• Hon. Mr. Strummerson. You are posting reply a denizen of the net who has chosen a handle for himself that roughly equates to " blowjob fighter".

    My advice:

    Don't. feed .the. salmon.


  • I think you really have to deal in the calculus of exactly how something like this actually gets done. Take a look at Vermont in 2002 - you have a small , fairly cool little state that's got alot of really cool ideas about how to do things. An entire state with less populatin than my own county - that ranks their school system sixth in the US.


    And so they have a governor that decides equality is the right thing to do. What does he do? he gives it to the legislation,a nd they battle it out. It takes alot of time.


    There was no way Obama could have timed this. What he did was keep it out of the hands of activist judiciary - put it intot he hands of the legislature and away he went.


    It was done , now, probably because he played hardball with the taxcuts.

  • P.S. I shudder to think of a world without a girl on girl scene.


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    72% of Americans wanted healthcare reform. And we've got it.

    60% of our fighting forces say they'd be happy to see don't ask don't tell repealed, and we've got it.

    Laws and sausages are two things that should never be seen being made.

    The issue was how to get this beast and many other beastly beasts of legislation passed. it is absolutely no coincidence that extremely difficult and complicated legislation has been delivered over the past year. Obama has been in business for a year and a half, now, going on two.  He's gotten more done than anyone I can remember.

    For me, this policy was more about acceptance and simplicity of society than it was , something tugging at my heartstrings. As long as a fellow is a good shot , I'm not terribly concerned whether or not he's got tattoos, a high school education, or a boyfriend.
    We have soldiers to kill the bad guys, generals to make sure the soldiers are in the right place to kill them, and a government that should be of the people, by the people and for the people -to determine if and when we have to play the war card and who will be dealt against.  So , over the past eight years of bush republicans, we've had wars of convenience, bizarro policy changes and just a long list of extremely wasteful policies..

    As of today, if you are a lesbian, and you want to join the navy -  you are welcome to talk your girlfriend into signing up with you. If you're a devil dog marine and you have been gay ever since you can remember, you can take your partner to the christmas party.  If you are a three star general and in the closet, you can come out.

    And for me, as a straight guy - and a taxpayer - I can happily know that my government is actually all about work right now

    Think about it. A lame duck session that passes groundbreaking legislation. And a full on session , junior past- that rewrote the books on financial regulation, and healthcare. I like it.


  • There were four challenges in federal court, as I understand it - and three of them returned with the federal court upholding the constituionality of the healthcare reform act. This one is an outlier event - and it is not exactly in line with the others. My guess is that this finding will end up in the supreme court, and they will uphold its constitutionality.   If it gets out of the second round of federal district courts... it's a well timed political dog and pony show.


    Not surprised at all that a Bush appointed Judge is on the take.


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  • That assumes that the total amount of information on Wikileaks is gated, controlled, and constant. It's not. It posts whatever is submitted.

    North Korea is such a mess, and it is so incredibly dangerous for dissidents to speak out there - that they will need a bona fide beacon in order to find their way to WL and be assured that no one will be monitoring or arresting them for posting their stories.  It is not surprising, really, if you think about it - that America was the first country to really do a core dump - let's face it, we're still fairly open and almost a democracy.

    When the world learns that you can use Wikileaks safely, there will be more content and North Korea will have its day. I was very surprised to find its staunch supporter, China, was actually upset that it was treating its citizens so poorly and behaving so belligerently.  That in and of itself was enough to strengthen South Korea and one day hopefully soon we will hear more.


    Meanwhile, Julian Assange has now been freed on bond. If you think about it, this is a good thing. Considering that there are no formal charges brought against him in any court, and he surrendered himself voluntarily.

    I am glad that the UK finally decided that denying bond and holding in arrest,  an individual who has not been charged with any crime - is not quite the kind of law that shows the more endangered countries of the world that democracy really works.

    More time to them.


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    For the record, I use my own mail servers - I don't let anyone gate my access to any site or series of sites - except the party that I am connecting with, and I am more than fluent in emoticon.


    The laughable attempt by some in the radical, news media entertainment oriented semi-religious right today to attempt to claim that they are some sort of target of cyber war - is yet another reason why I also , both ritually and as a matter of practical course - do not ever, in any communication - name anyone by name - who is trying to use the 24 hour news cycle as a means by which they will popularize their name as a brand or trademark -


    After all, I was priviledged ... or unfortunate ... enough to hear a certain morbidly obese man, who had up until the point he began transmission out of Sacramento, California - been suckling on the teat of government, taking welfare - buying things with his credit cards out of convenience stores because he had no cash -


    And then discovered he could thrash up the 24 hour news cycle, and make a demagogue out of himself to boost the ratings of his failed news media entertainment show.


    I'm more of a Bruce Williams, Clark Howard, Dave Ramsey kind of guy when it comes to the A.M. band.


    Not that fat guy or any of his bozo friends. I don't let people make my decisions for me. I don't need someone to tell me what to think about something - and I don't need. someone. to. login. to . a. website. for me.


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    I agree with the diary - it's really important for us to realize that the tax cuts in question WERE IN EFFECT WHEN THE ECONOMY CRASHED and they are an example of a failed policy.


    Now, imagine that. A bush republican policy that failed. Wow.


    Ok. But wait it gets better. So. .. Listen to this one... now, the same lobbyists and fat cats that wanted to DE REGULATE THE MARKET are the same ones that will stand to benefit.... but why did they deregulate the market. So they could wipe out trillions of dollars by OUTRIGHT THEFT.


    I just discovered my caps lock key today.  AND I LOVE IT.

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    that's freaking hilarious. :D

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     When I look at the markets, I see alot of cash just sitting on the sidelines.  The way I understand this problem  - the GOP is trying to hold out for the lobbyists and the fat cats. Let's face it, if you're clearing a quarter million a year - and you're still taking all the liability of an S-Corp on your books, you should probably speak to an accountant. This crowd is not all about struggling small businessmen, or they wouldn't be trying to bank 250,000 bucks as personal income. 

    Keeping the middle class tax cuts in place is just the right thing to do for this economy.  Does anyone remember how they wanted to get rid of Nancy Pelosi?  Now that she's still in charge - they're not going to have an easy time trying to convince everyone that the reason they're going to let the tax cut package crash is because they're all on the take from big corporate interests and fat cats and they couldn't give a damn about Middle Class America.



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    WL's primary purpose in life is just to be a drop site for anyone, anywhere. What I really like about all the coverage and - as you've colorfully put it - the yipping dachsunds - is that inside of that entire thread not one example has been found of Wikileaks ever revealing anyone's identity.

    Of course, the guy who leaked some of the Afghan war stuff, ended up getting nailed - but it was because he was turned in by a friend, not Wikileaks.



    Good post.

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    Today, the Australian government stated that the U.S. should bear responsibility for their leaks - not Wikileaks. I believe that sentiment is correct. Someone in  the US Government did all that criminal stuff we're talking about, espionage, etc... that we don't like to see in the state department. Ok, fine.


    But the fact that Wikileaks will not reveal their identity is just a simple and once even closely held tenet of journalism.


    Wikileaks is nothing more or less than a website where people can go to leak important documents and not have to worry about being found out.


    If the US tries to take action against WL , they're not fixing the problem. Someone from inside the State Dept. leaked the info. They should figure out who, and stop worrying about WL - because, after all, when China has the same embarassing things to write about and someone from China decides to leak docs to the net - WL will convey their information just as easily as they did ours.



    Way to go Australia!


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    She was beautiful. She will be missed.

  • To explore what you are saying, let us suppose that there is a chemist who discovers that a major tobacco company is using arsenic as a doping agent in cigarettes. Let's say he wants the public to know the truth. And the corporation spends millions to silence the research.  Puts out false information.

    So let's say the chemist writes up a report, based on that research - and leaks it.

    And you have set up a website that says - ok, we're just going to vet your story and post it. Then what you're saying is... the person needs to pay the corporate using arsenic in cigarettes - in order that they may have the rights to publish the story for the public?

    You know, Assange is not safer in Jail. He's safer in a free democracy and an open, transparent, effecient government.


    I can't really tell you how to find the good guys. The bible says , that by their fruits you shall know them. What is the fallout of Wikileaks? A better informed public. A more transparent, and open government.   I don't see anything wrong with that.

    Do you?


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