Why Winning Makes Sense


 In a recent and verified Newsweek poll, Obama's approval jumped upward radically. 

In the same report, 62% of registered democrats now say that they have given some thought to the upcoming election - and plan to vote.

But that's not why winning makes sense. For me, it's the personal observation that today, at advance voting - I saw a line stretching all the way down the hall with people whom I knew to be independent, progress, and with the same vision of smart government that the Democratic party ran upon - no matter how much obstruction the GOP delivered in the past two years.


The GOP strategy is so cynical,  I cannot help but to compare it to the battle of Waterloo,  where they play out the part of Napoleon.  At Waterloo, Napoleon dined on silver plates, remarking  that the upcoming battle between himself (The GOP) and Wellington (Obama) is "nothing more than breakfast".

The GOP crashed our economy and indeed, the global world markets. And then they simply sat in Washington, and took 172,000.00 a year salaries to vote against everything and sit on their hands.  They honestly believe that they can crash an economy, and even mess up their own Republican National Committee - and then nobody would notice?  Their goal was to make sure everything was crashed at or around this time so that they could blame it on the Democrats.

They believe the Democrats are so weak.

But winning, for the Democrats, makes sense to me. Because 85% of all lobbyist money is now being spent on the GOP. The Republicans are taking more lobbyist money than ever before.

All you have to do, as a voter, is go vote. If you catch them now - and the voice of the American people are heard - all of that lobbyist money will suddenly turn Toxic and there will be an end to this lobbyist induced insanity in our country , once and for all.  All of the money is in the GOP. If they lose, the lobbyists lose.

Winning, on Nov. 2, makes sense to me because I see so many people from my neighborhood early voting.  I believe the Newsweek poll reflects an accurate and substantial move on behalf of the independent and progressive  vote in our country to really get the reforms that have begun - and are obviously starting to work - completed. 

So. I'm going to go back, and vote. I have seen all throughout primary season - candidates win just because there are people out there who are excited to go out and vote.  And you know, I'm not sure if anyone noticed but this is an American economy in which all the advertising those lobbyists are buying - isn't making much of a difference.

Silly bands are a great example. How much did they sell? Over 200 million dollars worth. How many dollars did they spend on ads? Zero.

Cool youtube clips are flying all around , right now about the election. In my area, it's important to know that the Republicans taking control will be a really bad thing. There is a republican state bill working its way through legislative means that will de-fund our charter school system (which means, in effect, that my children's schools will be de-funded even though they are all platinum schools of excellence.)

Failed policy has a way of being found out, and those that are truly worth throwing out of DC, will get thrown out. But in the end, don't expect a big GOP landslide. They are not going to win the senate.

Because winning makes sense. Never mind that Nancy Pelosi just said that the Democrats deserve to win. Nor that  hispanics, women, African-Americans, senior citizens, teachers and students, citizens with disabilities and supporters of stem cell research - all deserve to win. Don't forget that people who support a sane foreign policy that doesn't include wars of convenience waged on innocent countries - deserve to win.   It makes sense a major columnist now thinks the democrats are going to win. Sure, it's an op/ed piece. But it's a good read. (c/o huffpo)

People who are looking at their stock market portfolio and find that they're back on track again - would win. College students who are now getting sane terms on student loans, could possibly win. Maybe even people like me who saw a first time homebuyer under Obama's administration first time buyer policy - saw his home snarfed up off the market in less than 2 weeks - thanks to a wise policy. Real estate people who see the latest foreclosure paperwork snafu as just that, and who are clever enough to know we're at the bottom of a market and will make a fortune - could easily win.

The guys who are going to lose, are the ones who think they have it made. They whom the gods would destroy, first make prideful.

And if I may, let me please quote Joe Lieberman, who said recently "Thank God the Momentum is With the Republicans". Sounds kind of smug to me.

Play to win.


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