How to Freak Out a Beatle

 John Lennon was at an acid party, once - and he was tripping. When someone walked up to him and said "I know what it's like to be dead". Apparently, he never forgot it. He later wrote a song, that sort of sticks with me today for a reason that I'll get to, in a minute. The song's name is "She said She said".  Never mind the fact that it was Peter Fonda, who was actually going into the riff about being dead. The lyric goes a bit like this.

She said ‘I know what it’s like to be dead
‘I know what it’s is to be sad’
and she’s making me feel like I’ve never been born

This song was was released as part of the "Revolver" LP .  For some reason, I was hearing this song in my head when I read a panegyric published today about the Obama administration. Also today, as you can see at breaking blue - the sort of "twitter" "tweet" version of actual blogging...  Jerome posted this shocker link about how the Obama administration is going after Julian Assange. And how they're supposedly working with Karl Rove. Sign in with Twitter!

Of course, Jerome's unabashed and down to earth support of now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate probably has nothing to do the fact that any DOJ action is being taken against Assange - may or may not have to do with the concept that Hillary wants the man's head on a pole outside the 25th street bridge over the Potomac. Far be it from me to suggest that she's miffed at all the extra work she has to do. But suffice to say, it's pretty clear - that she won't be the only one. There are quite a few countries out there ....  and there are now over 3000 mirror sites of Wikileaks. It's not going away. And it's not just about America. (Part of this is really all about  about Net Neutrality.  Is your first amendment right, something that can be silenced by a terms of service contract? ... Never mind that the investigative journalism in America could really need a boost... You can watch that meeting tomorrow, live feed. Let the FCC know you'd like to have an open internet on your cellphone!  )

The whole thing Jerome "tweeted"  - which, if you read it - doesn't really have much to do with  precisely what Mr. Assange is being accused of. It is very interesting, however. I would recommend digging into it - if just to help create that neat sense of occult that Karl Rove loves to keep about himself - as he works his way through a post divorce landscape, as an obese DWM trying to keep up on his Jaguar payments.  It seems the tacit assumption of people like Karl Rove and other psuedoconservatives that you can have such a heavy, ham handed government to go after you for nothing more than an accusation.   I think it probably makes sense for someone not to be extradited , when they haven't been accused of a crime. And I'll leave it at that.

But that's not the reason why I posted this. Because, honestly, I think Mr. Assange can handle himself - and Wikileaks is certainly not going away - as a result of all the heat any number of sources have been putting on him. As Mr. Assange stated: "I think they're beginning to realize that Wikileaks is not just me and my backpack."

Nope. I posted this because, this morning, there was that rare experience - of reading a political essay - that actually made me think of a Beatles song. In fact, the one I mentioned earlier. "She said She said". The only song that did not have Paul McCartney recording it, in fact. PM Carpenter's ripping panegyric:

It's called "Why the Left and Right won't Cheer Obama".. and it's damned good.  Enjoy!

Merry Christmas everyone. See you in 2011. I'm going to get some real work done, and get out of here. I need to nurse my nascent WoW addiction back into a full-on habit again.  (I bought Cata yesterday. sigh. Couldn't resist the prospect of killing a really big dragon - even if it's only a virtual one . There be dragons! )


And damnit, I'm going to end this post with an emoticon.




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