Pro Clinton door to door canvassing diaries please

(An appeal more than a diary). This is an appeal for canvassing diaries. I wish I could write them myself, but as my particular part of the country was a Super Tuesday state all is quiet here. And before people suggest I get over to PA myself, I have a couple of young kids who would miss me (I hope).
I find these very personal, door to door, "clipboard gripped in my sweaty palm" diaries amazingly powerful. DKos has a few every week (pro Obama) and they are great reading. I think I have read a few on MyDD (1 or 2 about the Texas caususes?) that were pro Clinton but I haven't seen many recently.
I think they are a great insight into the campaigns and they usually don't get bogged down with the he said/she said crap. Please more pro Clinton canvassing diaries! I want to find out more! It gives us sad types a sense of a life beyond goodnight moon

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Re: Pro Clinton door to door canvassing diaries pl

I only have a few minutes to write before falling into bed, since I have to be back on the bus to Philadelphia in a matter of a few short hours for another day of canvassing. Today there were 70 Clinton volunteers out in our section of Philadelphia, the weather glorious, the mood buoyant. My partner and I went to 127 homes, talking with many additional voters along the way. People invited us into their homes and told us their stories of losing jobs, inability to access health care, years in the service. Talking about what they hoped Hillary could do to make their lives better.

We only found two Obama voters, one of who was only "leaning", not solidly for Obama. A very large number of the Clinton voters seemed compelled to add, unsolicited, that they were going to vote for McCain if Hillary was not the nominee, apparently regarding us as emissaries from a Democratic Party they wanted to send a message to, with a tone of defiance in their voices, studying our reactions to their statements.

There were quite a few New Yorkers among the volunteers, some of them the same very volunteers we knew form Iowa, New Hampshire, Ohio, etc. They, like myself, can barely afford the transportation and other costs, but somehow are figuring out how to go wherever Hillary needs us to go, to spread the word about how important it is that she be elected President, and how great she would be for our country. It is like a reunion. We will be returning for the next weekends until the primary on April 22, and staying over the 19-22 for the last big push.

I better go pay for and print out my bus ticket for the morning, since I'm not that detail oriented when I wake up. More later, as the days in PA unfold.

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Re: Pro Clinton door to door canvassing diaries pl

did you ask those people who would vote for mccain if hrc wasnt the nominee to reconsider and vote democrat regardless of who the nominee is?

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Re: Pro Clinton door to door canvassing diaries pl

A lot of people voting for Hillary Clinton I know , would end up voting for John Mccain in the general election and it is not because of some form of bitterness , although I can't rule that out.

In my experience these people just have fundamental problems with an Obama candidacy whether it is inexperience in this dangerous world , ideological reasons etc.

I know I am having issue ideologically with his candidacy , I would vote for him in the end.

A substantial number of democrats would prefer John Mccain to answer that 3 am phone call when there is a crisis rather than Obama.

I am worried that Obama might have enough gas to move past Hillary Clinton but would run out of gas in the general.

With regards to PA , I have been making calls for Clinton in Bucks County and I can tell you i get the same response , vote for Clinton in primary , If she doesn't get there vote for Mccain.

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Re: Pro Clinton door to door canvassing diaries pl


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Re: Pro Clinton door to door canvassing diaries pl

You ought to consider it.  As it currently stands, it is very, very likely that the general election matchup will be Obama/McCain.

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Re: Pro Clinton door to door canvassing diaries pl

"You ought to consider it."

Obama supporters will have to convince those voters to support Obama. Good luck. I don't see how you are going to convince people who think he has too little experience and is not qualified to be president. You haven't convinced me at all (don't waste your time).

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Re: Pro Clinton door to door canvassing
I live in a very rural area of NW PA. I work in a restaurant and speak to hundreds of people every week.
It has been my great pleasure to have most of the young people I work with tell me they are voting for the first time and they are voting Hillary. We talk about her plans for the economy, creating freen jobs right here in PA, universal health care that will not leave them out, a responsible withdrawal from Iraq, and her proposals for reducing the cost of attending college.
I even managed to convince a life long Rep. to switch and vote Hillary. She wants a better life for her kids and agrees Hillary has the proposals, plans, guts and experience to turn this country around!
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Re: Pro Clinton door to door canvassing diaries pl

ProudMilitaryMom, how wonderful!!  I feel better about a big Hillary win in PA!

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My canvas experience in Philly 4-5-08

My friend and I had a very reaffirming experience yesterday. We went to nearly 25 homes in an area about 10 minutes outside of Center City. Surprisingly, we did not find any Obama supporters. We found a few Republicans, including one Republican woman who said she was very disappointed that she couldn't vote for Hillary in the primary and one undecided who was leaning towards Hillary. Based on the conversations we had it seems that her support is really solidifying. It was also interesting to hear voters' concerns about Obama. One woman talked at length about the Wright issue. She questioned his electability in the general election and thought that this issue made him very vulnerable. It seemed that notwithstanding media attempts to the contrary, Hillary's message is being heard and resonating. It felt great hearing first hand from voters. I'm planning on returning next weekend. But based on my day, I'm feeling very,very good about Pennsylvania.  

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