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 Today, Pres. Obama was quoted as saying "Fox news is destructive to America".


News Media Entertainment, on a 24 hour news cycle  - is little else to me than yet another poorly scripted reality TV show. Talking heads come on, and try to debate things that are facts, almost as if they are not facts.  They endlessly bicker from one side to the next.


And in the argument, you're supposed to hear how things work out.  I think their rationale is, you're kind of like a small child - and you get to hear your parents fighting back and forth. The identification might be, the republican party is your mother - and the GOP is your dad. And you're going to hear them ripping each other apart. You might be scared, alone, in your room - listening to the fight.

But you won't be able to tear yourself away. That's the idea. You want to know "who wins". Or, you're supposed to be cowering in the dark waiting to see if it's all clear. The idea is, I guess - that the two who are arguing, are some kind of authority.  And more often than not, nobody's watching the children.

Is this bad for America?

I count myself as one of the people who are free from the influence of this kind of thing. They aren't "the news" to me, they're a form of entertainment.  And since it's the 21st century, I can just turn it off. And I have.

I also don't buy into anything that looks like this. I'm not interested in failed Hollywood entertainers who occupy a standstill traffic six o clock drive homeward. I'm not interested in hearing them call from the highest mountain what is wrong with this country.

The American family is the base unit of all political thought, and action.  The GOP can be likened to a woman, perhaps the mother - a laissez faire, Sarah Palin. Of course, the GOP, a bit like Sarah Palin as Governor - quit their job before it was done. The GOP over the past two years has done almost  nothing. They took the chance to heal the country and threw it away. But they sure know entertainment, don't they. Wasn't "Shock and Awe" terrific?

And if "Mom" is the Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska - we're not supposed to ask why Mr. And Mrs. Lobbyis are always in our home.  There's alot of advertising getting sold on News Media Entertainment. Especially when 85% of the billion dollar lobbyist budget is getting spent on the Republicans this year. Sarah Palin hired lobbyists to help her run the small town of Wasilla, Alaska. Big pork for little town alaska.


Lest we forget where the lobbyists tried to spend their dollars ten months ago...

"When Republicans Rule, Man exploits man. When Democrats rule, it's the exact opposite."


Yes, News Media Entertainment is FUN!  Two people... oh wait.. Where's "Dad"? 


The Democratic "Dad"is  Captain Mal from the series "Firefly". Hey, after all, I get to pick and choose from media personalities, don't I? Juan Williams is signed to a 2 million dollar contract. Captain Mal was free since the boneheads who distributed "Firefly" only paid for one season.


There's one episode of "Firefly" where we see the captain of the ship Serenity, standing nude in the desert. It starts out with him saying. "Well, that turned out just about how I planned".   Hi, Democratic Party.

 Unlike certain lobbyist oriented ex mayors of Wasilla, this guy wouldn't make for good TV. No?

So what news media entertainment does, is try to take that "Dad", and turn him into someone who is really threatened by  "Mom". That way, the debate can rage endless.  Back and forth. Blah blah blah blah blah. 

If you're actually buying into that kind of News Media Entertainment - your response is just like the response to stress. You shut down parts of yourself, that you really need - in order to vote. This explains why Republicans who were consumers of news media entertainment were polled, and 41% of them believed that Weapons of Mass Destruction were actually found .  And of course, you've got the people who are going to say that the two airplanes loaded with jet fuel, were weapons of mass destruction.  I guess you have to have a longer political memory than two years - to remember just how important "WMD" was to the Bush Republicans. It was the justification for everything they did. The country waged a war of convenience, because the Republicans were in power.

Today, of course, it's President Obama. He's the boogeyman. This is what News Media Entertainment does.  And just in time for Halloween. It's ok, to criticize the president. Or to bring dialogue into the country. It's not ok to try to fracture debate. Destroy the chance for two people to come together and talk things out.

Perhaps that's why the divorce rate for Republicans is higher than Democrats

 If the family is the base political unit of our government, and within that family , if you see leadership doing nothing, skipping out before their job is done, or doing a bad job -

Then it seems to me that if it is anything other than just entertainment, there should be some kind of criticism of it.  That's the function of the presss.

I think the founding fathers believed that the press would serve this role. They would nourish the voter, and give them what they need to make informed decisions. They would be stewards of democracy.


News Media Entertainment is supposed to serve up a nourishing admixture of objective news, and fact.


But perhaps "Mom" and "Dad" are too busy. So they fry bacon. True, it's only the finest Lobbyist brand pork product. News Media Entertainment  serves it up with the grease dripping off the plate.  For breakfast.

Lunch. And Dinner. And of course, since the kids are hungry all day , the snack bar will always be open.

If there were other things on the kid's plate, you might get away with it.  You know, a stick of bacon, lipstick pig or not - can be tasty on a BLT.

What news media entertainment does, is try to serve up the same thing over and over. The kids get just bacon. And if they're thirsty. They drink bacon grease.  News Media Entertainment  tries to pass itself off as a doctor. They serve up this stuff, and then say its a "Balanced" meal. 

 So it shouldn't be much of a surprise to find that the Republicans would consider de-funding NPR if they get elected to power.   Again. 

Health food can look pretty gross to someone who is fed a constant diet of grease and pork. The damage, I guess, is as bad as if it were what you actually fed your kids.  You , as a voter, have to decide whether or not you will let the charade that passes for free press - continue on as news media entertainment. 

I for one. Vote with the remote.





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