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 When I hit myDD today, I noticed the "sign in with Twitter" button anew. Today, twitter shut down the group known as 'Anonymous' that are leading the demonstration against the corporate attempts to shut down


This group was simply  using their Twitter account to post updates. And it is now suspended. Is this the kind of political discourse, that Twitter stands for?


My right of free speech and assembly - is not a term of service contract item that can be bought, sold, or transferred. It persists throughout the body of any service level agreement.  For both Twitter and Facebook to have shut down the accounts simply because the group was organizing cyber action - is wrong. You may disagree with the action, but to remove the account simply because you  wish to censor or halt the group's activity - is not a standard of censorship commensurate with free press.

When MyDD lets you sign in with Twitter - do you?

Do you like the idea of your messages being auto-scanned, and the account shut down if you say something they disagree with? Does the 'sign in with Twitter' button do anything for you at all?  Have you ever clicked on it?

Will you?

Just curious.



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P.S. For the record

For the record, I use my own mail servers - I don't let anyone gate my access to any site or series of sites - except the party that I am connecting with, and I am more than fluent in emoticon.


The laughable attempt by some in the radical, news media entertainment oriented semi-religious right today to attempt to claim that they are some sort of target of cyber war - is yet another reason why I also , both ritually and as a matter of practical course - do not ever, in any communication - name anyone by name - who is trying to use the 24 hour news cycle as a means by which they will popularize their name as a brand or trademark -


After all, I was priviledged ... or unfortunate ... enough to hear a certain morbidly obese man, who had up until the point he began transmission out of Sacramento, California - been suckling on the teat of government, taking welfare - buying things with his credit cards out of convenience stores because he had no cash -


And then discovered he could thrash up the 24 hour news cycle, and make a demagogue out of himself to boost the ratings of his failed news media entertainment show.


I'm more of a Bruce Williams, Clark Howard, Dave Ramsey kind of guy when it comes to the A.M. band.


Not that fat guy or any of his bozo friends. I don't let people make my decisions for me. I don't need someone to tell me what to think about something - and I don't need. someone. to. login. to . a. website. for me.


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