My Homework on Kagan


 I did my homework on Kagan. At least, part of it. And I've come to a personal conclusion.


Kagan is brilliant for the job. It took a while - but the first thing that came out of my studies of her career- her rise to key positions in the legal world - that ended with her appointment as solicitor-general  (whose responsibility is to argue cases before the supreme court ) - is that she is emminently qualified.


The story that unfolded was one of an independent judiciary and a balanced view of the law - one that does not see corporations as human entities. Sotomayor has questioned this precept; other justices seem to be willing to look at this carefully - Kagan was instrumental in a precedent-setting case before the Supreme Court - prior to her winning this appointment- that now defines corporations  - as a result of her argument - as basically. Citizens.  Corporate contributions to campaigns in the 2010 election cycle will be unprecedented, as a result.

 But Kagan is an independent thinker.

It could be said that we are bringing the court out of balance - Stevens was a key justice. To replace him, Kagan brings to the table a marked ability to bring about governing consensus.  That quality , which, expressed in a president - I refer to as statesmanship.

It will result in a more stable, and efficient Supreme Court.


It slowly dawned on my why Barack Obama chose her above all others ... Barack Obama is in essence, appointing someone who operates in a very similiar manner as himself. And that has seen great accomplishment over the past two years.


The result of my homework on Kagan is that I find her an emminently qualified candidate, worthy of our expressed support to our reps and senators.


And you guys know that if I didn't, I would have told you.  Justices like Kagan don't come along every day.  Moreover, I convinced myself that the SCOTUS has equal axis art, and science - and Kagan above all else will understand the art of jurisprudence and the court - and govern well her office as a supreme court justice.


It's a good job. She deserves it. I think she will kick ass.

And take names.. :)




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I agree...

....Because I read the email that the President sent me about the appointment, and that was all the homework I needed to do. Which, ironically, is also all the homework many of her detractors on the Left needed to do.

by QTG 2010-05-14 09:11PM | 0 recs


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