The Republican Year In Review

 I live in the dirty south, where the republicans walk the earth and are revered as immortals amongst men.  This is the land of the conservative white man.  The GOP overtook my district years ago.

Like most people, I don't really know anything about my house district. The house of congress tends to run midterm elections a bit like a back room sideshow - people appear on the ballot in the primary, and we pretty much vote for them by what we find out a few days before we enter the polling station. House races in my district are a done deal. The GOP candidate is running unopposed. From a broader perspective, however, this year, the GOP drew a line in the sand  - in my district - and had a huge internal battle between the people who think Sarah Palin is a good idea, and everyone else. Sarah Lost.

So , apart from Sarah also losing big in 2008, what else have they accomplished in these past years?

For me, the Republican year in review, starts a bit farther south - and goes back to the year or so before the elections of 2008.   A Florida congressman was found running around in the house of representatives, molesting young boys and chasing them around in their underwear. He was forced to resign and the following election - the republican party put someone else on the ballot to run , in order to keep the seat republican.  Believe it or not, the Democrats won. This was a supposedly unassailable district. But in 2008, the Bush Republicans  returned that seat back to the party that had so effectively controlled it before. 

In 2008, the Democrats handed the Bush Republicans their hat.  A progressive voter force swept through the United States, and a truly people powered president took the White House. What they've done since, is fun to think about.  I've listed their 9 great accomplishments elsewhere - but a brief rundown of what they've accomplished included halting a massive financial crash, stablizing a failing housing market, reforming healthcare, strengthening regulations on banks, and as a result - the stock market is booming again.

But let's try to figure out what the Bush Republicans were doing throughout this whole time. Well, let's start with Governor Sanford. He cheated on his wife, and then took off and left his office without explanation.  He's still cheating on his wife. But strangely, even though he left his office - somehow things are still running fairly smoothly. It goes to show how much a Bush Republican can really accomplish.

And now, on to congress. The Bush republicans made a few big promises. They promised to do nothing. And they promised to make healthcare reform Obama's "Waterloo."  Ok. So they didn't do that. In fact, they didn't do anything. Just sat on their hands. Almost all Bush Republicans voted "No" on almost everything of importance. To the last man.

So, they did nothing.

 But they needed a bright shiny thing for people to look at while they were doing it. So they talked about a big Mosque near Ground Zero? They really were excited about that. They wanted to stop that. Oh wait. They didn't do anything about that, either.

As I gather it, the idea there was that they had to tell America that Muslims are invading. And that this community center that would be built, would be a great evil. There were rallies. Demonstrations. Hand waving. Never mind the fact that this community century that an American in New York  - wanted to build -was  blocks away from ground zero - and was in fact, being built in a Red Light District with adult novelty stores all over the place.


And of course, there was a big oil spill. The Republican senators got together and said that BP shouldn't have to pay to clean it up. The Alaskan senator wanted the Government to clean it up. Yes, Bush Republicans stand for big government.

So, to recap.  The bush republican voters, paid the salaries of the people in congress and the senate to all sit on their hands. 


When primary season rolled around, they were surprised to find their own party fragmented and broke apart and a new party started building up from their very own ranks. Three senate races went to these new guys.

And, now, supposedly. They're winning. Vice President Joe Biden said. Giving the Republicans control of the house of congress (since they no longer say they can take control of the senate) - is like making an arsonist the fire marshall.

Who knows. The election season is still young. Alot of nothing can be done between here and election day. But suffice to say the year in review, doesn't look good for them. 


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No....the election season is NOT young

I don't know what planet you're living on, because the election here is only two weeks away. And Obama is leading the Democrats to their biggest shellacking since 1994. Most people here believe that's a bad thing, but if you disagree, well, have at it.

The problem with your line of thinking is that it's focused mostly on inside baseball. For example, most people across the country don't know who Mark Sanford is, and frankly, they don't care. But they do feel that Obama and Pelosi have defied their wishes by passing legislation that is poorly crafted, poorly executed, and worst of all, ignores the economy. Obama and Pelosi both promised that their #1 priority would be "jobs, jobs, jobs!", and then busied themselves with their own pet projects like health care and Cap & Trade. In the meantime, unemployment soared from 7.8% to 9.6%, with the real rate surpassing 16%. And believe me, when Pelosi announced that they would have to "pass the health care bill in order to find out what was in it", the voters were not amused.

Twice before in recent history---1980 and 1994---the Reagan Democrats realized that the Democratic party was "showing arrogance", to use Barry's words. And again this year, they believe that this Democratic party really doesn't care about their needs and concerns:

Suffice it to say that the year in review doesn't look good for the Democratic party leadership, and the election doesn't look good for our candidates.


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