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 Talking about poll results in a political season is like looking back at your club while you're on your downswing.  It might make  you feel like you're in control, but you're taking yourself out of the game in the most stupid way imaginable. We're going to dispense with the dialogue about polls here, for a second.  And try to answer the question. What exactly, is the GOP trying to do, this year?

When you listen to the GOP talking about the First Amendment, and getting it wrong... it's pretty clear that you've got a party that's broken straight down to its core.  Think back to just a few months ago - there were no leaders, no big personalities.  Palin went into this vaccuum so she could stand over the mike, make snarky comments, get paid 50k and then watch her candidate lose an election.  She rode in on the wave of popularity that was already there - for a third party. One that represents conservative values,  while she represents hiring lobbyists for Wasilla, Alaska and bridges to nowhere.

And of course, she's from the state whose senator thinks it's a conservative position for businesses such as BP to be given a government handout whenever they blow off safety procedures, try to shove salt water instead of drilling mud down a well - and then set up staged cleanups for the media when the President comes down to visit. 

Luckily for us, the dog and pony show didn't work. The president made them set up the biggest oil spill cleanup fund in history - almost as big as the oil spill itself. You know. The one that "magically disappeared" right about the same time the news media entertainment companies decided that their advertisers wanted them to run something else.

And now, thanks to the miracle of an incredibly stupid supreme court ruling - one that basically grants American corporations - who have enjoyed unprecedented control over American institutions - yet more power to try to buy off an election  - we are crawling with strange, half mishappen creatures of the night wandering around and printing up campaign signs, creating campaign ads and generally scaring people into believing the arsonist should become the fire marshall and the fox should guard the henhouse. 

What else is new? Most multinational, globalized, post-NAFTA American corporations have the fox guarding the henhouse as an element their business plan. The last survey - and it's getting harder to do these surveys so close to election day - showed 85% of the lobbyist money now flowing into the GOP. That's why they're sitting on mountains of cash that they would otherwise use to hire, and expand, and grow jobs in the country. Expect a made for TV movie stock market "correction" in the next three days to make up for the absolute sloppiness they've displayed in allowing the stock market to boom after Obama took office.   See this gesture I'm making with my hand here?


Q: What's the difference between a Republican, and a Democrat?

A: Well, at least the Republican knows he's a liar.

That joke was told by an ex girlfriend - after the two terms Clinton served, and the horrendous amount of cash she made while we were under a democratic president so many years ago - from a technology company startup - she's been M.I.A.  for years.   I just imagine her as M.I.A. , of course. Because I've been married for nearly as long, and the secret to marriage isn't whether or not you're the opposite sex as the other person but whether you get any sex at all.*


* Republican Governors who take Argentinian girlfriends while they're married, and use their office to get down to Argentina and cheat on their wives -  are excused to leave the room at this time.


So what's really going on with the Republican party?  What is happening, when you go deep? The answer is they're fighting a battle for their lives. They have one issue they've circled the wagons around.  

Healthcare Reform.

The Republicans aren't just happy to pretend that they didn't cause the huge economic mess we just worked our way out of  - and, they won't just settle to pretend that the President didn't halt the war in Iraq. They want Healthcare Reform to be Obama's "Waterloo".

I happen to know a few things about the battle of Waterloo.  It was a showdown between Napoleon and Wellington, the latter which said that he had - I quote " an infamous army, very weak and ill-equipped, and a very inexperienced Staff".

He had no heavy cavalry, just as the GOP didn't have any heavy hitters in 2008.  On the morning of the battle, Wellington rose at dawn - a bit like I am up at dawn to try to find a way to write this post without getting fired, he spent his morning writing letters. Then at dawn, it was game on.

Napoleon, meanwhile - suffered from having a big head. He breakfasted off silver, white house plates and enjoyed his moment. He said that the entire battle will be nothing more than breakfast.

When Napoleon attacked, his first move was designed to be a flanking maneuver but Wellington made it count and he had to draw in all his reserves.

That's what the GOP believed. They thought Obama could never hit them on Healthcare Reform.  And when he did hit them, they thought it was going to be a flanking maneuver that they could entangle him within - just as Wellington forced Napoleon to draw in all of his reserves on that first and decisive attack which later turned out so disastrous.

But Obama won. Healthcare reform is now law. And there are a new wave of Democratic candidates who want to improve it to the point where it includes a National Health Service, and actually works.

This scares the GOP to death.  This is the one issue that could be the end of them, just as slavery was the end of the Whig party.


And so, the GOP is now quietly sending out its armies through the fields of Wikipedia, trying to rewrite history. The epic demand for Healthcare reform - where over 72% of all Americans stated they would like to see real, substantive change - is now becoming, according to wikipedia "controversy". Not so.


See. The GOP never counted on the progressives. They dined on silver plates and believed that Obama was nothing more than breakfast.  They made up cool sounding bumper stickers, and slogans, and they hired snarky, lobbyist friendly ex-mayors of Wasilla Alaska to lead them. They really believed that Obama wasn't a good general.


And now, they're marching in straight lines. Wearing red. And we get to fire at them from behind rocks and trees.


Get out there, and make sure the wikipedia articles on your current congressman are correct. Don't make it a campaign ad. Just make sure the record is accurate.  Use Thomas:

It's a "Google" for government.  And it can't be google bombed by hundreds of paid GOP campaign workers.

Make this election count. When the voter is ready to go deep. He won't just scratch the surface. He'll know what really happened. They're not going to go off and read campaign ads, or turn on their TV to make their decision. They're going to try to dig up the facts.


And speaking as an independent, - when they get the facts, they'll make the best decision.  They won't just vote along party lines. It's the best way to deliver to the GOP just exactly what they deserve.  If we make sure there is an accurate store of information out there for the voter to make their decision. Then, the good guys will win. Guys like Alan Grayson.

And the Republicans will finally find their Waterloo.







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