towards the republicans in corporate controlled special purpose entity transaction.

    The house of representatives dared to do what the American people actually wanted. They passed a healthcare reform bill with a national health service built into it.

    When the big pharmaceutical lobbies spent 20 million dollars trying to stop it, and failed.  They decided to spend more.

    They even bought out political commentary, editorial control, -anyone who depends on this kind of money can be reasonably suspect. The big theme? "Polls say the GOP will win big!"


    But what really counts is the vote. I liken Jeromes fascination and continual re-posting of the same general story  that "the gop will win big" - to that of a person who can only enjoy baseball, by spouting off stats of the other team.

    I, on the other hand, simply enjoy deep baseball - and know that the team that will win is the team that plays the best. In midterms, it's all about who really cares and who's not listening to the bullshit.

    I know how I'm going to vote. Jerome has already said he's voting against the democratic party. I'm voting for them. I think they did a good job, and the things that the GOP has done for our country - especially their humongous economic crash that they refused to clean up - reminds me too much of a spoiled rich kid who refuses to work or do anything.

    And if everyone wants to pay their congressman to go to DC to do absolutely nothing. Then just let it all happen.  Think about this. 85% of 4 Billion spent in only 5 months - amounts to about 19.2 MILLION DOLLARS PER DAY. Where did that money go?


    I for one don't care. If they have that much money to throw away on trying to rig an election , they have enough money to hire people and get this country back to work. If they learn (and yes, I believe we can teach them) to stop trying to rig the game. Then we'll have a nice, heads down kind of environment in the US

      Just go get your friends, and get out there and vote. Ignore the hype.




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    Troll ^^^


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    We're talking about the house of representatives, and not the senate. The house version included a strong public option - the senate version, did not. And in the end, the healthcare reform bill that was passed didn't have it.


    That's why so much effort is being focussed on the house.

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    This post is troll related.  It's largely incoherent, and it quotes the "stomping of a woman" but does not identify who that woman is, or what they're talking about. It is really not a good diary.


    I recommend deleting this one. It looks like a troll.

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    The Democrats will not lose control of the Senate, they will maintain a majority there.

    I laugh out loud when I think of the concept that a political party who is running a Senate Candidate that doesn't know what the First Amendment means - propped up by massive corporate contributions but trying to pass themselves off to independents..

    And for whom their National Committee just went into the red and can't manage their own cashflow ..


    Seriously thinks they're going to revolutionize our country.

    I've always said the TEA party is a decent idea, but we need to remember that the reason the TEA party is there, is because the GOP is breaking apart.

    The concept that this is a super duper strong year for them is laughable.  Millions are being spent to prop up the GOP and the whole idea that it needs to be propped up - a rotting carcass - is the issue.  It does not stand for 'conservatism', and it succeeded in doing nothing over the past two years, and doing almost everything wrong over the past ten.


    But the key issue is the toxicity of lobbyist money. The point there is not that people care about where the money comes from, because they really don't - they're not wonks.

    But. It is poison to the candidate. In so many ways. Watch and see, I say.

    This election is a make or break for the GOP, and there are plenty of vested interests in DC that want the GOP to be still around ....


    Your question, as a voter - is if you think you can afford to have them around. The multi trillion dollar crash they engineered is very, very expensive.


    If you throw the real bastards out, this will be an election that will change America forever.


    Some of us here just want America to change a little bit. It's ok. They have bills to pay...




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    All that is needed for evil to come into the world is for good men to do nothing.

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    This thread oozes with washington parlor talk. Who cares what happens after this election?

    What's important is the election itself.  We vote. That's what we do. We're citizens. Not washington insiders.

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    No.  This is a political advertising season, and the reference to ad revenue was not directed merely at MyDD (which has suffered, as a result of the layout changes made to accomodate banner advertisement).


    This was a pointed remark toward the fact that you now head up the WebStrong Group,  an integrated PR, Public Affairs, and Political Advertising Company


    And your focus is there.  Am I mistaken?


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    I speak bumper sticker also.


    Just for the record: The republican talking points are -


    1.  Tell everyone to ask 'how is this getting paid for?'

    2. Tell everyone healthcare reform was a big controversy.

    3. Tell everyone that Obama is a bad president.


    Make sure to refer to it all as "Obamacare" and not healthcare.  Make sure , whenever you want to say the word 'Idiot' , to use the word 'liberal' instead.  Scare people. 

    Behind the scenes, spend alot of money.

    Oh by the way. The RNC under Michael Steele is going broke.

    My talking point: These are the people we want to rule us?

    They can't even balance their own checkbook.

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    The idea that you can claim this election failed, is false. It's not the truth.

    It is also going against the prevailing results of the primary season - there were many surprise contests that were decided by voters, not pollsters.  Mike Castle is a good example of this.

    His polling showed him far in the lead, even up to election day - and then he was thrown out of office by the voters, by more than he'd ever expected. Not just a razor thin margin but his primary was lost by a signficant margin.

    There is no personal reaction here from me, just a simple observation that you are completely discounting the democratic process.

    One that has changed significantly - given the prevalence of cellphones and the influence of the net - our democratic process is tilting towards early voting, and a network-aware voter that is using sources such as this blog to help make their decision.

    What has changed, in my view - is that you are less interested in substance and issue - and more interested in polling, and ad revenue.


    How can you claim you have a success in SBNation when the republicans are crashing the gate.


    Cynical reference to former book title of same name, is intentional.


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    You've changed, as a blogger.


    The webstrong group is indeed a good resource for people running campaigns.  I'm happy that you continue to contribute to the political process, and if it is as a paid gun to get someone elected - and not, as it was before when you were just doing it for kicks. What was MyDD originally -- my Due Diligence?  Anyway.


    The important point here is that there is this thing called democracy, and it happens when people vote.  I really think it's stupid to say a disaster has occurred when the votes haven't been counted. 


    This post represents a forensics analysis of an event that hasn't yet happened. That is a deeply flawed perspective.


    With Respect,




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    This upcoming election is not a referendum on the president, it's a referendum on the Democratically controlled Senate.


    The house worked fine, it did well. The senate, however, was alot of monkey business.

    People are voting on the issues more than anything - at least, those that are going to show up.

    What would be nice, would be a discussion of those issues.

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    I would like to attempt to categorize the strange and mishappen creatures that move around in the night and fund GOP campaigns.


    1. The Wikid Witch - a troll designed to login to wikipedia, and write the word "controversy" seven times in each incumbent's wikipedia page.


    2. The Corpse-orate Spons-horror - An amorphous blob shapeshifter, found under rocks and beneath pockets of mud and ooze.  Usually found in the company of the slobbyist.


    3. The Slobbyist - a gruesome beast with two heads who feeds on human voters and chews up American institutions.  Its eyes are like two big, 20th century, TV screens and its claws are long and hairy - and usually found with senate cufflinks on.


    4.  The Troll - inhabiting blogs everywhere, the troll's sole purpose is to break up dialogue, and distract from any discussion of actual issues. The trolls favorite companion is the Vampoll, and the slobbyist.


    5. The Vampoll - a pale, effeminate looking man, usually dressed in fine clothing. He is averse to cellphones and will make a hissing noise of silence when he is presented with voters who use them instead of landlines.  Kept alive by an army of consultants, he can be killed with a vote driven straight from the heart.





  • The prevalance of cellphone over landline is a huge factor.  I can think of at least three households now in my immediate neighborhood who have decided to shut down their landline altogether, and at least one commercial building - who had only been keeping one for an alarm system.

    Steele has been a lousy leader. TEA doesn't alienate people, from the GOP as much as it draws them away to vote for other candidates.  And I happen to think TEA is a really strong indicator of another party wanting to come up.

    Jerome's prediction here is just that. A prediction. Nothing more. He predicted Hillary Clinton would win in 2008.He predicted Dean would win in 2004.

  • Ed Beckman is right. Nobody has ever scared me away from voting in the past - and nobody will , this Nov. 2. I think he's hit the nail on the head.

    Check this out.

    1.  16 different tax breaks and supports for small business owners - myself included . These were left lying on the ground for eight years.


    2. The SBIR reauthorization. Small business employes 86% of all scientists and engineers. The Democrats got this bill reauthorized after an insane game of pass the buck was played by the so called business friendly GOP - one in which the Department of Defense was so incensed, they decided to pass their own bill - so that the contractors working on weapons could keep working without interruption.


    3. Student loans are more affordable  -  Obama totally reversed a bunch if fat cat stuff for the banks the Bush Republicans had in play. The loans cost the government less, and they are cheaper for the students to pay down.  Students everywhere should cheer this one. It's huge.

    4. A massive reform of healthcare, that spends nearly one in six american dollars every single day.  More people are covered, better coverage, and less costs for everyone up and down the food chain. The out-of-control HMO companies are reigned in despite spending literally 2 million dollars a day trying to lobby this down. They're still spending the money. Be careful where it's going.


    5. Obama stared down BP and made them set aside the largest oil cleanup fund in history - and he's got more credits and bonus for green buildings,  and alternative energy than anyone ever before. Ask yourself how many buildings upgraded during his administration - using less power, more effeciently. The answer will astound you.


    6. I personally benefitted from this Administration when I sold my home. A new homebuyer hit me on my asking price and I made a good sale. Because Obama extended a credit to the guy, for his first time buy.  It wasn't just me. The entire housing sector rebounded. It's still on the mend, thanks to the guy's policies. All this foreclosure crisis stuff still going on , is bullshit - the big noise everyone is raising now about the existing foreclosures being invalid because of paperwork issues amounts to a silly set of signed documents that are supposed to be presented after the fact: the people who are losing their homes are doing so, because they haven't paid their mortgage. All those foreclosures still out there, are valid. The foreclosure crisis is waning and it was a huge problem for our country. And now its another, largely solved problem. The concept that this paperwork thing is going to be another big problem is B.S. There is no way the zillions of dollars in lawsuits that would occur, are going to happen - the real estate market has bottomed out and stopped its three year crash.


    7. 9 out of every 10 dollars in TARP are being returned to the Government thanks to a booming stock market.  And thanks to a booming stock market, the investments the Govt. made in these companies to bail them out - the ones jerome says are all 'pro business' - are going to pay a divided for the American people. I grant you the oversight on that money was not good, and Geitner could have done a better job but in the end,  the money is coming home again.


    8. Tax breaks are at an all time high for nearly 90% of all Americans. The only taxes that are going to be raised are on the people who are making a quarter of a million a year.


    What's happened here, is the Obama administration has reversed a huge Bush Republican economic crash - and the money is now sitting in the bank accounts of big corporations - who are praying that they can file just one more bankruptcy in their subsidiary, or get just one more write off - while they are spending.... literally .... more money than ever before to try to get people in power to let them keep all the money and not have to put it back into the economy . They want their opponent to go out of business. They want to play a game of "chicken" with regulators.

    And above all, they want corrupt men and women in congress so that they can write their own ticket. Shut down any reforms that were made and return this country to the state it was in, before Obama - where their corporate influence delivered an environment that gave them exactly what they want -

    At the cost of the global economy.

    These forces are a virus to the planet. And they need to be stopped. Here. And now.


    And if they are stopped. Then this will be the end of a very wormy element of our government. The democrats who are all lined up with these guys. Are as afraid as the bush republicans.


    I don't see Nancy all washed up. I see the GOP as all washed up. And I love the timing. They really think they're going to win.





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