A Stillborn Legislation

When I was young, I was truly enamored of conservatism. As I grew older, I found that my fundamental conservative principles never wavered... I am a big fan of effecient government.


Which is why the GOP no longer represents me at all.


The GOP is going to waste american tax dollars and time to take on a stillborn legislative initiative. The repeal of truly useful reforms. Why?


It seems to me that ever since Ronald Reagan, this republican party seems more interested in dog and pony shows than it does, actual legislation of conservative principles. Conservatism is the lifeblood of politics, just as liberalism is its heartbeat.  The ebb and flow of governance works properly to be, at times - liberal - such as when we are at war. Meatless tuesdays. Victory gardens. War Bonds. And bringing the boys back home. All wars fought and truly won, were won under a Democratic president.


And conservatism - to pare back the cost and size of outdated bureaucracy. To get more for your money. There is nothing wrong with it, at all.


Under the bush republicans, the republican party grew american bureaucracy and secrecy both - more than any other administration in history. And now, the first thing the bush republicans are doing - is the dog and pony show.

A repeal of truly useful reform.  Why? Could it be that it is slowly dawning on the American public how incredibly useful this reform will become? Senior citizens paying less (not more!) for drugs.  Kids getting preventative care and saving millions of dollars against what was formerly all triage and hand waving? Big insurance companies being compelled to be ethical, where once they were denying claims to unconconscious people in ambulances because they went to the wrong hospital?

 The GOP is lost. Their big battle in the RNC is evidence. Did anyone catch all the sniping? Yes. They're fragmented. 4 billion dollars spent on the last election and all they could do was flip the blue dogs back to the red states they came from.

This republican party no longers answer to me, as a voter and a small business owner. Nor do they answer to any real sense of ethics. The corporations and lobbyists who paid ... what was it... oh yes. 4 billion dollars... to buy off this election ... believe in the power of television advertising. I don't.  I am not drinking the kool aid. And that expression has more meaning , when it is said by me, than you might know.

The GOP is hoping and praying that the 24 hour news cycle will trumpet the cause of their attack on healthcare reform.

And one news media entertainment company is going to "go out there and make them look heroic". 

Meanwhile. The entire law will get bashed against the rock of the senate, where they do not have any majority and where it will not pass.

So. The party of "anti abortion" is now going to make sure our government goes all the way through to give birth to a stillborn legislation.  And of course. The lobbyists are there filling out the faked up numbers for the cost of delivery, and getting paid.  Toasting their "victory".

Is this conservatism? 


Did I miss something here?



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