The Republicans are Coming!


 Like the cry of Paul Revere - word must go out, that the  the well organized and motivated republicans are coming. They are marching in a straight line, wearing red. The rules are, that you, as a democrat or an independent - are going to be forced to wear green and shoot at them from behind rocks and trees.

They're coming to take over Congress. And they want to take over the Senate. They stand for an imperial president, who will lead our country like their old King George Bush of yore. They are a crack shot, with their musket. Get them on the "Firing Line" or in front of a news media entertainment camera, and their quips will be fast and furious. They wink at the camera, look really great, and slay everyone.

When they win, as the vast number of 'strategists' now all in discord and disunison - proclaim -  there will be another eight years of their rule. Do you remember, just a little over a year ago, now, how wonderful it was to have the Republicans controlling the house of representatives, and congress? They are coming to win their country back - the republicans know how important global financial meltdown is to science fiction and rugby fans. They're also ready to create another "Department of My Homeland" security, which will protect people who love their country -from dangerous citizens who might stand up and ask questions about where we're going.  It will cost another trillion dollars, just like the wars of convenience they waged on our behalf with alot of  "Shock" and "Awe".  "The Smoking Gun Will Become a Mushroom Cloud". They're ready to wage a war of "Pre Emptive Self Defense". That's why they were in their concrete bunkers the last three years, trying to stop everything  the democrats were doing. 

Their military might has already made healthcare reform, the Democratic President's "Waterloo". Oh wait. Ok. Maybe not. But let's not focus on that right now. Because...

They're marching now, towards your homes and villages - and you can hear them coming. 

The news media entertainment companies say there is no hope for you. You're a democrat, or an independent. They say, there are only a few of you, compared to their vast polling numbers.

What are you going to do?

Some of you can become "Tories". Sell out. Just keep repeating, over and over, how the Republicans are going to win. Repeat their talking points. When the Republicans come into power - these people will be in great shape. Hey, some of you have to live in Washington DC. It's all about who wins, right? A tory will take these hungry, tired soldiers into their home. Feed and protect them. Are you a Tory? You shouldn't be ashamed. It's a practical thing to do.

Some of you are going to fight with everything you've got. I say. For those about to rock.

We salute. You.





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