The GOP Lied to Me

 They promised that healthcare reform would be Obama's "Waterloo" - a career-ending failure. But instead, it passed and is now steadily gaining support and more and more people are seeing how useful it really is.


They also told me that the economy is getting worse because of all these policy changes. But the economy is getting better. And it looks like the last congress really did fix the mess that the republicans left us in, in 2008.


And now they're saying that they are a party of conservative values and fighting for fiscal discipline. But  they want to spend 200 billion dollars trying to undo meaningful reform?

I don't mind that they passed a spending cap so that nothing could get funded that doesn't balance the budget. But why do they try to pass their anti-healthcare reform law and then make a special exception?

The GOP told me that they were conservative. But they want to spend 200 billion dollars just to make a dog and pony show about reform that is already taking hold.

I'm really , really tired of the dog and pony show. I like being an independent but if the GOP thinks that playing around with the media and waving their hands in the air - is some kind of attempt at actually getting anything done...

Then where does that leave me? I need a party that reflects the conservative side of myself - I naturally follow the ebb and flow of policy - as things get more expensive, and less expensive - prices change, government changes along with it.  But when a party like this tells me that they are conservative and then immediately - waste time and money as the first thing that they want to do.... ?





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