As Citizens, We Alone Are to Blame

As citizens of the American Republic it is our responsibility to maintain the democracy.  Democracy is not free.  It was work to create it.  And it is work to keep it.

Throughout our history, Americans have struggled against the foes of liberal democracy.  We fought to end slavery, to expand voting rights, to reign in the power of the richest amongst us and to extend civil rights to all.  At times we had to take our fights to the streets.  Most often, the challenges presented to us required decades of organizing and mobilizing.  Today is no different.

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Rehnquist Killed the Republic

The Rehnquist Court should be remembered for one thing: Nailing the republic's coffin.  George W. Bush was not elected president in 2000.  And yet he assumed the office with the blessing of the Supreme Court.  And that violated everything that our republic should stand for.  Chief Justice Rehnquist goes down in history as one of the worst Chief Justice's in the history of America.

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War Has Been Declared - On America's Poor

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George W. Bush has brought me to tears like no other politician.  He has brought me to rage, to depression.  I try to keep him out of my life, to stay out of depression and rage.  But just when I think that I have turned my rage into something positive, into energy and effort to do what it takes to get our government back on track, George W. Bush does something so awful that I am once again sent into a tailspin of rage and despair.

This week has been a steady decline into disbelief.  I knew that there was no compassion in George W. Bush.  I knew this, and yet I expected that this hurricane would go as normal, as a response to a hurricane should go.  How could I think this?  How could I be naive enough to believe that with him in the White House things would not go terribly, terribly wrong?

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Race and Class Warfare

I use the words "class warfare" and "race warfare" sparingly because I think that the concepts behind those words are so serious as to require restraint.  We shouldn't cheapen their meaning with overuse.  

But watching what is going on in the Katrina aftermath, I can think of no other words to describe the criminal neglect of this government and this nation.  And I attribute that neglect to both the rightward shift and to America's shameful history when it comes to class, poverty and race.

The rightward shift gave us Bush.  And it also gave us the right-wing media, who gleefully reported "looters" and depicted the chaos in New Orleans as about "personal responsibility." Fox even had a professor from Florida say that no aid should go to New Orleans - which market forces should take care of this kind of crisis alone.

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Video: Survivor "Bush ain't doing his job."

Wake up Mr. President.  Wake up.

From Booman Tribune, via Crooks & Liars, you've got to see this video

We need leadership.  We need a press that can tell us the truth about Bush's failure to lead.

And we need someone to step up and to take his place.

What were the Republicans thinking when they made this guy into our President?  

Wake up Mr. President.  Wake up.

Think like a Republican.

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A call to action to every progressive blogger:

  1. Find one candidate (for any race, in 2006 or 2008, national, local, state) who you think could and should get nominated to run in the general election.

  2. Figure out how Republicans will attack that candidate.

  3. Build up a wall of defenses now.

  4. When challenging other Democrats, focus on issues only - don't do the work of the Republicans by definging our candidates as personally flawed or being otherwise "unelectable."

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Hillary and the War

I strongly disagree with Hillary's position on the war.  I was opposed to the war from its inception.  At the time that Bush was selling his Iraq invasion it was clear to me, and I suspect to anyone with access to power as well, that Bush was lying about the reasons and need for the Iraq invasion.   But while I disagree with Hillary on this one (albeit major) issue, I will still support Hillary for President in 2008.

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Thoughts on Hillary

My liking of Hillary starts with what she tried to do when Bill was first elected President.  Some are cultural issues - like her initial refusal to be the nation's housewife.  Hillary started off strong, retaining her last name, going to all men's clubs with her husband the President and heading up the Health Care Commission.  But she, like the rest of the Clinton White House learned the hard way that the Washington establishment would have none of this.  She was lambasted for retaining her name, mocked for not taking on the role of housewife to the nation and her health care plan went down in flames.  1992 to 1994 were tough years for the Clintons - and for the Democrats.

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Book Review: Take Back the Right

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Every once in a while I come across a book that surprises me.  Take Back the Right by Philip Gold was such a book.  I bought the book based on its title alone (I know, don't judge a book by its cover - but I was in a hurry).  I didn't know who Philip Gold was.  Even as I added it to my "buy pile" with a dozen or so calls to progressive action I was a bit skeptical.  

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Why I'm Backing Hillary in 2008

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Things change. And things have changed. The Bush administration caught me by surprise – big surprise. When I voted for Ralph Nader in 2000 I did not fully understand what a difference there would be between Bush and Gore. While I thought then that I was doing the right thing (by forcing the Democrats to take note of their Left flank) I know now that the world would be far safer and the United States far more equitable, had all us Greens voted for Gore in 2000.

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