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    He was just taking photographs and saw all the dead polar bears floating in the arctic sea, and ultimately he was cleared. Bush Republicans like to take short term controversies like that, and turn them into talking points.


    They are also the ones that love to put people on as "experts" who couldn't think their way out of a paper bag if you put it on their head. Their version of "expert" is just someone who can say something outrageous.


    Ya know?


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    I recall a news article where the report about polar bears drowning in the middle of the arctic, was introduced as 'polar bear gate' ... to me by a bush republican.


    They said that the study that found polar bears were being killed by loss of arctic ice, going beyond their limit to swim - and drowning in the middle of the arctic sea - was influenced by this unethical practice.  The grant, however, was funded and applied for - before someone discovered and took pictures of the polar bear corpses floating at sea .. one after another after another.  The photographer was hassled by these bush republicans for taking the photographs. But they were real.


    Today on the news , I learned that Greenland is losing its ice cover at an unprecedented - record rate. 2010 was the biggest flow year ever . So much so that , in fact, Alcoa is considering putting an aluminum processing plant on the edge of the ice sheet - almost a billion dollar facility - just because it will be cheap power to be powered by the runoff water using a hydroelectric turbine.



    January – July 2011 map of temperature anomalies shows that anomalous warm temperatures were present over much of the world, with the exception of cooler-than-average conditions across the northwestern United States, southwestern Canada, most of Australia, part of southwestern Russia, northern Kazakhstan, eastern Mongolia, southern China, and large parts of the eastern and central Pacific Ocean -The combined global average land and ocean surface temperature for January–July period was the 11th warmest such period on record. This value is 0.51°C (0.92°F) above the 20th century average. Separately, the average worldwide land surface temperature ranked as the 8th warmest on record, while the worldwide average ocean surface temperature ranked as the 11th warmest January–July on record.





    Now, what happens during global warming is that it's going to be a nonlinear pattern of weird weather until disaster strikes.  It's like the man says: You can be scared. Or you can be ready.








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    Recently, we had the head of a news media entertainment company - get sent to court, for stealing and spying on people in Britain.

    He gets a pie in his face.

    The news media entertainment picks it up as a story about how his wife valiantly defended him. The constituency of West, is likely brainwashed by this ideologically based news media entertainment.

    Which, coincidentally, was owned by the head of that same news media entertainment company.

    Pretty sure Rep. West is unaware that he's part of the problem, and not part of the solution. Maybe they really do want to crash government.  They seem to be busying themselves with needless conflict - the house and senate have, to some degree - always been a place of protocol.  West seems to think it's productive to break from that tradition - I'm pretty sure much of his legislative efforts have been aimed at keeping his 'pledges'.


    But I wonder if he's stopped to think how unchristian, and unstatesman - such pledges are? Maybe he's too busy working on new curses to consider oath. He made an oath to represent his people  - and I bet that they think the Gang of Six deal will work fine to keep our country from bankruptcy.






  • I am teaching my children, that they should be ready for a major environmental scenario in their lifetime. They're getting ready for it.

    Climate change has already begun, and we can do little in the way of actually preventing the damage - but we'll be able to stabilize our planet if we can still take action.


    Unfortunately - for people who are willing to take  healthcare reform that was demanded by 72% of the American people - and then try to pass a bill that repeals it ,  those that oppose a sane approach to solving problems usually start with the issue of being unable to recognize the problem to begin with.


    I would like to add a footnote: as a small business owner,  I for one think that ecological innovation is a good way out of the economic mess we're in. It would take alot of work to get us on the right track -


    File under things I'd like to see: a small business take the new solar cell developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratories - and run with it.


    This thing, like so many really good business opportunities - is sitting there as a developed prototype. It was developed by Jun Xu,  - it's a 3 D nanocone based solar cell that boosts the effeciency of light to power conversion by 80 percent.


    If we can stop for a second , and realize that the sun is pouring so much energy on our entire planet ... it's staggering.  Each day, half the entire planet is just bathed in pure energy.


    And at time of writing, solar only powers .02% of the entire energy need of the world.


    I want to see solar/wind farms - maybe even small units that can be fitted on houses. So that when the solar power goes down, in a rainstorm  the wind unit can kick on.  Have these units store things up in a hydrogen cell so that the power is constant.  And have separate, smaller solar powered attic fans that cool the upper part of the home.  Smaller solar powered units that use ground network to cool the home also.


    This can easily be a packaged product if someone wants to take it and run.  So. Anyway.

    I'm not that partisan of a person, but I really have to laugh when I see the same bozo's that crashed the entire world economy in 2008 - the bush republicans - stand there and say they're pro business.  They did more to damage business in American than anyone I can think of - and their opposition to healthcare reform, and trying to gum up the work that Obama did to lift us out of the recession - is starting to get on my nerves.  I would vote that we shouldn't leave these guys in charge of anything. They've already been responsible for too many business opportunities passed up - and too much really stupid public policy -it's well known that the Bush Republicans increased the size of Government to the largest ever, in the history of the entire United States. 

    So. My money right now, is on what works - and beats the market. And it's probably the dems this time around.  Good luck everyone.



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    Asking for your papers, sounds like something some damned yankee would try to do to you.  I wouldn't be surprised if the officers who are going to be saddled with trying to implement this law,  end up developing a whole new way of being rude, and stupid.

    Two characteristics of nearly every damned yankee I've ever shot .. I mean.. met.




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    Celebrities , like the dog and pony show type that plague Washington - or those that inhabit Hollywood. Thrive on publicity of any kind.


    So when you telegraph the names of the celebrities above - even if its critical of them, or of us, as a country - you really are prioritizing them , in your own way.


    I would have been happy to have had this article start off by talking about the two soldiers, and skip the name dropping - I try to make it my business to keep a sane mental environment, and that includes switching off a large amount of the celebrity hype as well as the political hype.



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    This is a very well written post, and I'd like to highlight a few points of what the author has said - and to explore the subject he's talking about.


    Primarily, the author seems to be driving at the concept of an American identity. In the past, we were pioneers. Then, we became, for lack of a better term - a sort of American Graffiti - A post-50's era of prosperity and world leadership.


    In the 60's , under the intellectual leadership of a few people in New York, the focus of our American identity changed.  Bear in mind that I'm measuring this from elected officials and not from the mass public - America took a turn to the right. And we began to embark upon wars of convenience.

    Haliburton (then - K B R ) was awarded massive post-vietnam contracts to rebuild.  Destroy a country that had nothing to do with us?  It seems as if in the summer of 1966 the entire country fragmented into two parts - and the largely New York Based intelligentsia that tried to push America back to "moral values" and conservatism, won major victories... this was, for lack of a better term, the beginning of an era of control by corporation.

    Whatever social value the other movements of the 60's held,  the political reality was that the institutions of American power were usurped by corporations.


    British Petroleum delivers to our shores the second largest ecological disaster in the history of our country and then, this year, posts a record profit.

    So called 'conservatives' and republicans rally for BP to receive subsidies and government bailout to help them clean up the mess they themselves made.

    So it's not really about conservatism. And it's not about progressivism.  It's not about isms. It's about us.

    We should be afraid. The author warns us. This shows his clarity and grasp of the subject.

    But once you have settled within you a sense of clarity that often follows fear. You are left with the philosophy of action.

    Now is the time for us to rebel. And seriously. Which party would be more fun to attend. A tea party, or a progressive party.


    I vote progressive.

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    Downloading images of Bettie Page. Let's face it. I have a thing for her. :)

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    A good baseball coach has to make tough decisions. Obama made some really great ones here, to be sure. But let's face it. We elected him, and in a landslide . We Americans saw what he was all about.

    And of course. There were at least two or more NAVY SEALS involved in the operation.  Any time you get more than two SEALS you're going to have some serious trouble for the bad guys. :)


    I like this post because it finally points to WikiLeaks as well. Wikileaks has been an enormous resource for us all. We finally get to see Pakistan for what it really is, and to be sure, there are many there in Pakistan whom we could not trust. But my view of it is that of the president's - we couldn't have done this without them, and we owe them a debt of gratitude.

    True islam, peace and harmony and justice - democracy and positive change are sweeping the region. This proves , about Wikileaks - what we knew all along: Telling the Truth is an Act of Patriotism.

    A moment to savor? No. It is a milestone. We did not savor receiving the sword of lord Cornwallis on the Yorktown Peninsula. General George Washington received his sword with highest solemnity.  This is a solemn day for an organization that was dedicated to higher causes, but perverted by a dark and twisted leader.


    The head has been cut from the snake. But in the greater context of history,  it is the revolution coming at the middle east from all sides - that ignores radical organizations such as Al Qaeda - and goes straight to the heart of how to set up modern government - that should be the call of revolution not only for the entire middle east.

    But also our own country.  Our president was elected on a tidal wave of change, and he represents that change - but he is like any other - an elected representative and we have much work to do here in our own country.  BP America causes the largest environmental catastrophe in the history of our country and the very next year, it posts a record profit. What does that say about us?

    We need to remove those who were elected last year on a tidal wave of corporate cash, and find a way to establish real democracy. The fact that Obama heard our cry to take out the one responsible for our wars does not remove from us the problem that the effects of the corrupt bush republicans that have installed enormous governmental machinery to destroy our civil rights - operates still and X-rays us as we walk through the airport. Radioactive. Toxic.

    It's an afterglow. Just Not the kind of glow you really want to keep.  Let's finish the job here. We need to take this as a wakeup call that corrupt men and women can and will get their head handed to them on a silver plate - if we get the right people in power.

    We need another 100 obama's this next election cycle, and we don't need big corporate money putting them there.

    Hit the Bat!


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    Speaking personally, I'm proud to be an American.  A little kid was waving a flag today while he waited for the bus.


    It's a good day to be alive.  :) I'm not picking up any noise on my line. Are you?




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    There was , when we were struck by Bin Laden and his army - a case for nemesis. Bin Laden was the leader of a vast network / and such a shadow network organization - dispersed over so many countries - would never have yielded to us, a moment like lord Cornwallis' surrender at yorktown peninsula. There would never have been a moment where any american president or general would have received the sword of the opposing army, and our war would end.


    Except the well-protected, shadow figure himself - to be taken in. Bin laden was wealthy, protected by high ranking people - moved all over the region. We came close in Tora Bora.

    And now we've won. This is a great day for America. This is about peace. And justice. Not blood. 

    Speaking personally,  I just walked outside to my front door. And sang the National Anthem.  




    I found my voice became loud, and clear, and strong.

    We did it! Gratz!


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    Wikileaks is now confirmed as a prime candidate for the recipient of the Nobel Peace prize.

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    Since when is making someone so that they can't bargain for something - supposed to be conservative?


    Bargaining, whether collective or not - is the very essence of conservatism.  What these bush republicans have done in the past few months, in power - amounts to nothing more or less than the dog and pony show that they ran when they were last in power.


    And we , as American people - thanks to the corporations who saw fit to spend all their money on a midterm , to the tune of 4 billion dollars - instead of hiring people to work - are footing the bill.  Does anyone else besides me remember the last time the bush republicans were in power? Financial crash. War of convenience. 2 Trillion dollars wasted making rubble rattle around in the desert. Gay Republican boy-molesting congressmen running around in the halls of washington in their underwear. 


    And now, let's see... what have they accomplished. Oh yeah. The "Job Killing Please Read the Title of Our Bill Bad for the Economy Don't Look at What's Under Your Bed at Night Free Political Advertisement" bill.   That failed in congress.  Miserably.  And is now dead legislation. And let's see... oh yeah, in Washington, they're going to be shutting down the government because they can't balance a budget.

    Bush Republicans!


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    Jerome said something a while back, that I fully agree with. He said.. "It's not liberal vs. conservative, it's people vs. corporations"..

    Scott Walker's actions to attempt to remove a person's right to bargain , truly underscores the ability of the Republican party in their quest to become the party of the corporation.


    But from our side  - first, accession to the balanced budget that was put on the table - agreeing to all of the financial elements of a strong financial plan - and then , as it was slowly unveiled that the governor was attempting to strip people of their rights -  this shows that the democrats are the party of the people.


    It is no coincidence that instead of mega-big buck defense contractor dollars being spent in the middle east, and nothing being gained - that under a democratic administration we are seeing real and historic change is sweeping across the land both here and abroad.  And it costs very little.


    This is the reason why the economy is turning around after being crashed into the ground by the Bush republicans and nearly destroyed.


    Keep up the good work.


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    Corporations are not human beings - they do not have inalienable rights and a certain self integrity.

    We benefit from hundreds of years of good citizens and statesmen battling against tyranny - when we invoke our rights as citizens. The amendments to our constitution, particularly the first few - stand as a testament to human rights and positive governance.

    Case in point: look at Egypt.  The power-mad and corrupt have never fully taken over our country as they have in Egypt (and they will soon discover that all major cities really only have a cached supply of two weeks, of food).  The riots continue. But here, we are at least capable of discourse.

    And how? Well. I speak for myself.  And I voice my idea. I call my representative or senator. He records that one vote.

    What if I wasn't me - a human being - and instead, I was a corporation?  Well. The only model I can give is that of being a king.  I would have the power of all of those working beneath me, at my beck and call. My words written here in this post would have been vetted and crafted carefully by a team. My call to my representative or senator would not be just one call - but calls made by an assembled team, and quite possibly also a lobbyist who will show up at the door with cash in hand to influence and prostitute that politician.  And they masquerade. They buy out radio personalities - make fake call-in radio shows (where the only callers that get on, are the ones they screen to say what they want).  They manipulate media by using the power of the advertiser - editors commonly check with large advertisers and verify if a story that will be run opposite their purchased page is agreeable to them.

    So. We fought to have equal representation. But treating corporations as in the manner of Citizens united - creates a new kingdom in which we are serfs and the American Corporation is a barony with priviledged and exclusive hidden access to the republic.

    If you listen carefully you can hear the sound of democracy burning and a new form of socialism taking hold. Republicans, who are all generally on the take from corporations - tend to ignore the fact that corporations are centrally planned economies, with no voter representation. Under the guidance of a committee of dictators.

    Aka. Socialist entities pursuing socialist goals. "Reducing taxes" is hardly their main aim : they will back any legislation that benefits them and removes our right to have a voice that speaks as equal to others. They want to be more equal. Better. They don't believe in democracy. They believe in profit. 

    The author of this post gets it right.


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