Dick Cheney says: Go REPUBLICANS!


 Dick Cheney is adamantly in favor of handing congress over to the Republicans. He's excited about the latest poll results.

As an independent, I find Dick Cheney someone that we should keep in mind. His wants, and desires for government are an important indicator as to where the Bush  Republicans are hiding.

For more than eight years, the Bush Republicans made an unholy mess of our country. They brought in the largest economic crash that I have ever seen. It was so big, the ripple effect shot through the entire global marketplace and cost the entire world trillions of dollars.


I believe that half the reason Obama won the Nobel peace prize, had to do with the fact that the Nobel committee recognized that the American voters did something very great for world peace by throwing the bastards out.


What's really interesting is that if Dick Cheney were on the campaign trail - which, he's not (because the GOP wants to try to pretend to be a pal to the independents this election season) - he would be saying "throw the bastards out".

But for what?

For Healthcare Reform?

For stabilizing a sick economy, and building out a recovery?

I just got off the phone today with a member of  a major insurance company. Open only to members of the military, this insurance company was handling something minor in regard to my homeowner's policy. The insurance agent was in charge of policy services, and confided in me that he's been writing new homeowner's policies at an increasing rate. He told me that he believes the home market has hit bottom, and it's recovering slowly.

Another conversation with our Payroll processor, the same off-the-record conversation that warned me of the impending crash and job losses a few years back - told me a similiar story. The economy is recovering. Jobs are coming back.  They're cutting more payroll checks.


And the stock market is strong.  But more to the point, apart from my children's now-completely recovered college portfolio (and yes, I bought in while the market was down!) - my wife can get insurance.  Healthcare reform made  a positive impact on her life.


If Dick Cheney were here, he'd growl and say "the insurance companies only make 58.00 per person" and that the new reforms "forced them to raise premiums".  He'd say he wants to "return the power of choice to us".


But what he's really saying is that he'd give more power back to the corporations who are just using any excuse they can to screw over the American people. The rates that I was paying were, and still are - usurious. Out of control.

They're making far more than 50.00 a person. That's why they can afford to buy off bloggers, and pay people to modify wikipedia pages - and run multimillion dollar ad campaigns.

And that's why Dick Cheney is their hero.

So where is he?



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