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    When they bought off all the editors for this last election, some of them stayed bought.  The editors always take control of a news story headline. They get to write it.

    So they do a poll, and in the poll they find that Obama beats all leading GOP contenders ... in fact, for a hypothetical matchup in 2012 , Obama wins - 52 -44


    But what do they write, for the headline?

    Poll: GOP candidates top Obama in hypothetical 2012 race

    News Media Entertainment at its finest.

  • Someone here finally pointed out that there are 'grassroots' agencies who are being funded by big corporate contributions....

    Was this last election a 'grassroots' movement?  I wonder...

    I'd say - it's time to trace the money. Ram the legislation through. Americans want transparency, both sides of the aisle.

  • Check this line out from this blog post...


    "Voters partially returned you to power, but don’t mistake that for an overarching mandate."


    You have been partially returned to power.  Let's not mistake that for an overarching mandate. LOL


    Seriously man. The hype around this election was unreal. More money was spent developing the advertising 'package' deal that went along with the big GOP story than any other election in American history.


    * rolls eyes *. Does anyone else besides me notice the stench of a bought election?

    Alan Grayson is a good example. The GOP went in there with professional ads, a lifetime veteran politician air mailed into his district to run against him - and won the house district that they lost in 2008.  Pfft.


    4 Billion dollars and all they got was a house. Sounds like a foreclosure crisis to me.

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    So long, 2010, hello 2012.   The TEA party had better live up to its promise and really change things or we'll be right back to the bush republicans. This is nuts. These guys are all in it for the money.

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    This midterm election saw more money being spent than ever in  American history.  And it was all spent on the republicans. And it didn't come from a large grassroots movement.


    It came from corporations.  And it went to other corporations.

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    What you just saw, wasn't fucking. It was prostitution.

    This election is historic. This was the most money ever spent in any off year election - far more than the largest ever, in American history.


    If you don't know the difference between a good fuck, and a whore. Then you're probably a republican.

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    If this is what 4 billion dollars can buy you, I don't want it. The GOP couldn't even take the senate.


    You have to realize that the campaign finance reform laws changed radically in this election cycle, and they favored a party that clearly embraces lobbyism and corporations over people.

    Also, let's get our facts straight. This is a big victory for the TEA party, and not the GOP.... most of the money was spent trying to push the TEA party into voting for people that would do the GOP's bidding... however TEA got a huge set of results up on the board. They even almost knocked three senate seats off the map.

    TEA may decide that they want to become part of the GOP but more likely they'll go their own way once they realize what they've just done.

    And the Corporations who paid for all of this are smiling because they just bought themselves gridlock in DC. This is a huge expenditure of cash we're talking about.


    And now, they're going to spend 174,000.00 per person per year to let them all just do nothing. Just like the GOP did nothing for the last two years.


    Clinton? Let me give you a clue. Clinton helped start the DLC. Do you know what the DLC stands for . Democrats Loving Corporations.


    If the next election is between TEA and GOP, and the TEA party succeeds in shaking off the GOP from its back.... then, yeah - things would be interesting.


    I'm an independent, always have been. I was pro-democratic candidate in this last election cycle because my candidate voted for healthcare reform and I decided that we needed to circle the wagons and take care of him. I'm glad that Harry Reid also hung on and defeated a very strong challenge by a TEA party candidate - his votes for healthcare reform are worth it.


    I guess. To be honest. I've been a little bit focussed on the healthcare reform issue. However. 


    The chances they are going to repeal it are zero. The bigger question for me is, are they going to fix it properly? If the TEA party decides to vote for Alan Grayson's four page amendment to medicare, to allow cash buy in - then we're good.


    It's no surprise at all that the GOP spent a fortune trying to throw Alan Grayson out of office , either. That's the only way they can win.


    Believe me, when I tell you that in this American economy - people who want to throw away billions of dollars just aren't going to do a good job.  The American public only rank 33 percent in their belief that the GOP can fix things. With this congressional configuration, they really can't.

    Unless Obama steps up to the plate.




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    Russ did a good job, but unfortunately he didn't think anyone would be campaigning against him. The GOP is a fractured mess, despite all of these so called "victory sweeps" ... most of the GOP won as a result of a new party, the TEA party being created out if its fragments.  They stood by the TEA party to try to bask in some of the light.

    But the GOP didn't beat Feingold. The TEA party did. And it was a new, exciting movement - that captured the imagination of Wisconsin. The TEA party is who won last night. Make no mistake about it. 

    What would be good for America, IMHO - is if the TEA party decides not to get bought off by the GOP... but... who knows...

    The guy that ultimately defeated Feingold, however, was the consumnate outside candidate. It's Mr. Smith goes to Washington for him.

    So. You know. Feingold lost. He might run again. Who knows. He's a nice guy ... but ...  I think Feingold would have won, had he been able to effect more radical change under his watch, with the democratic majorities...



  • My stock portfolio soared under Obama. That's all I care about.

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    One interesting fact. In another district - the dem that ran, tried to say he wouldn't vote for it - and went so far as to attempt to distance himself from everyone there who voted for it-


    Guess what? He was clobbered. And he was a multiple term incumbent.

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    My district congressman voted for healthcare reform. Somehow nearly everyone that voted for him in 2008 showed up and voted for him again. He not only blew his competition out of the water - he won in double digits.


    I don't know how the rest of the nation is going, and I'm not really sure I care. What I'm most grateful for in this country is the incredibly large turnout. I really did see alot of the same faces at the polls.   Alot of us voted.


    I'm a happy camper. :)


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    is that he's no longer objective.  He started getting paid for it, about seven years ago.

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    that turnout in my district is off the charts. In some places, there's a huge battle going on. This is the same place that handed Sarah Palin her first big defeat in the primaries. It will be fun to see what happens.


    Mostly. Go out and vote people. Don't sit here and guess. Just vote.

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    Jerome will make money.

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    Lets do punkin chunkin


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