The Real Waterloo

The real Waterloo  is fast arriving for a party that has given unprecedented power over American institutions, to corporations.

Like Napoleon, they are right now , dining on the silver platter - that American lobbyists have given them, and content that the upcoming battle for our country is nothing more than 'breakfast'.

Like Wellington, our leader arose before dawn, and began writing letters. He was quiet during that time. And now he rises up to meet Napoleon on the battlefield.

We're the good guys. And we're going to win. Vote. Check the wikipedia articles on your people. Make sure they're correct. Get involved.  Get your friends. Go for it. 

A win, right now - is the end of it all. It will allow us to trace back to every corrupt editor that took a payoff to repeat endlessly the story that the republicans are going to win. It would bankrupt a party whose very  Republican National Committee is weakened, and in debt and  incapable of handling their own finances. The shady corporate interests are pouring money into this but poisoning the very well.  Lobbyism is, like slavery was to the whig party - the fatal issue for the Republican party. A party whose time has come and gone - no longer standing for conservatism, but instead - corporatism.

The French, at the beginning of the battle of Waterloo - believed they were going to win. They truly thought they had superior numbers, and that they had done everything they needed to do, to ensure an easy victory.

So too, have the republicans. They have done everything, except actually go and vote. Only 27% of the vote is now banked - and the Democrats are coming on strong. 

Take a look at the huge jump upward in the approval rating of the president. Almost 10 points.

The republicans promised they would make Obama and his presidency, a Waterloo. But they never believed they would be outmaneuvered. Outflanked. Their message is that they are battling the elite, and that they stand for our first amendment freedoms - even though their very own senate candidate doesn't even know what the first amendment says -  they never would have believed that they would lose in 2010. They are in many ways, the same as the losing side of the Battle of Waterloo - they are going into the election confident, and ignorant of the true strength of their enemy - a party of smart government, pajama clad bloggers and people who overthrew their Bush/Cheney darlings in grand style and without warning. 

In 2008, the Republicans lost big. They lost the house, presidency and even handed a supermajority over to the Democrats in the senate (albeit a fragile one) -  they - the selfsame who blocked everything and did nothing for the past two years - are confident.

He who laughs last. Laughs loudest.





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