Why I Love the Tea Party, Part I

 Let's be honest. The Democrats were pretty boring, before Dean, and Obama.  They were running in the same circles as the GOP. And in this last session of congress. Totally epic. The GOP was just sitting on their hands, the entire time. Now that the elections are over - and a good third of those bastards are out, and the blue dogs are out - we've got a shot at it.



Today, the GOP bowed to pressure from the Tea , to ban earmarks. This is huge. This is a giant blow against the lobbyists.

This marks the transition , in my mind - to smart government. The Republicans have finally started listening. And they finally followed the lead we've set out for them.



TEA will drive us onward to more good legislation. Or, I guess I should say - legislation that people really want. Ok, sure, they disagree with you, and you disagree with them. But this is how I see it: we're all on a train and the train is running off the tracks. Pelosi's drained the swamp - the Bush Republicans left. She's doing fine. But what happened in Committee, and especially in the Senate -  to real reform - was criminal.

 Its not liberal vs. conservative, its corporations vs. human beings.

The GOP has to listen to the Tea. They can't do otherwise.

And that means the GOP will end up , finally listening to real people and not just lobbyists. This is better than you might think.

Maybe one day we'll even have manageable, readable legislation that we can simply browse through on the net - and then post a message to our congressman's blog where we want him to go. He might just read his poll, and then decide on the basis of his own, validated constituency.

What I love about the Tea is that it's a grass roots movement - as long as it stays pure like this. Watch carefully. See who tries to block removing earmarks from legislation.


Whatever is bad for lobbyists, is good for you and me. The fact that lobbyists spent so much money last election - nearly 4 billion dollars, and almost all of it went to the GOP - was to be as expected. Lobbyists want a lame duck , dead two party system. The GOP was on the verge of dying altogether. The TEA , ended up taking power. Not the GOP. And these cats mean business.

A good duel, with honest differences - is better than wormy lobbyist-ridden parasites feeding on us all.

Maybe the lobbyists wasted their money after all.  


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