Did Woodward's White House Leaker 'Fully Cooperate'?

Bob Woodward's admission that a White House official had already leaked the identity of a CIA operative's name, before Libby leaked the same information, has no bearing on Fitzgerald's charges against Libby.  Libby is charged with lying to cover-up, not with being the first to leak.  

But Libby's cover-up does have bearing on why Fitzgerald may have missed the earlier leak.  Libby's lies prevented Fitzgerald from being able to get to the bottom of any possible White House crime.  It should come as no surprise that Fitzgerald is missing parts of the puzzle, given that the White House has misled and withheld information.

Which leads to the second relevant point of Woodward's revelation.  Apparently a White House official had told Woodward about Plame-Wilson, and failed to report this to Fitzgerald until after the indictment was made.  

With all the pressure on Woodward for not sharing his secret, why not apply pressure on the unknown White House official?  Weren't all White House staffers ordered to fully cooperate with Fitzgerald, even before the indictment was released?  Keeping such important information from the investigation is hardly full cooperation.

White House spinners want Woodward's role to diminish Fitzgerald and the case against the Bush administration for the cover-up of their partisan retribution against Plame-Wilson.  But in this case, they should know to keep their mouths shut, since any news about Libby, Fitzgerald, Plame-Wilson and the ensuing investigation keeps the spotlight on the ends to which the White House went to bring America into a war of choice.  And they should certainly keep their mouths shut when the latest news involves even more White House staffers involved in even more leaks and cover-ups.

Regardless of what comes out in the criminal proceedings, it's clear that at best the White House was reckless with regards to national security and the protection of covert CIA agents.  There's no excuse for any CIA operative's identity being leaked or bandied about as gossip.  And there's certainly no excuse for the White House to lie about and attempt to cover up such reckless behavior.

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of course he didn't co-operate....
as I note in the diary above this one, Woodward's story about "not wanting to be supoenaed" makes no sense unless he was pretty sure that his source would not disclose his own leak to Woodward.

....and that Pincus would not talk about what Bob Woodward thought Pincus knew -- that Woodward himself knew.

I'm beginning to think that Woodward himself may be in legal trouble here, because his story doesn't add up.   He thinks Pincus knows, and knows Pincus will be talking to the prosecutor...and does NOTHING?  

by p lukasiak 2005-11-18 09:23AM | 0 recs


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